Reviews for Bound!
angeleyes1984 chapter 25 . 11/25/2014
Poor Draco
Drarry Lover chapter 1 . 9/30/2014
Read this many years ago and I still love it today.
grimmich chapter 25 . 3/9/2014
hahaha mama malfoy is so sly :D
grimmich chapter 21 . 3/9/2014
poppy needs better bedside manner...
grimmich chapter 20 . 3/9/2014
please tell me they heard what the hat said and understand what it means?
grimmich chapter 10 . 3/8/2014
... wouldn't her Hippocratic oath keep her from telling dumbledore first? or at all without permission?
grimmich chapter 5 . 3/7/2014
... how was it inappropriate? They are married and it is school break there fore they don't have to follow the same set of rules, if anyone else had been doing that, for instance Nevile and Luna, people would have been, "aww, young love. So cute!" :P dumbles and snape are just jealous!
Jannafrancine chapter 25 . 12/24/2013
Great story. I hope Narcissa doesn't teach that Bond to Molly or she will insist all of her children use it.
Guest chapter 25 . 12/18/2013
I don't like that fact you didn't put a rape warning, which is just sickening to write let alone read, but this was a good read even though you almost had be buildings from distaste.
natsuki23 chapter 25 . 12/1/2013
Love Narcissa!
Mgriffith490 chapter 25 . 4/6/2013
I loved this story and would love to read more.
SuperSaiyanTeemo chapter 25 . 3/22/2013
Good work :D
Mashkai30 chapter 25 . 1/14/2013
Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing!
adafrog chapter 25 . 1/5/2013
Just rereading this. Still good, thanks.
LizziiLaters chapter 25 . 12/26/2012
Absolutely loved this. It was an amazing story; well written and quite original. Amazing job.

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