Reviews for Promises Made on Wands
Ani Mei chapter 1 . 4/27
You told such a detailed and hypnotic story through very simple and minimal interactions between just Draco and Harry. Very well-done. This fic is very beautiful and mysterious and it captures the personalities of the characters well.
In a normal story, or perhaps told in a different way, I'd sympathize Harry to some degree and think him cheated, however, I think he got exactly what he promised. Draco is right, he gave him so many chances to find out what a promise on wand entails and gave him plenty of chances to back out, especially when his later desires became very flimsy. Draco was kind enough to have Harry forget and thus be happy.
Though, it seems like Harry was already becoming smitten with Draco, or is that the effects of the promise? Because if he were, then it's sad that Draco would never know that Harry would want to be with him of his own free will. Then again, given Harry's "Gryffindorness", he'd probably never leave Lily and Ginny. Superb storytelling!
Prividenie chapter 1 . 2/27
That's what one calls magic – your story, not the plot, but the mood. This is something hipnotic. I can almost see the light, Draco in emotions, feel sorrow...
And promises... they are ones Draco can't have and he understands, and hesitates. But as Harry willingly come to him again and again he become more and more sure. And as Harry's requests become easier and lighter the promises become stronger and greedy. Then one day... :)

Well, beautiful story! Author, good, magnificient, amazing job!
HidingRoundTheCorner chapter 1 . 10/2/2014
I am sure you get reviews like this all the time, but I am going to write this anyway.

Such a beautifully morbid story. Thank you for writing such amazing things. I always come back to your writing, because it is done with such elegance, and always seems to well developed. Cutting off now, before I start to repeat myselk, which I am in danger of doing.

Good night.
lori.ravenheart chapter 1 . 8/2/2014
Well, that's an interesting ending... Though, I feel like Harry asked for so much that eventually he met the noose.
yuyane chapter 1 . 8/13/2013
Woah, this was really creative. Multiple promises on wands huh? I found it sad that Harry didn't actually fall in love with Draco and was manipulated but I guess that's realistic. Sad for Ginny too, but I don't really think there's much chemistry between her and Harry though I'm biased on her character. Well, nice story! :)
Mrs.Tomlinson91799 chapter 1 . 8/2/2013
This is kind of scary lol... It would make a freaking awesome horror film!
Guest chapter 1 . 5/27/2013
This oneshot is wonderful! One if my favorite of yours. I have so many questions I do hope that you write a part two continuation of this. How does Ginny Ron or Hermione act when they find that Harry forgot about them? Will they try to find a way to make Harry remember? How would the rest of the wizarding world react? What is going to happen to his daughter without her dad?!
Carling chapter 1 . 3/5/2013
I'm enjoying reading the other reader comments almost as much as I enjoyed reading the story itself. This story clearly got everyone to think.

I only feel sorry for Lily and Draco here. Lily is a complete innocent and now she is going to be without her loving father. Draco sounds like he is imprisoned by his own desires and his own magic or some kind of magic I don't understand. Of course he is going to spin a web like a spider. There doesn't seem a whole lot to his existence otherwise.

I've got no sympathy for Harry or for Ginny. They are fools. Ginny comes across as very self centered and greedy and demanding. I can't imagine laying sole burden for those issues of infertility and genetic illness on my husband and leave him feeling blamed. It's an equal partnership or it is nothing.

Stupid Harry shouldn't have gone crawling after her to begin with. What the hell was that all about. She was a spoiled princess for running away like that and to actually go into hiding from a devoted lover like Harry. I don't think what he had with her was real love. It stank of desperation. The whole Quidditch job thing was stupid. How could a mother whose child defied death fail to be satisfied with life after that kind of miracle? I dont mean to say I expected her to be a stay at home mom but she flits from desire to desire without a breather. To the point where her discontent is so open it takes the shine off her marriage. And how could Harry be such an idiot as to force the process along instead of waiting for a job opening like everyone else? It seems like he is desperate to never give her any reason to run off like the first time. I like Ginny just fine in canon, but her marriage to Harry seems very brittle. She had to have had at least some curiosity or concern about the price Harry was paying for each bit of help that she knew about. If not, she shares in the loss of their life together. Since when does a Weasley trust a Malfoy for anything? Fools, both of them.

Oh well Harry will enjoy shagging Draco in the woods with no memories to torment him. Ginny will probably freak out, mourn for a while and then look up Michael Corner or some other hapless stooge. Poor Lily. And poor Weasley family and Hermione. They are the ones who really love Harry and won't soon get over losing him. Damn, I'm pretty cutting and cruel on Ginny aren't I?
Brandyk chapter 1 . 2/27/2013
God that was good. To my favorit list no doubt.
Night13 chapter 1 . 11/27/2012
I have no idea what to say. There so many emotions/feeling the story brings up such as betrayal, infatuation, but also a twisted sort of love or lust perhaps. Amazing story really original idea for the story :)
sumthin.clever.5 chapter 1 . 11/12/2012

"Taller, dressed in dark blue robes, his hair finer and softer and straighter than Harry remembered it and bound in a braid with a black ribbon tied across the end,..." Oh, what I wouldn't give to see Tom/Draco with long hair, tied back with a ribbon. x3 "...he looked like the ghost of Lucius. Or of my wet dreams." With that, I had to close my eyes and take a long inhale and let it out on a sigh of ecstasy. You're good for eliciting such responses from me fairly often.

Harry really is a right fool. These promises are damn suspicious. Showing up when he calls? Iffy, but fine. Doing as told when he comes? Hell no. Far too open ended. He should have demanded restrictions on that kind of promise. Harry was silly to think Draco would only request to be saved or have his political standing heightened by Harry's presence. Putting Draco's request above other things? Freak no. That could be above saving someone else's life or fulfilling his own desires. Harry can't be blind enough to not see that.

"These promises were all so vague and insubstantial that he wondered if Malfoy hadn't decided what kind of revenge he wanted..." Finally, the vagueness clicked for him, but instead of taking the obvious "it's so he can trap me in several ways" thought, he takes a "he hasn't made up his mind" thought. A possibility, but so inaccurate, knowing what we all know of Draco.

"I promise to forget"? Really? I really didn't think Harry could be that stupid. Or that blind. He misses so many bloody implications! Draco could demand he forget his entire life with Ginny (funnily enough, I had trouble recalling her name just now. It's been a very Drarry few months for me.) and Lily. Harry is now on my idiot list.

'Harry stared back at him. "You would really lend me a book?" he asked in disbelief. Malfoy seemed to be going a bit far towards repairing a mistake that Harry was sure he hadn't meant to actually commit.' Harry considers Malfoy lending him a book going a too far? Really? After everything else? You can borrow a book from a library. Going too far might be teaching him how to use the magic instead of lending him a book that would instruct him and letting him teach himself.

"Over what? What was happening to Harry? Malfoy knew better than that. Which would make his gestures and his recent apology to Harry a lie." Not a lie, just less sincere than it seemed. He was silly to dismiss this suspicion, though. But I suppose at this point, with Draco calling in none of his favors, he might have let his walls down. It's understandable to a point.

Oh poor, poor Harry. Too far gone to realize that the fact that his being with Malfoy feels so right is what makes it so very wrong. x.x

'"Take pleasure…?" Harry let it trail off, and shook his head. "I don't understand the meaning of most of these promises, Malfoy, but this one has to be the most mysterious you've ever asked of me."' Another stupid promise he should never have agreed to. This could be as innocent as touching the table, yes, but could go so far as forced sex, which it would be considering Harry is half drunk on a spell when he's in contact with Malfoy. He needs stipulations before he blindly agrees to these promises he can't break. Here, he again realizes the vagueness of the promises, but fails to note their implications. Why? Didn't Ginny think they were fishy? I mean, did he never tell Ginny about what Malfoy demanded as payment? He told her he came to visit Malfoy; she knew Malfoy worked for steep prices; did she never bother to ask Harry what the prices were when no money was taken from their account to accommodate such a price? Stupid all around.

*sigh* I told him, I told him. Now he reaps. Poor Ginny, Lily, and his friends and extended family. *sigh* That is so not how I would have wanted them to get together.

Good stuff overall. At one point, I was thinking I could really like this fic, maybe even have it be one of my favorites, but Harry's constant stupidity, naivete, blind trust, and inability to look at the possibility of a bigger picture, despite his being an Auror, killed that dream. But a well written depressing little number, anyway.
Stormshadowfire chapter 1 . 9/23/2012
merlioske chapter 1 . 9/5/2012
what exactly, WAS Draco? Oo damn it now i'm just dying to know Q-Q pwease inlighten meh ? :
the story was simply... breath taking to be honest... it was, in more ways then one, perfect. Loved it, amazing job
keep it up ;)
Slytherine chapter 1 . 8/11/2012

Huh. I just read some of the other reviews, and I noticed that many people are pitying Harry and calling Draco evil. While I'm not saying that what Draco did was okay (because it *was* evil, bad, wrong… and totally awesome and Slytherin), I don't think that Harry deserves any pity. After all, he would be happy, as long as Draco tells him to be happy, he would be. I feel more sorry for Draco at the end of the day. His lover would offer him no stimulation, no challenge, with Draco being the man he is in this story, I doubt he would be happy with a will-less, soul-less version of Harry Potter.
Destined Jonas chapter 1 . 8/11/2012
Oh, wow, now you've got me really curious about the legends surrounding hawthorn trees/blossoms! So far all I've got is that hawthorn is traditionally associated with bad/good luck depending on your region and, most remarkably, the Fae. Seeing as you mentioned the otherworldly characteristics of Draco several times in the story, am I correct in assuming that the particular association that you wished to convey is the enchantments that the Fae are known to use to conquer and capture mortals? Because the way that Draco spun his web is really beautiful – not at all like the Faeries of old, where they charmed mortals with their beauty or riches – but with cunning and also reluctance. He could have trapped Harry by the 3rd promise, but he gave Harry a chance to back out while he could, and STILL Harry didn't (or couldn't or wouldn't). At least Draco took care to make their relationship as happy and smooth as he could with the last 3 promises.

The moral of the tale is extraordinarily devastating when I truly considered it. Harry had basically condemned himself, hadn't he? With every promise, he had committed himself further, had dug his own grave, really. With the "stay", "forget" and "take pleasure" promises, Draco had completely eliminated all chances for Harry to return to his old life. What makes it particularly cruel and harsh is when Draco says, "You'll do what I ask cheerfully and without complaining, and when it's finished, why then— Then you can leave." Draco knows perfectly well that Harry would never leave, and it's not because Harry wouldn't, it's because he couldn't.

However, I find it difficult to blame Draco, after all, Harry had made, what, 6 different promises on 6 different occasions. And some of them for rather trivial purposes too, especially the first and the fifth. (It's interesting to note that those two were the only ones made directly for Ginny, as well. The others could be argued that they're in Harry's own self interests, which happened to coincide with Ginny's.) Harry, how could you have been so naïve? He knew nothing about promises made on wands and yet he proceeded to make half a dozen of them, to Draco Malfoy, a man who always works with an ulterior motive, no less. As Draco said, "I gave you a chance to look promises made on wands up yourself".

Then I start analysing the pattern of promises/requests:
1. Come when I call: Find my wife
2. Do as I say: Cure my infertility (I)
3. Put me above all else: Cure my infertility (II)
4. Make me no protest: Save my daughter's life
5. Forget everything but me: Make my wife happy
6. Take pleasure in me: Relief from Draco's light
and found it so brutal. The first ones directly echo each other, the 2nd/3rd request (arguably are the same) is a barrier between the couple, the same way protests prevented by the 4th promise would've been, the way in which Harry pleaded for the 4th request corresponds with the 5th promise, the 5th request is answered with the 6th promise, the 6th request a premonition to all 6 promises added up. I would say that Harry should've noticed how the problems in his marriage with Ginny are nullified in a relationship with Draco by his promises, but then we've already established that Harry is oblivious to most of Draco's scheming throughout the story, so.

This piece of work gets even more interesting when contrasted to Your Every Wish, by Maya. In case you haven't heard of it, here's a brief summary: Harry casts a variation of Imperio to end the war, which accidentally ensnares Draco to his will. And Harry pretty much just goes on and completely smothers what makes Draco, Draco – his snark, his wit, his interest, his upbringing… all of it, gone, to make way for Draco's becoming Harry's "ideal lover". It's another beautiful piece, which highlights the horror and sadness behind losing free will, which is also expressed in the ending paragraphs of your story. In Your Every Wish, Harry gradually ends up losing his mind over the fact that he's erasing the original Draco from the world. I wonder how your Draco would feel with his Harry, who's also going to be bending over for Draco (no pun intended) way more than he would if his free will was intact.

Until next time!
Sly x
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