Reviews for Lullabies
Shiori Yomu chapter 3 . 1/20/2013
I'm gonna sing this...Man, it's so great! Please write more!
Shiori Yomu chapter 2 . 1/20/2013
I am...going to...sing this! It's so wonderful! You could be a songwriter too! So...awesome!
Shiori Yomu chapter 1 . 1/20/2013
...I'm going to sing this.
And you just inspired me! :D this is very very nice!
Kaorei chapter 3 . 8/8/2011
Oh, my goodness.

Each song fits perfectly with your lyrics. Lazy afternoons made me feel a little sad, because we all know that our days together will soon come to an end. As for Ven's theme, I could really feel the connection between him and Aqua. And Xion's made me cry. The lyrics were extremely touching, I couldn't stop my tears from falling.

Such amazing work, this deserves more reviews. :) Keep writing!
Fenrir of the Shadows chapter 1 . 1/15/2011
Those lyrics fit perfectly with Lazy Afternoons. Beautiful poem and beautiful song.
NightfallSky chapter 3 . 1/1/2011
No matter how many times I try the lyrics, I can't help but realize: they're so beautiful!
WishingDreamer5 chapter 3 . 12/30/2010
Wow, even though she tries to comfort Roxas here, I still think that what she says is pretty sad/depressing. It suits her theme perfectly, though.
roxy mccartney chapter 1 . 12/30/2010
that was great! the lyrics suit the song nicley.
caitlinkeitorin chapter 2 . 12/29/2010
i know u dont like it when i overexaggerate how much i love these, but i cant help it. im listening to ventus' theme as i read this, and i am now on the verge of tears. ITS JUST SO GOOD! its so sweet and amazing and- and... *breaks into sob* ...ok, im done now :)
YamiYugi4ever chapter 2 . 12/27/2010
My God this is so beatiful! Q-Q I even sang along and the lyrics match perfectly!

I loved it since the song is sad already, but the lyrics make your heart flutter in sorrow for Ven falling asleep.

Wonderful, keep up the good work!
WishingDreamer5 chapter 2 . 12/27/2010
D'aw, that's so sad! :( Every time I hear Ventus' theme, it reminds me of the part where Aqua takes him to Castle Oblivion.
IceLilyLaura chapter 1 . 11/25/2010
OH, MI, Gawd! That was the cutest thing EVER! I started signing along with it!

I freaking love you! Ahhh! Ahhh! So cute!
Hayashi-Roku chapter 1 . 11/24/2010

I was blown away when I found out the tune matched PERFECTLY with the song and yet you can make a song\poem which has a deep meaning.

Well written!
Sentinel07 chapter 1 . 11/24/2010
Wow, that was beautiful.
caitlinkeitorin chapter 1 . 11/24/2010
cute little poem :3 ill do the whole singing thing later when i can find the music.
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