Reviews for Spartan Love
seisaoftw chapter 248 . 10h
More john x kelly! :)
guest chapter 248 . 8/22
This may be too much to ask Alice 130/Douglas 42
Guest chapter 1 . 8/2
that is some really cool backstory for the chief D
WalterMittyEsq chapter 160 . 8/1
Gotta update again soon
Ultra Rodimus chapter 181 . 7/27
This fic needs more Jorge/Emile *nods*
The Goddamn Dark Knight chapter 248 . 7/26
She has spunk I'll give her that.
Seventy-Four Mudkips chapter 247 . 7/22
I do love me some awkward Tom/Sarah dialogue. Awesome chapter - like Sarah's introspection about being intimidating to other people. Spartans would have it rough hooking up with civilians, and since she's CO of the Spartans she can't just sleep around with her brothers in arms, either.

Seems a bit odd for them to share an apartment, since that might encourage some dirty rumors, but hey, I like it. The dynamic of them being long-time friends finally figuring out they're crazy for each other is a much-loved cliche of mine.

Onto After Dark! Can't wait to see what they'll get up to in Part 2.
Just a Crazy-Man chapter 246 . 7/16
Unnamed Person chapter 246 . 6/24
Good work! Keep it up, hope to see more chapters.
Guest chapter 246 . 6/15
So… update?
Legion chapter 245 . 6/12
"I still don't think that's what a sloth sounds like".

There's only one guy in the whole world I knew who said that. Lie Ren from RWBY. Good times...
Casperace13 chapter 245 . 4/30
That was so sweet. I can almost see them actually doing something like this.
Ultra-Violet1197 chapter 245 . 4/30
This one made me want to tear up...
seisaoftw chapter 245 . 3/25
By far in my opinion, you are the most creative and artistic fanfiction author. You are the best story writer currently out there, in any genre or none. You put one word after another and make real magic with them — funny, moving, tender, brave and michevous. Your writing style and ideas are unique, and should be cherished by the readers, because you have given all of us a jewel of art. Can you just write about john x kelly now strictly, because those are the only ones I read, hehe I know that's not possible but still worth the shot in asking.
Seventy-Four Mudkips chapter 203 . 3/24
This is probably my favourite Lasky/Palmer chapter you've done by far - I think it really highlights how they communicate in their relationship, and all the challenges they have to face together throughout their careers, both personal and professional. Great job with this one!
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