Reviews for Rake at the Gates of Annwn
SereneCrosstamer chapter 15 . 8/11
Nuuuuuuu! I need moaaaarr
Laryna6 chapter 15 . 5/5/2006
*claps* Very probably the best Dante & Trish I've seen. I've had this on my favorites list for ages, hoping you will update. Not to nag, but please. Pretty please? This is one of the fics that got me into Devil May Cry in the first place. Sorry to take so long to review.
Atolm2000 chapter 15 . 3/25/2003
Like much...I gnaw on your head until you update! *begins gnawing*
kikoken chapter 15 . 3/1/2003
I love this damn fic. When are you goibng to update? I like the way youd escribed Dante's charcter so well!
Chasm chapter 15 . 2/19/2003
Oh man, you've abandoned this fic haven't you? Far be it from me to demand more, 't it a shame to leave a good story hanging like that? I've been eyeballing this fic for more chapters for a while well. It really is sad. Hope things turn out okay.
M. Wilson chapter 15 . 2/17/2003
This story rocks! You've really brought Dante and Trish to life. And Anne is a wonderful character. Bookmarking this in hopes of more.
Drake chapter 15 . 12/1/2002
Totally understandable. Hell, I'm not one to pressure the creative juices from a fellow writer, I am THAT nice. (Someday soon I hope to sign onto , but NOT UNTIL I be done with my own work-in-progress)Anywho, I'll be waiting and watching and all that good stuff. Hope everything winds up OK on your end, Chaos. Really-really.
Drake chapter 8 . 12/1/2002
I meant to write a review on CH 6, but I totally forgot, I just got so caught up in the story. Oh, two things: Dry. Humor.

It rocks and u know how to use it! No complaints here about the fic, gramatically or otherwise. Anne is a paradox, which, subsequently, makes her a very interesting character. Love the characterisations(Dante, Trish)Very accurate in my opinion. OK, onward to CH 9, WHEEEE!
Drake chapter 1 . 12/1/2002
THAT...was an excellent start, my friend. Now out of curiousity: Dante says "flock" a lot - I know, like the encounter with the Griffin - and he called Mundus "Mundie"? I have no qualms with either word, it just kinda caught me by surprise. Me much like story. Hope there's a thorough explaination about the mystery girl's origin.
Victoria chapter 15 . 10/30/2002
What are you doing, waiting for me to review again! *laughs*

I. WANT. MORE. Oblige me. Or be shot. *nasty grin*

Okay, on a more serious note, I really haven't reviewed in a while, so here we go. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I love your characterization. Dante is perfect. I love it. He's hilarious in that dark half-demonic way. (Dry humor. I live for that stuff.) I greatly enjoyed reading your take on Dante's demonic half and his abilities regarding it. The way you integrated the fact that he can't access his demonic side in the game until you gain the Alastor was well-thought-out and interesting. The fact you integrated the ability to read books in the game was great, too! I like the image of Dante as a scholar (in some capacity).

Character interaction, as usual, was over the top wonderful. I keep expecting Anne to turn into a Mary Sue, but you keep avoiding it nicely. x Trish and Dante's relationship makes me laugh; I see a chance for a Dante/Anne pairing, but whether or not you go there is hardly a pivotal issue.

Good stuff. Now stop making me wait and post the next chapter, dammit! :-D

Meirelle chapter 15 . 10/20/2002
Finally! Something written above a 6th grade reading level! I love this story! The plotline is excellent, and the writing style is superb (ohthankheavens!). Please continue soon. Please? I am your loyal fan! ~_
Adesso e Fortuna chapter 15 . 9/27/2002
I hope everything's ok. love your story, keep it up!

In case you're wondering, this is the person who asked you if she could borrow Anne Evans for her fanfiction. She's patiently waiting and letting you know there's no pressure in getting back to her.
Adesso e Fortuna chapter 14 . 9/6/2002
I love your story. Just keep writing it and I'll keep coming. Deal?
Adesso e Fortuna chapter 1 . 9/6/2002
I'm enjoying your story. And what's so bad about morning people?
oij chapter 14 . 8/1/2002
0.0 How do you bloody do it?

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