Reviews for Delusion's Fantasy
Marzannar chapter 1 . 12/7/2013
I don't see this as a tragic or a sad piece of fiction. This is pure psychology. The process will truly be complete when Yuugi believes in the Atem he created, that it's not only a figment of his imagination, and when fantasy begins to blend in with reality. That's where the fun starts. Until that moment arrives, I shall put up criticism.
The story could have been more eloquent. Personally I would have used 'tell fast, describe, but be colorful' scheme. This fic was a bit lacking in the colorful department, and by that I mean it only captured half of my interest. The flow was a bit jarring but the story did its job and conveyed its message. I'd give this 6/10 simply because it could have been so much more complex and Yuugi was handled with laziness. It was entertaining :)
Raevonica Demonica chapter 1 . 3/9/2011
Again, this is saaad. Truly sad, but a beautiful piece with a twisted, yet happy ending. I enjoyed reading this one too. Your writing style never ceases to keep my interest in the story. Keep up the good writes~