Reviews for Moment of Impact
Axis G chapter 44 . 11/24/2022
I love this story. The pacing is just right, no unnecessary dilly-dallying. A hurt and comfort and found family story so well-written. Thank you!
Calmzone1 chapter 30 . 8/28/2022
Oh my god, I am so glad that I had finished my coffee before reading this chapter or I probably would have had to use something to get coffee out of my sinus! Too funny! I hope Harry calls him and impetuous Gryffindor, or that Severus is absorbing some of Harry’s Gryffindor qualities, lol
Zavod chapter 40 . 8/19/2022
please tag this story as hurt/comfort.
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 46 . 7/22/2022
Dad? Harry calls Snape dad now?
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 44 . 7/22/2022
I loved this! And Snape lived! I never understood why they didn’t try to save Snape in the books or the movie.
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 43 . 7/22/2022
Lol. Snape and Pomfrey teasing Harry about the hair on his upper lip. I thought he ad gotten a tattoo or something.
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 42 . 7/22/2022
Ginny kissed Harry! Yay! Loved that they played mini golf and Dumbledore and McGonagall transfigured things into mini golf clubs and golf balls. And McGonagall is Harry’s guardian! Now that is something many fics don’t do. It’s either Snape or someone else. I like the change. :)
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 41 . 7/22/2022
Love the Red Sox! Harry has a Red Sox hat! Nice! Uh, Harry knew he was made quidditch captain during the chapter of his surprise birthday. Did Harry forget?
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 29 . 7/22/2022
McGonagall totally knows what Lily’s Patronus was. And why did she lie?
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 25 . 7/22/2022
It’s only been a week? Does Harry know that Snape has to keep up appearances for Voldemort?
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 15 . 7/22/2022
What was Harry thinking about when he looked at the jar? And Snape said Harry’s name! I wish these chapters were longer. But good so far.
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 14 . 7/22/2022
I like that Snape is giving Harry a chance and Harry is doing the same. Can Ron, Hermione, and Ginny firecall Harry? I’m sure a fireplace under the Fidelius Charm can’t be tracked by the ministry.
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 12 . 7/22/2022
Love that Snape is so concerned. Can’t wait for Umbitch to be put in Azkaban!
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 11 . 7/22/2022
Lol. Snape is melting. First he laughed when Harry involuntarily took a step towards the cottage, and now the corner of his mouth twitched when Harry asked his question. I love that Snape food Harry he was friends with Lily. So Bill and Fleur live in Shell Cottage during the war.
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 10 . 7/22/2022
Damn. Harry’s being separated again? Why can’t his friends come with him? Ugh.
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