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Whovengers258 chapter 1 . 3/11/2014
Heehee you are AWSOME!

YBF, kat
Random Visitor Girl chapter 2 . 11/22/2012
Iridium and Ryusaki sound cool. They're really strong I'm guessing...

Sorry, but since we're allowed to work with Legendaries can my OC (Serena Victoria Loegaire) please please PLEASE have Fusions with mainly Manaphy and Kyurem. But she's fused with Celebi before...


Fusion: Manaphy

Nothing really changes except the neon colors of her clothes begin to glow and her eyes become blood red as either a gigantic wave crashes on the enemy, all the water type Pokemon begin to obey her, or she uses heart swap on her opponents.

Fusion: Kyurem

Only during absolutely DIRE situations. half of her face resembles that of Kyurem's while her other eye glows with an icy glare. Her nails sharpen to become claws. In this fusion she can freeze the entire area, throw large jagged chunks of ice, and she can use the standard dragon type moves.

Fusion: Celebi

She's only fused ONCE with Celebi when she was younger. She became a small fairy-like creature with the ability to teleport to different times. While in this form she saved the lives of Jason's family when they supposedly died in an earthquake.

That's all the details I missed, sorry for the inconvenience :D
Random Visitor Girl chapter 1 . 11/22/2012
Wow, this fic was really planned. I hope that you suceed in making a great OC story :)

Here's my OC. Hope she is of use to you! :]

Name: Serena Victoria Avalon

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance/Clothing: A little short with wavy jet black hair, icy blue eyes, and a pale complexion. She usually wears a long sleeved round neck black shirt under a short sleeved v-neck blue shirt, a pair black shorts that reached her mid-thigh over a pair of blue and black striped leggings, black chuck taylors with neon blue laces and neon pink soles, and a neon pink sling bag.

Personality: She puts others before herself and is fierce if you threaten her loved ones or her friends. She is not afraid to stand for what she believes in but is insecure and often relies on Jason (her old partner in crime, PM if he should be in here too) to give her courage.

History : Serena herself was very close with her father, Xilian Avalon, and loved him very much. When she was younger he always told her that he believed in her and that she had the power to protect herself and those around her deep inside. Her dad and mom were experienced trainers. When they needed to train they'd leave her brothers in her care because they knew she was the most level-headed of the group. Before they died they gave all their children 2 eevee each to protect them and they said; "You have a choice, no matter what happens you four will always protect each other. Stay strong, and keep each other safe". That day they died at the hands of an Absol and were buried the day after without anyone knowing. Serena, surprisingly, was able to hold the tears in and took care of her brothers. She battled enough trainers to buy them tickets to Yomadi and they used their parent's lodge there to live in because they'd probably be sent to an orphanage if the government found out their parents were dead. She trained under a Beast Tamer and the other Trainers that visited and soon they all left the lodge and went on their journeys, except Keith who stayed behind to look after the lodge.

Family: Victor Avalon (Older Brother), Ezekiel Avalon (Older Brother), and Keith Avalon (Younger Brother).

Element: She is particularly good with Ice/Fire/Dragon Types

Fusion: She can only fuse with her Glaceon and Jolteon at the moment having been with them all her life.

Her clothes become light blue and white [long sleeved round neck light blue shirt under a short sleeved v-neck white shirt, a white school girl skirt that reached her mid-thigh over a pair of blue and light blue striped leggings, blue chuck taylors with neon blue laces and white soles, and a white sling bag] while her hears become longer becoming more like a Glaceon's ears. The temperature drops when she fuses with Glaceon and her eyes become lighter to the point where it's almost white.

When fused with Jolteon her clothes become Black, white, and Yellow in their color scheme [long sleeved round neck black shirt under a short sleeved v-neck yellow shirt, a pair black shorts that reached her mid-thigh over a pair of yellow and white striped leggings, black chuck taylors with neon yellow laces and white soles, and a white sling bag] her ears spike backwards while static electricity ran across her skin. Her eyes become almost golden and her pale complexion darkens a little.

Special: "Fusion Thunder" She uses the ultimate electric move of Zekrom (Having Mastered Fusion with Dragons) "Fusion Bolt" and strengthens it with Jolteon's "Thunder"
"Fusion HeatFrost" She uses the ultimate fire type move of Reshiram "Fusion Heat (I forgot the name?) and fuses it with Glaceon's "Glaciate".


Glaceon: "Andromeda" : Ice Beam, Iron Tail, Blizzard, Glaciate {Ice Fang if 5th move is allowed}

Andromeda is the most sensitive to her feelings out of all her Pokemon. Her brothers each had eevee to evolve into any species they wanted. Hers she evolved into a Glaceon and a Jolteon. Andromeda is Graceful and Protective of Serena.

Empoleon: "Leanne" : Hydro Pump, Aqua Jet, Metal Claw, Ice Beam

She found Leanne's Egg in an abandoned nest near the lodge where the newly hatched Penguin Pokemon was shivering and alone, Serena of course took her in as well. Leanne is quiet and intellectual. She is loyal to the point of pushing herself to do what her trainer tells her even if she is close to fainting.

Altaria: "Resha" : Dragon Pulse, Dragon Breath, Sky Attack, Aerial Ace

She is one of Serena's First Pokemon, she met Altaria as a Swablu when she went south of the lodge where she was staying. She found Resha in the snow, with one wing burned. Her wing still has the burn mark under her feathers and it still hurts her every now and then.

Haxorus: "Hex" : Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Breath

While training with the so called "Beast Tamer" she met Hex as an Axew and brought her to the "Beast Tamer" who told her that finding the young Dragon was a sign of it's kind beginning to acknowledge her. Feeling drawn to the Pokemon she trained him and now he's one of her strongest team members.

Pachirisu: "Chiri" : Discharge, Hyper Fang, Electro Ball, Dig

She met Pachirisu in the forest while picking berries. It was her first time scavaging for food and the squirrel Pokemon helped her pick which ones were edible by trying them. She ended up being burnt, frozen, paralyzed, and poisoned but she really wanted to help her out so she took the Pachirisu in for her kindness and she is now her companion whenever she goes into the forest.

Jolteon: "Jason" : Thunder, Thunderbolt, Electro Ball, Iron Tail

Jason acts as the leader of the group and is one of Serena's favorite Pokemon to battle with next to Glaceon. They are usually her right and left hand Pokemon and almost never does she keep them in their Pokeballs. They mean a lot to her and remind her of her family. Jason is fiercely protective of Serena, even more so than Glaceon. He paralyzes anyone who acts like a threat to her.

Planet: Yomadi

Opinion of home world and Future leader: She doesn't judge the people from her world unless they treat the "Beasts" badly. She believes everyone has good inside of them they just need to understand that they aren't alone...

Outlook on love: Love is both a gift and a curse, it can drive you to victory and it can drive you to failure. Love, reciprocated the right way, can blossom into something beautiful. Love, used to control people, can drive you insane.

Other: She has a friend, Jason Cross, who is her childhood friend and she has a huge crush on. I don't know if he should be in the story but I'll leave that choice to you...

She also has rashes when it's hot because she is more used to colder places.
Roses Carousels and Arabesques chapter 6 . 4/6/2012
Hey! I haven't logged in on FF for such a loooong time! Guess what me and Sassydiamond19 are coming back for War of Worlds! And like I promised I'll submit my chara! - Oh and ignore Sassydiamond19's opinion on our subject about S equals plural and stuff like that our teacher's a person who favors only the smart ones and he's been hatin' on a lot of students... Even us! He stripped Sassydiamond19's position of being Secretary and replaced the position on some selfish conceited b****... And Sassy's been having a hard time she was hurt, but she's too prideful to let that issue get her. So anyways I'll submit my chara a girl this time though, but I'll PM you my male OC's...

Name: Cera Vallée

Age: 17

Birthdate: December 28

Gender: Female

Appearance/Clothing: Cera’s skin is a fair pinkish skin tone she wears red lipstick and her cute face is adorned with two thick strips of blue face paint under her pair of Brown almond shaped eyes. Her body is slim yet slightly muscled. Her platinum blonde hair is layered with Pink and Light Blue streaks with side bangs, her hair is waist length teased and styled like a scene hair. Cera wears a plain white fitting tank top with a cape of Swanna’s feathers. Her ripped and faded denim shorts are above knee length exposing her toned legs with matching suede mid-calf Mamoswine fur boots. She wears a seashell bracelet in her right wrist while her left is adorned with four tribal bracelets. She always wears her tribal bone necklace with her. She uses a staff with a Cubone skull resting on top with 3 of Archen’s primary coloured feathers hanging at the skulls occipital bone.

Personality: Despite being sneered at by foreign Poke trainers because of her tribe’s tradition she keeps her head held high and she doesn't let people push her around. Cera’s very friendly and helpful around Pokémons and trainers she’s a great influence on people who have no backbone even though others won’t need her help she still continues to help them. She’s brave daring, but stubborn she doesn't seem to realise danger but uses it to her advantage. She gets on with a lot of people and will risk anything for her friends. She’s very loyal to her love ones and loves to stay unique she knows when to have fun and when not to. Her tribe in Yomadi has the specialty to communicate through Pokemon when they reach the age of 13. She fears if someone closest lies to her and she will throw a tantrum if the lie is big enough to hurt her again like how her grandparents lied to her before. She spends her time getting fruits and berries outside her village. She loves her grandparents a lot.

History: When she was 3 years old Cera’s parents died during the war leaving her with her grandparents Lenard and Delphine. After the war her grandparents received a D.I.A letter from the military; they were woebegone by the news and kept the information from Cera until she reached 13 of age. While Cera was out playing with other children she saw a few of them leaping into the arms of their parents; mostly men she knew her parents are back and ran home only to see her grandparents together she asked them and told her “They’re on a vacation they’ll come back on your birthday when you turn 13” during her 12 years of childhood she always ask herself “How long will I turn 13?” At the age of 10 she received an emotionless Shinx from her grandparents saying that the pokemon will help her in the future and named him Brave heart. Through 2 years of enduring Brave heart’s stubbornness; love, care and hard work Brave heart evolved into Luxio and her grandfather gave her a Rufflet and named him Rapier but he told her that in her next accomplishment he will no longer give her a pokemon for she has to learn how to capture them. During her 13th birthday she was joyful and excited unfortunately while she was walking the path towards her house she accidentally bumped a boy of her age he told her to piss off and that she’s a bastard and his father told him that her parents died in the war. She was devastated by the news and threw a tantrum when her grandparents told her they were dead 11 years ago. Her pokemon comforted her it took her 7 months to recover from the pain and resumed her daily life battling, helping out and training in the village. When she reached 16 Brave heart evolved into Luxray while Rapier evolved into Braviary and she had a hard time capturing a Lapras eventually she captured her and named her Collette. When she reached 17 she told her grandparents and village that she will have to leave on an adventure for her to experience the world better whether through tears or smiles unfortunately while on her journey she just captured a female leafeon and is having trouble enduring the cockiness of the leafeon who thinks she’s fabulous and named her Lenore Cera now wished she had never captured Lenore for she talks too much.

Element: Earth.


Brave heart: Cera’s eyes will turn red and her hair will revert back to the normal hairdo except her hair color will turn dark blue. She will grow a luxray’s fur on her middle back resembling a pea cock tail and she’ll grow Brave heart’s tail. Her accuracy, speed and strength will increase to 12 and she can also see through objects.

Lenore: Cera’s hair will revert back to the normal hairdo except all of her streaks will turn green. She’ll grow Lenore’s ears and tail and the sprout on her forehead. Her speed will increase to 12; strength to 9 and defence to 10.


Giga drain: Only use this move if she’s close to death or unconsciousness every time the opponent strikes she will drain energy from the opponent to regain her health.

Earth’s calibre: She uses her


Brave heart – Is a very quiet pokemon who rarely shows any emotion. He regretted his first encounter with Cera due to his prideful and cool psyche causing him to neglect her care for him, but it diminishes over time. He is very loyal and faithful to Cera and her grandparents he never trusts anyone except for them and his teammates. He’s amused when humans do something clumsy or when they say something brave to authoritative figures.

Rapier – A brave, friendly and wise pokemon, but wears a poker face the whole time. He is misjudged by others who first met him who calls him scary resulting him pleading to Cera “Brave heart’s the scary one not me” and Cera pets him and explains to others why he wears a poker face.

Collette – The Lapras that Cera finds very difficult to capture. When Collette met Cera she asked her to capture her and whenever Cera keeps throwing a poke ball Collette easily dodges them and teases Cera to try again eventually Cera captured her and asked her why she’s being so difficult Collette told Cera that she’s testing her patience if not then she might lose to an opponent who taunts her so easily. Collette’s a cheerful, enthusiastic, caring and easy going pokemon who always seems to cheer the group up when they’re sad.

Lenore – Is the pokemon that Cera recently captured who claims to be the most fabulous pokemon in the world. She’s a talkative self-centred drama queen and very straight forward others think she’s conceited, but she really cares a lot for her team mates and Cera. When fused with Cera she always makes sure that Cera’s fabulous as she is.

Planet: Yomadi

Opinion of home world and Future leader: “I really love my world. I love the nature in the country and the people. Even though outsiders judge the village I live in I don’t care because they have their own opinion right?”

Outlook on love: “Of course I love my family, pokemon and friends! They’re the only ones I’ve got! I haven’t experienced true love it must be nice… I’m too busy helping the village so I guess I can’t settle down with a boyfriend yet.” -

Other: She loves to pick fruits in the jungle. She also loves to take care of her pokemon and help around the village. She hates arrogant people and self-centred girly girls who thinks they’re all that, but she can deal with Lenore’s personality. She fears if someone close to her lies to her. She loves extreme sports because of the adrenaline rush. She hates cold weather since she’s not used to the temperature. She has a soft spot for cute stuffs. She doesn’t like entertaining boys who flirt with her, but she feels weak when it comes to handsome men and tries to avoid them.
1TroublesomeGuy chapter 6 . 8/8/2011
Name: Philips

Age: 14

Gender: female

Appearance/Clothing: has shoulder length dirty blond hair, grey eyes, pale skin, motor oil on her left cheek, petite appearance with small breasts. Wears an orange jumpsuit on the bottom half with the top half of it tied around the waist, a dark green t shirt that cuts off at the stomach, a belt strapped over her chest containing a range of tools along it, including an electric drill as her main weapon. Steel toed boots and a set of small welding goggles on top of her head

Personality: a joyful and bubbly girl that always has a grin, but becomes very angry when a person confuses her for a boy (the name she got from her dad because it was his favourite tool and small breasts giving this conception). She loves to invent and repair vehicles and electronics as a past time, so much so that she forgets anything else apart from constructing. Her pokemon have to remind her to eat. If there is a too or a part that she needs she tends to take it without a thought.

History : she grew up in an academy for aspiring mechanics in the town of Bosch, and was considered a genius there, but because she started off so young, the other students believe that she was a freak and tried to sabotarge her inventions. So she decided to leave via a handheld dimensional teleporter she invented with her pokemon to find somewhere better.

Element: lightning, steel, dark.

Fusion: Pokeweld(fuses with KlingKlang so that she can merge with other pokemon and machinery. She looks the same except her skin becomes steel grey and eyes become blue. When fused with Magneton, a bold appears on her head as a hornand magnets appear on her shoulder blades raising special attack 5x, when fused with Scarmory, her feet become the same has its own making her faster, and wings sprout from her back, when fused with Bisharp, blades appear on her chest and forearms, raising attack 5x. While fused the attacks they learned increase in power 5x)


Drill burst (fuses KlingKlang and magneton to her drill to make a laser gun and fires a super powered charge beam.

Drill rotor (fuses KlingKlang and Scarmory to drill to make it look like a fan on the end of it and fires a super powered Air cutter

Drill breaker (fuses Klingklang and bisharp to drill to make the drill piece 50x larger and can pierce through anything.

Pokemon: Magneton, Scarmory, Bisharp, KlingKlang

Planet (Nundaike)

Opinion of home world and Future leader: (Whats there not to love? Machines towering everywhere, gears grinding, its music and art in one!)

Outlook on love:(if there’s a guy out there who can tell I’m a girl... (blushes and grins)I’ll French kiss him.)

Other: (I’ve gotta have some motor oil on me at all times. I can be clean, it’s just I would feel naked without a little)
tealcloud chapter 6 . 8/4/2011
ohohoho! Awesome chapter. Loved the action and I sense romance further in the story maybe? Oh Echo, my girl. You so evil XD. Anyways, you got her down and I can't wait to read more of this~! Update soon ~~~
ooouooo chapter 5 . 7/30/2011
Oh Romance OoO cool I suspect Romance since you changed the genre, Plus you have to work on you Subject Verb Agreement which means Plural equals Plural and Singular equals Singular, Verbs with S are Singural and Verbs without S are Plural.
BlueAlpha54 chapter 3 . 7/20/2011
This is my last review for now, until story is updated, but I decided to do this just because. These are the opinions of your OCs being future leaders, from my OCs:

Katelyn: "Rex, I will support you. But, there is one thing I must say about you. You are being overconfident! Being cofident in general is fine, I am myself, but being too overconfident could cost you your life. This all isn't as easy as your are making it out to be. I will never be able to replace you or rise above you, and I don't believe I will ever be a good leader, but please listen to this. This isn't just about winning! This is also about protecting the lives of the civillians from these attacks and to protect the planet as well! We live in a warish planet, yes, but you can't forget about the planet you grew up on or the lives of the people that could become part of your army in the future."

Connor: "If I can't be leader and Zero becomes the one instead, that is something I will not object against. I have one thing I have to say about her though. She needs to grow-up and realize that money will not solve eveything nor is it everything. If she learns the truth, when it comes to matters like these, she will be a true mature leader."

Marnoka: I can't give him a quote, but I will give description instead. According to rumors, he may go after Ryusaki Ketchum and spill his blood. Marnoka has no problem spilling blood of people close to Ryusaki's age. Ryusaki, be careful! He may go after you!
BlueAlpha54 chapter 2 . 7/19/2011
Here is a bit of extra info on Katelyn's Death Icerius state. It's not much, but I want it to be added into the story.

Special: Death Icerius (extra info): She gains the ability to freeze anybody in a massive amount of range (she can freeze people in her normal pokemorph form, but it's much limited in comparison). She also becomes much harder to scratch with non-fire attacks.
Chic Critique chapter 1 . 7/18/2011
Name: Maria Hart

Age: 16

Gender: female

Appearance/Clothing: Maria has a slim curvy figure with a well endowed chest and fair skin tone. Beautiful waist length curly black hair, big blue eyes and stands at 5'5. She wears a white form fitting v-neck, black thigh-length skirt(with biker shorts underneath)and black calf high boots.

Personality: Maria is a cunning and charismatic young woman. She has a casual personality and speaks in a careless, informal manner. No matter who she is talking to she will speak to them informally, probably even refer to them in a nickname. Shes quite the sweet talker and can talk her way out of tight situations being able to make bold-faced lies sound believable. She uses her looks and smarts to get what she wants and knows how to get the dirt on others. Shes pretty selfish and will usually only help people if she believes it will benefit her. She hates not getting her way and is quite keen on the idea of revenge. Shes always able to keep calm and can be seen almost always with a "sweet" smile on her face.

History : Born and raised in Zamontodun, Maria was taught all about the repo world. She was put in an academy at a young age(if possible the same one as Zero) and was taught to become a repo agent. Because of her charismatic personality Maria easily befriended many people whom she would use to gather information from and would then result in her blackmailing others. She is greatly known for her abilities as an informant.

Element: Ghost, psychic, electric


Luxray- Her eyes turn red and give her the ability to see through objects like Luxray, she gains a Luxray tail, claws and sharp teeth. Her skin changes to a light blue and tufts of black fur grow on her wrists

Banette- Her skin becomes pale and her mouth changes to a ziper-like mouth(zipped closed). In this state she cannot talk.

Alakazam- Nothing about her physically changes. She gains two spoons and is able to levitate, see into the future,telekinesis, mild teleportation and recover from injuries.


Zeus's Fury- She is able to control and create electricity and shoots it out of her hands. She can also paralyze people by hitting them with a soft shock.

Soul's Curse- She is able to posses her opponent and control their power(though in this state her original body is helpless).

Psych's Power- She is able to use telekinesis, see into the future, teleport, mind control(two at a time at most),





Planet: Zamontodun

Opinion of home world and Future leader: "Maaa, Zamontodun is a world of money and power. We are hired by people but work for the money. We don't care for others, all that matters is that we get paid and don't fail. I believe Zeze(zero) will make a great leader for us. She does after all understand and follow the role of Zamonotoduns."

Outlook on love: "Love? Ha its just a silly excuse for people to hook up."

Other: She has a weakness when it comes to both money and jewels. She also owns a switch blade and is very skilled at parkour. Also I would like if she were able to have a love interest :)

PS- could she be Zero's lieutenant
BlueAlpha54 chapter 1 . 7/17/2011
Thus story isn't that half bad. This is my REAL LAST time I will ever use these OCs (they were never planned to appear in any of my own stories). Here is the info for them:

Name: Katelyn Stone

Age: 19

Gender: female

Appearance/Clothing: She is quite tall. She had long black hair and light blue eyes. She is currently wearing a dark green shirt, navy blue sweat pants, and navy blue strap shoes.

Personality: A bit of a hothead at times and will act before she thinks most of the time, getting her into potential trouble. Since she is not great at strategies, she will end up using moves that can almost cost her life. She is not big on the videogames. However, she is a hard worker and will help her friends. Also likes her Pokémon as well. She is usually nice towards most people. She tends to be forgetful at times and will accidently lose things. She is a big eater and will sometimes eat too much; potentially becoming overweight. However, she likes to exercise a lot. Despite being forgetful at times and even losing things, she always tries her best to be responsible. Originally, she wanted nothing to do with the war (despite being from the war planet), she decided otherwise when her father (who will play no actual role in the story, due to OC submission limits) came to visit her and talk to her about it. Now, she is prepared to fight, as long as her planet and her people continue to live. She is usually confident, but not overconfident. She loves her parents. She is usually scared to swim. She also fears being lost in the darkness and thunder storms. Sadly though, she has bipolar disease.

Bipolar Personality: When the bipolar disease randomly kicks in, she will suddenly become egotistical, be rude towards her friends, and will want to be alone. Hence, why she usually carries around bipolar medication to combat against this disease she was born with.

History: She had a happy life for the most part. She has become pretty decent at fighting, over the years, but is still working on her strategies for any battle.

Element: Flying and Ice

Fusion: Her eyebrows become white, her irises in her eyes become black, and red feathers appear all over her arms; giving her the ability to fly.

Special: Death Icerius (A very power and yet dangerous form/state. Only to be used for a last desperate attempt! Her body and feathers becomes very icy. Her eyes become entirely black (no visible irises) and she develops very sharp ice nails. In this form, she can very quickly kill somebody by scratching them (which quickly freezes their blood and instantly kills at that moment). She also becomes really fast on the ground and air as well; also become stronger physical wise as well. However, she becomes more susceptible to fire. There is a major consequence to this form. She loses her consequence and is replaced by her primal instincts. In this form, she craves to kill anything, even her friends and loved ones; which is why it is ONLY to be used as a desperate last attempt).

Pokémon: Delibird (male) (It is usually trying to flirt with any female Pokémon it can find)

Planet: Odura

Opinion of home world and Future leader: She does not completely support the warish attitude of her planet, but she still likes living there though. While she’s usually confident, she’s not big on the idea of being world leader. She feels like she would lead her people to doom with her forgetfulness.

Outlook on love: She likes the concept, but she is currently not love crazy for any boy.

Name: Connor Selveski

Age: 23

Gender: male

Appearance/Clothing: He is quite short, has brown hair, and green eyes. He is currently wearing a gray shirt, gray sweatpants, and a pair of brown shoes.

Personality: Since he had bad experiences with being bullied and even had a few friends backstab him in the past, he no longer trusts any people, except for his parents (he still loves his parents). Doesn’t try to make any human friends, since he fears he will be bullied again or even backstabbed. However, he refuses to kill anyone for any reason (yes, even the villains). He likes Pokémon and will usually try to help them. He will be somewhat hesitant to fight somebody, when they are in Pokémon morph form, since he usually fears he will end up harming the Pokémon in the end (even if they work for an evil master). He is much better at far ranged fighting than close ranged (he is not that physically strong, outside of his morph form, he will usually carry around a ranged weapon with him).

History: He was bullied quite a bit when little. He managed to get revenge on those bullies when he became much older and stronger. Despite how they treated him, he let them live (since he refuses to take another’s life).

Element: fire and rock

Fusion: His body become as hard as a rock and becomes brownish, his hair is replaced by fire that resembles his hair style, and his irises in his eyes become yellow.

Special: Fire supernova: It takes a lot of energy and strength out of him, but is very powerful. He is surrounded by a sphere of fire, which quickly expands out in a large explosive force that will badly injure anybody that is hit by the attack.

Pokémon: Magcargo (female) (It is very protective of Connor and will fight to the death)

Planet: Zamontodun

Opinion of home world and Future leader: He wishes that the people would be a bit less gloomy. He likes the idea of being future leader, since he wants Pokémon to have a bright future (he doesn’t really care about his people, but he wouldn’t make things worse for them though).

Outlook on love: He’s not against it, but he is still not interested in finding a girl to settle down with anytime soon though.

Name: Marnoka Akvos

Age: 44

Gender: male

Appearance/Clothing: He is a muscular man that has yellow Mohawk styled hair and has brown eyes. He wears a black jacket, but no shirt, exposing his abs. He wears a pair of long black pants, and black boots with a knife that is hidden in them and can be brought out to attack people.

Personality: He is an enemy to his own people. He only comes out during the night and kills any teenager and adult unlucky enough to meet him. However, he sees no enjoyment in killing younger children or elderly people (he finds no fun in killing people that can't fight back much) and will usually let them live (unless they provoke him into killing them). The longer a person fights him and lasts, the more he wants to kill them (though, he does not share this secret with anyone). He WILL work with any villain that is against Draskei (his home planet).

History: He saw a lot of violence and death in his life, causing him to become a killer himself. Due to his ways of killing and potentially may go after the current leader someday, he has become an enemy to his own people.

Element: Darkness and dragon

Fusion: His skin turns blue, he develops wings and a tail behind him, eyes become red, his teeth become shark like, fingers develop sharp claws that can rip through flesh (thanks to his strength) and he becomes much more muscular and bulky looking.

Special: Death’s Gamble (This require him to slowly use up all of his body energy up, which can’t be stopped once he starts up the special. He is surrounded by a strong aura of darkness and develops darkness in his palms. While using this special, he can absorb the victim’s soul just by touching him/her and temporally use the moves that the victim could use, even the special or state. However, as he continues to use this move; whether he has absorbed a soul or not, he begin to slowly become weaker both physically and conscious wise, forcing to eventually retreat before he falls unconscious for an entire day. He can also absorb only one soul at a time and no more than that, ever).

Pokemon: Hydreigon (male) (It is even less merciful, as it will eat even children and elderly people alive, unless his master prevents him from doing so).

Planet: Draskei

Opinion of home world and Future leader: He does not care much for the planet. While he doesn’t think about being leader often…why not? He can turn his planet into a living nightmare. Though, he would only ever want to take control of his birth planet and nowhere beyond that.

Outlook on love: He does not care for it at all
Yggdra chapter 6 . 7/17/2011
If I may suggest, would you please just tell your readers to submit their OC's via PM? Submitting them in reviews make this story interactive-which, you should know, is breaking one of the site's rules. You wouldn't want this deleted, won't you?

AshKetchumDarkSide chapter 1 . 7/16/2011
Name:Brett Kuso



Appearance:He has black spiky hair that side on the left. Scar on left eye. Brown eyes. Blue Blazer with Red Jeans,Black sneakers. Blue Baseball cap.

Personaity:He is a emotionless guy. He can show kindness but only to ppl that he can trust. He can get cocky and is somehow dense towards Kari's hints of liking him

History: Brett Kuso trained as a warrior fueled for battle. He lived to protect his childhood friend Kari brother got killed when he became 12. He became a trained warrior chose Infernape as his training partner so they can understand the pain of were people who are aiming to kill does have feelings for Kari and willing to gave his life to protect her. That was his promise to his dying brother.

Elements:Fire and Fighting

Fusion:When he fuses with Infernape,He has it's tail with his fists and it's chest became Brett's can stand up straight. He shows 'Im going to kill you look'Flames cover his body on his arms.


Volanco Blaze:He glows red and his body gets covers in He holds a sword it takes over the sword and make it a fire sword. It causes him damage most of the time he uses it.

Ultimate Move: Solar Blaze: He glows like the sun. As his body causes him pain while he is in this state. It is a one a lifetime move that can kill the user on the type of damage he has taken in battle.



Opinion on Home Planet and Leader:He thinks that it is a cruel place to live. He hates being on the planet. He shows showhow a rivality with the leader.

Outlook of Love: Since he is in love with Kari,He thinks that love is a waste of time.

Love:Kari Damon

Name:Kari Damon



Appearance: Brown long hair that touches her back. Blue ocean eyes. Pretty girl that is attractive. She wears Pink dress with blue boots. Heart shaped locket on her neck of her crush but it is closed to him.

Personiaty:She is a girly girl. She may a flirtly person towrds her crush only. She has a kind heart who really do like war. She can be really jealous.

History: She lived in a peaceful world. She meets Brett when his brother got killed. She shows strong feelings for Brett and she lost her family in battle so Brett was the only person that was there for her. She started to have a crush on him and follows his drive of a warrior.


Fusion: She Has a blue like body that it inbodies her Samurott,She shows a horn but it is her arm.


Special:Water Ocean Reaper: It a water move that covers the battle field. It drains some lifeforce to use this move. It up strength as well.


Opinion of HP and FL: She loves her shows love for nature and Pokemon with the Leader,She has no problems with. She can follow him without problems.

Outlooks on Love: She is the romance type girl so she thinks that love is precious and beautiful.

Love:Brett Kuso

She can act jealous towards anyone who she thinks that likes Brett even though they may not feel that way. She worries so much for him. Her crush on him is somehow is a weakness but a strength too.
tealcloud chapter 5 . 6/23/2011
ohoho~! I wonder what Ryuusaki has in store for Echo. Great update (and I just realized I didn't review last chapter even though I thought I did...but it was great also ~)Can't wait for more~~
Mew Musica Offline chapter 5 . 6/22/2011
Hi there!

Good to see another chapter of this story up. Its also good to see my OC Aeralia in it as well. I like the way you used her in this chapter. Keep on writing well!

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