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PixiePatronus13675 chapter 4 . 12/1/2014
PixiePatronus13675 chapter 3 . 12/1/2014
PixiePatronus13675 chapter 2 . 12/1/2014
I'm glad that you decided to do more.
PixiePatronus13675 chapter 1 . 12/1/2014
What an excellent idea!
Resevius chapter 1 . 5/26/2013
I'm trying to write a oneshot about Peter's betrayal, and your story realy gave me more to think about. Thanks! This is beautiful! :)
Sorrel SilverLeaf chapter 4 . 1/21/2013
Ah, another brilliant, (devastating) chapter! Very well done on this whole story, m'dear, tis lovely and heartbreaking- a thrilling tale of friendship, love and betrayal! - a sensational piece of literary pie that- sorry, got a bit carried away there ;P. But Siriusly, awesome fic. I'm so glad you finished it, as it's a really nice interpretation of this part of the story. I like it when people write about things that weren't gone into in the books, 'missing moments', if you will.

On with the review!

I honestly can't paste my favorite lines because I would actually end up putting the entire story this time.

I also have mixed emotions for Peter/Wormtail. You actually managed to make me feel sorry for him (not the easiest thing), so points there. Also, he's still on my most horrible characters list along with Voldy and Umbitch *ehrm I mean Umbridge*.

I really really REALLY liked the flashbacks in the beginning. They were extremely well written, everything just fit together like a perfect puzzle. You used all the right words and stuff I guess is what I mean. The description of Regulus' "Sirius look" made me laugh. I could picture it perfectly.
I remember when I couldn't raise one eyebrow at a time. It sucked, so I taught myself how :D.

Having Regulus in there was a really cool idea. Planting the seeds of doubt-or perhaps watering them just a little.

from the chapter- "Occasionally there was a smirk as Peter was teased by his friends, or couldn't keep up, but he could have sworn there might have been some sympathy as well, and a longing to be there with his brother."
-aww, poor Regulus and Peter. That little tidbit about Regulus' longing was smart to add there, I liked it even if it made me sad. And Yes, Peter shouldn't've betrayed his friends. I am adamant on that. But they should have made sure he felt included. They did need to pay a little more attention to him. Sometimes I feel like that, like my friends forget about me. Like a third wheel. But you know what? They always come back to me, and I know that they're really my friends. We laugh and I know they don't mean to. So I'm fine with it. I think that happens to everyone sometimes.

erm, anyway. Back to putting off my homework-I mean, reviewing your story! *sheepish grin*

kay, this is going to be a long excerpt, but what the hey:
""And he doesn't wait for you." Peter wasn't sure if the boy's tone was mocking or pitying. Maybe it was somewhere between the two. "Look, if Sirius cares about you, he's never going to let a bad thing happen to you. If something does happen, he's going to hunt down the bastards that did it. If Sirius doesn't care…well, then you're off his radar unless you do hurt somebody that actually matters to him—in which case he'll hunt you to the ends of the earth." He shrugged. "I'm off his radar these days. He stopped caring. But when I was younger…I can remember when I got a puppy for Christmas. My cousin Bella started hexing it with everything she could think of in the backyard. She was just home from her first term here. The thing was yapping and bleeding…I begged her to stop. She wouldn't. She was twice Sirius's size, but he came after her with nothing but his fists and his knees." Regulus smiled, thinking of his brother with admiration; then the smile dropped. "He was punished for a week, for hitting a girl.""

Again, warm fuzzies at Sirius' loyalty. I really don't know why, but like I said it makes me proud, like I'M his best friend or something. *sigh* I wish. I'd love to have him as a best friend! D
Again, poor Regulus. It's Aberforth/Ariana all over again if you know what I mean...kind of.
POOR PUPPY! I love Bellatrix's character because she's so psycho and evil but I cannot forgive this! Noooooooo! D: She killed her cousin's puppy, then later killed that cousin's brother (who was a mutt). I guess she doesn't like dogs. Sad face.

Sigh. Secret keepers need to not get drunk in bars. That is a very VERY bad idea. Doesn't take a genius to figure out why. *facepaw

Gah Voldy I hate you! I'm going to now have a pointless, confusing bit of crazy fun because the review box is my playground.

Voldemort: *kills Potters
Me: YOUNG MAN, you are grounded for the rest of Harry Potter's life!
Voldemort: But-!
Me: Nobuts! To your room! And no more Horcrux crunch for you! Or any Potter Puffs, Weasley Wheats or Granger Grains either!

Okay, I'm done. Sorry.

I shivered when you mentioned Bellatrix's " most delicious imagination". Shudder. I don't want to think about that. Way to go, summing up how creepy and insane she really is in a sentence. Shudder again.

from the chapter -"Wormtail, I reward my friends. Don't you want to be my friend?"
pfft. Voldemort doesn't have any friends. Lying, snake-faced kerswizzler! grr.

Lastly, you may want some earplugs.

Wormtail, you blamed SIRIUS for this! You SHOULD be afraid of him more than Voldemort. You SHOULD have died, rather than betray your friends, as your friends-yes, your FRIENDS!-would have done for you!

Okay, just needed to rant for a moment, Sympathy aside.

Great chapter and conclusion,
OWL score: O
luv ya,
Sorrel :)
Sorrel SilverLeaf chapter 3 . 1/12/2013
Okie dokie, favorite lines a-coming up!

James could remember he and Sirius sliding down the banister. - I liked the little flashbacks. They emphasize how different and how dangerous things are now. But also, they bring a little bit of lighthearted fun into it, even if it is just to say that it's no longer like that. If I had a banister, I'd slide down it, it looks like such fun! ;D

"You said, 'You're off your rocker, Headmaster, I can't possibly work with that prat', Mrs. Potter," the wizard said. "May I come in?" -sorry, but I do love the funny stuff. Also, the word prat particularly amuses me. Hehe, lol.

(I like the invisibility cloak idea, to throw it over Lily and Harry. It might have worked?… If she didn't have to protect Harry, I doubt she'd consent to that. ;) She'd want to help James. Go girl power:P)

Dumbledore's shoulders were bent, as though he was carrying too much, or maybe he was just leaning forward to lessen the tug on his beard. - Nice little bit of clever word work. Aw, Harry! xP

No, best not. It was better for him to wait for them to hunt him out and lead them on. He could outrun anyone—he'd been running from things for a long time. There were all sorts of places he could go to throw them off the trail. And if they caught him? He wouldn't break. There was nothing they could do him that he hadn't already been throw at one point or another. - I get this really proud feeling at Sirius' loyalty to them...I don't know why, but I do. It's a lovely fierce feeling, like the satisfaction one gets seeing a mother defend her cubs (not my daughter, you bitch and all that ;)). That kind of feeling is one that Old Moldywarts will never be able to understand. I don't think he's ever had a friend. Not even the Basilisk.

But how did he buy them as much time as possible? He knew he wouldn't—couldn't—break. But what if they killed him? What would happen to Lily and James? - What would happen if a secret keeper died? I suppose the charm would break, because if the 'secret died with them', nobody would ever be able to find them again. That'd be a sure pickle to find yourself in! ;o

noooooo! sirius noooo! don't make peter do it!
of course he came outside, his mum's not sick! Grrr...

I was kinda feeling sorry for Peter because he he's being motivated by fear, but he should have refused to be the secret keeper. He should have just refused…then again, he shouldn't have been a spy in the first place.

Well, actually I do feel sorry for him, because he's afraid and made a mess of his life starting with becoming a death eater. He is screwed basically. I also feel sorry for Voldy, because he's screwed up too. Since he was conceived under the influence of a love potion, it was a loveless relationship, and then Merope died so he was never loved by anyone, so he never loved anyone back. It's said that we are what we are made by how others treat us. Huh.

BUT, that is not to say I forgive Peter and Voldina (sorry XD) for what they've done. I do feel sorry for them, but that doesn't mean they're any less responsible for their actions. People are given stuff, they choose what they make of it...and they make mistakes, too. Those two were given a lot of crap, and they made even crappier crap with it. (The marauders as friends weren't crap! Just what happened later.)

whoo! I went a little deeper into that than I meant to!
No baddie, though. The only baddie here is Trolldemort. Sorry, I meant Voldeport...err, Fold'em!mort...Nevermind.

I love it when Baby Harry has marauder stuffed animals in fics. Usually named Padfoot or Prongs. It'd be kinda weird to have a Moony, if you know what I mean.../:) I don't think they make werewolf stuffed animals. Having a stuffed rat would make me mad, so James and Siri are really the only options anyway.

Ugh. My baddies list for HP includes Umbridge, Wormtail, Fudge, Voldemort, death eaters-Snape.

Yay! Another awesome chappie, I didn't expect anything less. And another long review from me, so muse, gobble it up! :)

Onward, good fellow, onward! And may your day be filled with flying shish kabobs because everyone knows, there's nothing like a good food fight with all your best friends...and shish kabobs are so fun! You can act out scenes from Jack Sparrow using those! :D

Time for my crazy to end here for now. ;P
skrowley chapter 4 . 1/12/2013
Wow, that actually made me feel sorry for Peter. He still shouldn't have told on Lily and James, or at least tried to warn them, but it is truly sad. I thought you did really well with this story, keep it up. Happy writing! :)
Madlenita chapter 4 . 1/12/2013
Thanks for final chapter. Interesting POV, i guess it make sens to see how Peter was able to doing this...
Thanks again...
dancingonstars chapter 4 . 1/12/2013
This was really good. It Was well written and thoroughly thought out. Each chapter was a different part of the story and/or point of view but they perfectly flowed from one to the next. And that's an interesting take on Peter's betrayal that the months leading up to Halloween he had unknowingly revealed all in a drunken, potion induced stupor and never realized until it was too late. Great story.
ArwenFairTinuviel chapter 4 . 1/12/2013
You explain Peter's motives and reasoning very well, I'd never thought of him as being so, well, almost innocent before. But instead of going to Voldemort voluntarily, he gave away the information on pain of death, and who knows how many people would really be able to hold their secrets in the face of death. I liked how you showed how Peter was always left behind, always looking out for his friends, always assumed to be happy to help, but never asked or treated as an equal. And when James, Remus and Sirius had all vanished, and all his friends had gone, you can really see how desperate he was for friendship and protection. After all, he was in Gryffindor, so he couldn't have been all bad. I think he did love his friends, so much that he was helpless without them. I'm a bit sad this is the end of the story, but I did like it very much! I think the character pairing should be James-Lily or James-Sirius, but it is tricky. Thank you for the story and please let me know if you write any more Lily-Severus stories :)
Red Bess Rackham chapter 4 . 1/11/2013
GUH GUH GUH. I knew this was going to hurt!

Well, I think you need *not* be worried about writing Peter or Voldemort, now or in the future. I really like how you dealt with Peter in this, his voice, his motivations, etc. Most fics have Peter much more bitter or whiny or what have you, and I really like how in this, yes he had his doubts and his fears and insecurities, but he was primarily manipulated and terrified. The last bit was particularly crushing because you can see exactly how he got there and why. Really well done!

"or if he was going to do something to lure the Death Eaters to him. Surely he wouldn't be that stupid? Maybe he would. And maybe he'd call it brave." - Loved this bit. A really great and somewhat sad encapsulation of so many things Sirius says/does.


Red Bess Rackham chapter 3 . 1/11/2013
Love it! I like how you filled this in "cannon-ishly", and particularly Sirius' thought process about the whole thing. Really enjoyed this chapter and I know the last one is going to break my heart...! Lovely writing.

Red Bess Rackham chapter 2 . 1/11/2013
"You should have known, Lily. You'd never have to ask. You're family." - THIS. Hit me right in the feels.

Great voices as usual, my friend, especially Sirius, though he wasn't in this chapter much. Reading the next chapter at once! :D

ArwenFairTinuviel chapter 3 . 1/3/2013
Really good, I like how you are filling in the canon and I hope you do another chapter pleeeease! :) It made me laugh so much that Lily said 'You're off your rocker, Headmaster, I can't possibly work with that prat,' when told James would be Head Boy! I loved Harry in this chapter, tugging on Dumbledore's beard and laughing as Sirius tickled him... oh I love Sirius. He's such a good guy. I just groaned when he thought of Peter. If Sirius would never give way, what was the point in getting someone else to be Secret Keeper? Boohoo. I'm just sad because of what is going to happen. But I'd still love to see how you write it :)
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