Reviews for Spartan Love
Unnamed Person chapter 246 . 6/24
Good work! Keep it up, hope to see more chapters.
Guest chapter 246 . 6/15
So… update?
Legion chapter 245 . 6/12
"I still don't think that's what a sloth sounds like".

There's only one guy in the whole world I knew who said that. Lie Ren from RWBY. Good times...
Casperace13 chapter 245 . 4/30
That was so sweet. I can almost see them actually doing something like this.
Ultra-Violet1197 chapter 245 . 4/30
This one made me want to tear up...
seisaoftw chapter 245 . 3/25
By far in my opinion, you are the most creative and artistic fanfiction author. You are the best story writer currently out there, in any genre or none. You put one word after another and make real magic with them — funny, moving, tender, brave and michevous. Your writing style and ideas are unique, and should be cherished by the readers, because you have given all of us a jewel of art. Can you just write about john x kelly now strictly, because those are the only ones I read, hehe I know that's not possible but still worth the shot in asking.
Seventy-Four Mudkips chapter 203 . 3/24
This is probably my favourite Lasky/Palmer chapter you've done by far - I think it really highlights how they communicate in their relationship, and all the challenges they have to face together throughout their careers, both personal and professional. Great job with this one!
SHIPWRECK-5897 chapter 241 . 3/22
Kudos to you... That was amazing!
Convict626 chapter 246 . 3/22
Seems to me that you can write a story for Palmer/Lasky no matter the universe, this is shaping up rather well. I haven't played a lot of Destiny, as I don't own it, but the mystery of the guardians themselves comes out rather well, and you use it effectively in this story, another barrier for them to move past on top of the differences they already have. The whole opposites attracting is what draws me to the Palmer/Lasky ship and you've done it very well here. It took me a little while to get past Tom's inexperience in combat, he just seemed to weak, a little to much of a quaker, but that's just the mental transition from the Halo Tom to this one, he's a younger, extremely inexperienced version of Tom Lasky.
Seventy-Four Mudkips chapter 159 . 3/14
You do a good job of humanizing John through Kelly. She's a good contrast that helps highlight his strengths and doubts. They bounce off each other well both through dialogue and through internal thoughts, and strengthen one another's characters.
Seventy-Four Mudkips chapter 162 . 3/14
Another great chapter - the dialogue was natural, the fluff was sweet, and the small fight scene with the guta was solid. Everything worked, and of course the ending was super cute.
Seventy-Four Mudkips chapter 161 . 3/14
Really like the way you handled John's struggle with Cortana and his humanity, even in such a short chapter. Shows a lot of internal conflict and Kelly's presence really does a good job of highlighting how isolated he was feeling.
Seventy-Four Mudkips chapter 231 . 3/14
Really loving the way you've had their relationship evolve over the course of this story - it feels like a natural progression for these two, and Sarah's offhand reaction to Lasky's marriage proposal was spot-on. Again, awesome job!
Seventy-Four Mudkips chapter 196 . 3/9
Cool to see you expand on Spartan operations and missions, especially dark stuff like cleaning up ONI's weird experiments.

The switch from Bradly to Lasky in Sarah's dream was sudden enough to be jarring, and I found myself scrolling back up to see if there was something I missed or if Tom had snuck in somewhere and I hadn't been paying attention. I finally realised he had appeared due to the odd nature of dreams, but a simple detail of "Tom suddenly replaced Bradly" or something would clarify to the reader what was happening while still maintaining the flow of the dream.

Afterwards, the fluff was really nice and again, I really liked their interactions. I had a strong urge to read some Lasky/Palmer goodness and this totally satisfied. I can see the quality of your writing steadily improving as I read on, and the characters become more and more individual and unique.
Seventy-Four Mudkips chapter 197 . 3/9
I guess I'll have to make room for another ship, because you're doing a good job of making Kelly/John feel real. Love the interactions between them, and Sam is really sweet and talks just like a little kid would. Awesome job!
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