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midlifecrisses chapter 2 . 4/18/2012
Okay so I have a confession to make. When I get excited while reading I start reading out loud. OMG I was so doing that this chapter.
MissiYoung chapter 12 . 9/26/2011
amazing, sweetie, i can't thank you enough for sharing it!
IlovesMesomeGlee chapter 2 . 7/25/2011
Oh man i love this. Poor Dave. :(
forthebest chapter 6 . 3/8/2011
I really like how you're dealing with the psychological issues. And how the school admin. is making sure they don't have to see each other. Finally some help for kurt.
forthebest chapter 3 . 3/8/2011
That was really intense. Poor Dave and esp. poor Kurt. Dave telling Kurt what he'd wanted to do to him. ugh.
forthebest chapter 1 . 3/8/2011
And once, he saw Karofsky reach towards the locker, like he wanted to touch it with his fingers. It was kind of creepy, and Finn remembered it had caused the hair on his arms to stand up for some reason.

And I found this to be creepily romantic. Is there something wrong with me? lol
Ariana Spirit chapter 3 . 2/17/2011
Wow I loved this chapter, even thought it was so sad. It's very interesting, thank you
Ariana Spirit chapter 2 . 2/17/2011
Om my! It was very intruding! I adore your Kurt, and Finn is nice change:) Thank you
Ariana Spirit chapter 1 . 2/17/2011
So interesting! I love this pairing, and your user name;) Thank you!
LiveLoveRead chapter 9 . 1/31/2011
This story is really great D .. . but ... in reading through it so far ... it (at least it's beginning) causes me to pause and wonder ... WHY do the fanfic writers on this board ALWAYS seem to make Azimio out to be 'the big bad violent homophobe guy' in their writings?

Ryan Murphy has NEVER portrayed Azimio as being any more homophobic or violent than Dave or Finn or anyone else on the show - YET - it seems on this board almost every writer wants to make Azimio out to be this horrific violent, ignorant, ghetto, homophobe AND 'the drive' behind all the homophobia and possible violence in the school.

That's unfair and does NOT fall into anything related to how Ryan Murphy has presented this character.

If anything Glee shows Azimio to be 'a follower' NOT 'the lead troublemaker' .

(If you notice – Azimio only seems to slushy and name call the ‘loser’ kids when Dave is around … a clear indication that Azimio just wants to fit-in with Dave and the other more ‘popular’ kids).

Also - I have both lived in and visited small towns in Ohio - and trust me - if Azimio were one of the few black kids at an all-white/nearly all-white school - there is NO WAY he would be the trouble-maker with anyone (let alone the leader of homophobic and violent acts).

And - most of the black people that I had met while in Ohio were about the most open-minded and accepting people anyone could ever encounter - (especially the black people who found themselves being among the few 'minorities' in ANY situation) - and I think this constant false (and violent and bigoted) presentation made of one of them is totally unfair.

If Azimio were TRULY one of the FEW black kids in an all-white / nearly all-white high school in small town Ohio (especially a middle class / upper middle-class one like Ryan Murphy presents McKinley as being) - from what I have seen of small town Ohio - he would NEVER hav even had the opportunity (or incentive) to practice homophobia or any other act singling any 'one' group out.

This is because Azimio would KNOW that IF he did any such thing HE would be THE NEXT person "singled out".

Ryan Murphy makes it abundantly clear that Azimio is NOT a violent person filled with hatred and bigotry - so much as he is simply a big, fat, insecure dork who (in an effort to fit-in among his jock buddies) simply 'follows' the crowd in pulling pranks on (ex. slushying) and even making attempts at hazing ANYONE (no matter if gay or straight) who isn't popular or ‘in with the in crowd’ (like he's so desperately trying to be) - so why the writers on this board seem to want to present this kid as being some sort of "to violent ignorant thuggish ghetto homophobe" is both offensive and confusing.

Again – the black people that I met when I stayed in Ohio (especially the jocks and other popular kids – but even the dorkier ones who just wanted a crowd to it into) were actually some of the most open minded and accepting people that I had ever encountered in my whole life (and, in all honesty from what I could see, few, if any of them seemed to have had any interest whatsoever in anyone’s personal sexuality or orientation).

Also – it seems to me that - if someone like Azimio ever had a problem with Dave being gay - it would (in my humble opinion) more than likely, perhaps, be due to Azimio being mad over (for instance) something like Azimio perhaps having felt pressured (by Dave and his popular crowd’) to cut someone out of his won life who he secretly deeply cared about (ex. a cousin, an uncle or even another best friend – and not so much a brother or a boyfriend or anything, as I think it would be silly to have 1 show with more than 1 secretly-gay jock and almost no one would ever consider kicking a sibling out of their life just ‘to fit in with the crowd’) – all due to Azimio’s secret fear of being rejected by ‘the popular kids’ if he had decided to keep this person in his life.

Thanks for listening - and (other than this one annoyance with the presentation of the Azimio character) I think this was a really great story. )

JeanBoulet chapter 12 . 1/11/2011
Okay. I read this story because you told me to; I would never have read it otherwise-absolutely no offense meant. I'm definitely intrigued. I'll follow the story to the sequel. I also really liked how you handled their relationship. I've never been in a PTSD situation, but I completely understand the feelings that you had Dave and Kurt explore. The angsty second chapter was...extremely angsty and waaaaaaaay more angst that I've ever read through. But I totally understand why you wanted it to be there. It's a very plot-inspiring act. You explored both characters, and they eventually came together.

That dream, though...god I was so glad it was a dream! lmao! I was reading it and thinking 'oh no. oh no. okay calm down, it can't be that bad, just trust the author trust the author trust the author...OKAY, there we go!' And it COMPLETELY fit in with what you were trying to accomplish, so I congratulate you on that. I also congratulate you on the mental complexity of this story. Not many people understand that it's perfectly normal for an abused person to be attracted to their abuser once confrontation has happened, or the complexities of psychiatrists and therapists. I'm really glad you chose to explore this subject matter with these characters, complete with your wonderful skills as a writer.

Thank you for the recommendation! As I explained, angst isn't normally my cup of tea, but I really did enjoy this, and I'm definitely reading more.

TheRealMaraJade chapter 11 . 12/30/2010
This was a powerful fic. I liked how you treated the psycologic aspects of it, and the pacing and time span seemed right for the development of their understanding.

I don't think I can see a romantic involvement between them in this universe, but this fic as a set up for friendship was perfect.

And THIS was soooooo much better than most suicide fics I've read so far.

I will read any sequel or kurtofksy fic you write, though! ;)
Mytay chapter 11 . 12/22/2010
I found this story by way of recommendation, and I'm very glad for it - what you did was bring the whole Karofsky situation into a far more realistic light than most - and I realize this is a compliment you've probably already gotten, but I have to say it :)

I appreciate that you didn't take an easy way out and make everything perfectly okay after both boys had gotten some help - and it makes sense that seeing each other after all that trauma wouldn't be cake and ice cream.

I think a lot of us have opposing views on that locker room kiss - I personally believe that in the technical sense, (and probably in the opinion of mostly every character on the show who cares about Kurt) it would be considered sexual assault. However, I believe Kurt really didn't see it that way - he may have been shocked and horrified, but I think shock was more the case, and sadness at having his first kiss stolen from him - but especially since when Karofsky leaned in for a second kiss, Kurt pushed him away and Karofsky didn't try again or force him. Of course, this all changes after that incredibly creepy exchange when Karofsky puts his finger on Kurt's chest . . . *shudders*

So, in conclusion, this was really, really great, and so very realistic and interesting - and I absolutely loved the Facebook scene. It all rang so true to me, and it was so refreshing to see someone tackle the Kurt/Karofsky issue with such no-holds-barred honesty! Thanks for an amazing read!
Larkin21 chapter 12 . 12/22/2010
I've loved all of your stories that I've read so far and I look forward to reading more from you. This particular story has really been amazing. I've enjoyed each chapter, where you've taken the characters, the use of the shrink and the little moments we saw of Finn were really great too. I'm (obviously) a few weeks behind in my fan-fiction but I look forward to reading more in this universe and more from you in general. Fantastic job!
waterlily85 chapter 3 . 12/20/2010
I really like this story so far, but I don't think you need quite as many F words.
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