Reviews for The Ties That Bind
stylo1 chapter 47 . 5/17
there is just one thing realy wrong, you can only use power of love in selfsacrefice, risk your life for someone, lay down your life, do the right thing even if the odds are against you. and more then that light shines only bright in the worst darkness, meaning only someone with a soul so mutalated will face the power of love. its kinda like voldy reached his limit with splitting his soul and killing, thus lillys love acted as it did. but who cares your story is just really fun and a pleasure to read
stylo1 chapter 10 . 5/16
refreshing finally a story with emotianly balanced ppl. and funny to, thanks
angelinegaskill chapter 54 . 5/11
I really really hope you compete this story.
Deovan chapter 54 . 5/9
First of all i have to say, this story is absolutely amazing! it had me hooked right from the beginning.
But, i realized halfway through its not been updated since 2015, even though you "promised" the the next chapter won't take long. I guess that you've abandoned this story but now that, if you ever want to start it up again, i would appreciate it immensely and would keep on reading and reviewing.

But still, thank you for these 54 chapters. Even though it's not finished i still enjoyed it very much.
Guest chapter 41 . 5/4
Yeah ok so I sent a review answering this question awhile ago, I said it was in the fourth book. However, it is actually in book 5, but I couldn't tell you the chapter. Hermione's egg was the same size, you put together two memories, one from the scene and one from Molly's cold treatment of Hermione right before the third task, but before Harry tells Molly that the Witch Weekly article isn't accurate
J-M-D-R chapter 54 . 4/15
I love this story. It's written very well and it definitely has a strong plot. I don't know if you've forgotten this story or that you just don't want to continue it but I still hope you will continue it. I like the part about the house elfs especially. I've never seen it anywhere else so it makes the story special.
Take care!
Guest chapter 41 . 4/8
That's book four, Easter eggs from Mrs. Weasley, and she thinks Hermione abandoned Harry for Krum
Guest chapter 14 . 4/7
The mysterious man was the god of death, as seen by his name Thanks, the Greek god of death. He is either the god, or the physical manifestation of, death
Guest chapter 8 . 4/7
I always thought donder was donner, it went Dasher dancer prancer vixen comet cupid donner and blitzen
Guest chapter 47 . 4/1
I feel really bad for Hermione, I'm very like her, and I know I'd feel insanely jealous if my friends, who usually needed my help, suddenly became amazing at everything, with no work. I'd feel redundant, without my intelligence, what do ihave, I'm not pretty or talented.
Guest chapter 15 . 3/30
Rofl laughing at gentle ares. For PJO fans that is so OOC
Guest chapter 14 . 3/30
Well, that he called himself Thanatos rather gave it away, that's the Greek (or may be his Roman name) god of death. Not of the underworld, of the dead. I assume he is Death.
HP4L527 chapter 54 . 3/31
Are you going to continue this story? Plz do, I enjoy it
WinkingSkeever chapter 54 . 3/25
Update again soon please
WinkingSkeever chapter 54 . 3/25
I've really enjoyed reading your take on how a soul bond would effect Harry and Ginny
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