Reviews for Spartan Love
artilyon-rand chapter 227 . 4/16
FUCK yeah finally damn not cortana hater but just god thanks
11inchpineanddragonhearstring chapter 227 . 4/16
Hi, firerwolf. You might remember me as that annoying review who got into stupid arguments with you over random topics over the PM system going under the name KimJel or KMJ170.
I've recently just been flicking through the Halo fanfiction again as a break from Harry Potter. Your writing really has evolved since I started as KimJel, two years ago... It almost saddens me. (I hate nostalgia and love it at the same time).

I guess chapters 1-140 I consider as really where you shine. Plots then started to get complicated, really, your writing style was redone.
My true favourite in this fic was 'Blue', really.
Cute. Fluffy. Innocent. Back when John and Kelly were six year olds, childish and naive. I think this fic has changed since those first hundred chapters, and although I doubt the glory of the old chapters will ever truly come back... I don't know.

200 odd chapters really gets overwhelming, I've read most of them, but why don't you reserve a little sidelines fic where you post the best of the best of your chapters from here? I don't think I'm making much sense here, but... just try and think about what I've said. Maybe go back to old school, write some trainee fics, they're, I consider, the best. Maybe more angsting, back before Sam got dumped, more creativity... I don't know.

Sorry if this was a little weird and random.
Readthisearlier chapter 227 . 4/16
I read this earlier and challenge- no DARE YOU to do it.
chief meets six/rory and introduces him to Anastasia again and realises they love each other and blows a gasket when he walks in on them kissing
cew1088 chapter 227 . 4/15
Wow you are really anti cortana aren't you? No offense but give her a break. Nice chapter though.
Flinstone chapter 227 . 4/15
Keep it up i love your story I caint wait for more John and Kelly their are my favorite ones
lynda.key1 chapter 227 . 4/15
Can't imagine anyone fighting alone for so long. And not Cortana wasn't there with John through all the experiences he had with his siblings. I thought she was such a high level AI that she would try to converse with him.
guest chapter 226 . 3/12
Fellow fan here sopa is back and will back please help stop stories from being destroyed please sign this petition before march19 gov/petition/stop-sopa-2014/q0Vkk0Zr Thx. VOR
LilyInTheValley chapter 219 . 3/9
I really really would like Noble six to be alive!.pls pls pls
termhn chapter 102 . 3/9
I really liked all these Fred/Kathleen stories. Good job with them.
Guest chapter 223 . 3/7
Great stories
artilyon-rand chapter 226 . 2/21
halo man 1997 chapter 2 . 2/21
do a Jorge and six
ursus105 chapter 224 . 2/17
I know they aren't spartans but would you consider a Veronica Dare and Eddy Buck story ?
Spartan Ninja chapter 224 . 2/15
I think if I were in a relationship I'd definitely want to do this. Too cute.
lynda.key1 chapter 224 . 2/15
Good one John!
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