Reviews for What's In a Kiss?
TereseLucy384 chapter 1 . 3/15/2012
I don't think I've ever reviewed your Dusty stories, so here I am ;)

I'm not real familiar with the show, only the little bits that I've seen on YouTube. But of course, it's Bob Denver, so it's wonderfully wonderful to picture him in these scenes. And you know how much I love our Bobby.

Shucks, he could hold up my blanket any time ;) hahahaha (or not)
callensensei chapter 1 . 11/26/2010
Yeehaw! I'm all for welcoming this western wagon train of castaways who seem oddly familiar.

You're absolutely right in that while Dusty's Trail is an affectionate (and delightful) tribute to GI, the characters provide us with a chance to consider the ways in which they contrast with their shipwrecked counterparts. You're right: Dusty is older and more confident around girls than Gilligan, and is significantly older than Betsy also. You capture their characters very deftly, while making us consider how differently things might have gone with Gilligan and Mary Ann in a similar situation.

Your Dusty sounds every bit as lovable as Gilligan, though. When he looks at himself and murmurs, "I even am dusty," I just melted.

You've a sharp ear for both dialogue and idiom: "bloomers in a twist" is a great Western saying!

Whether you're writing about the wagon train or the island, welcome aboard, partner!
Louise Hargadon chapter 1 . 11/26/2010
See, you've created a convert! I'd never heard of Dusty's Trail before, and now, after one whole episode, I absolutely adore it!

As I read it I was building up pictures in my mind of what all the characters would be like, and you've obviously done a cracking job of describing them because they're all more or less exactly as I'd imagined them.

Love the fact lovely Betsy was jealous of Lulu (although admittedly when I first read it and there was all that Dusty and Lulu snogging I thought it was some sort of bizarre 60s female solo singer femslash thing going on, but there you go...!). I mean you can't blame her. There's Dusty, this loveable, oddly alluring, comes across as a little slow but is actually hilarious and is such a generally fabulous chap - and some blonde bint with her skirt above the ankles and her neckline below the neck comes along and just lands one on him! The cheek!

I actually applauded when she finally kissed Dusty, it was such a happy ending. I've honestly not been able to think of anything but this story all afternoon. It's cheered me up no end. And until under an hour ago I'd never even seen the show. You're very influential, Teebs, make no mistake about it!

You must write more. You simply must. Or write a sequel. Or at the very least get yourself a subcategory. And if you figure out how to work it out, will you let me know because I'm dying for a Stingray subcategory...!xx
JWood201 chapter 1 . 11/26/2010
Adorable! I love Dusty's Trail - I really should watch some episodes online today.

As far as the categorization goes, they'll probably make you move it to Miscellaneous TV, but we can probably ask them to make a Dusty's Trail category. I'll see how that works.

That was incredibly well-written - I could picture everything exactly and see it all so clearly. And you're right, it wouldn't have worked if you had just changed it to GI - even though the characters are the same "stereotype" as GI, their personalities and backgrounds are different, so it would have felt off. Dusty's older and more comfortable with the girls than Gilligan and Ginger isn't as free-wheeling with the love as Lulu (or at least not for the same reasons).

Anyway, I loved it and you better get some GI DVDs and write a GI story soon!