Reviews for Champagne Caress
TheGirlInThePinkScarf chapter 1 . 5/13/2012
So much sexiness in one fic! Yum!
Sams Taz chapter 1 . 1/17/2012
Oh no poor JoMo better watch out or he's gonna get it more than good. *snicker* I love how you threw in those parts about John and Randy they just made the story that much richer and fuller. I also love the way you portrayed the characters! :-) I think that you really nailed their personalities!
Esha Napoleon chapter 1 . 10/22/2011
Dashing Golden Dreams chapter 1 . 10/7/2011
HOT. Three is a magic number and you picked three of my favorites. The hint of Centon was nice too... not usually my thing but whatever you write comes out sexy. :) I wish I could get JoMo as a present...
ILoveAnnaKendrick77 chapter 1 . 6/29/2011
gamesgrl5887 chapter 1 . 4/29/2011
If I beg very nicely, will you write the cena/orton side of this story. Just thinking about it makes me wanna drool. Please? :)
MizardofSheamus chapter 1 . 3/10/2011
Absolutely, totally, completely AMAZING. Seriously, you need to write fanfiction for forever.
takers dark lover chapter 1 . 12/6/2010
Oh this was good you really need to do a part 2. Also I would love to see the Cena/Orton one continued. Oh YAY!

Great job!
Terrahfry chapter 1 . 11/30/2010
*sighs happily* Ah, you can't go wrong w/ Jiz, esp with a bit of JoMo. It's too delicious.

& also, oh to be Miz here. He's the champion & he gets Jericho & Morrison to do such sweet & filthy things to him. Fuck yeah, I'd take it :P

"Against all odds he'd built himself from a reality TV schmoe to the biggest Superstar in the business. He'd showed them all." Right! Yay, Mizzie!

Awe, he's looking for Jericho. & there's Chrissy, he wouldn't let Mike down. *giggles* I likes how Miz greets him too!

"Did you see me? Did you see me win?" Haha, he's like a kid! XD

Right, gives creds to Jeri for his awesome mentoring. Cocky brat :P

Haha, Cena's a prude. Right, Miz, call Johnny-boy on Randy. There ya go.

Lulz! Oh, Randy! Hai thar! Perfect timing! Handcuffs! Cuz Cena likes when Randy has him bound ;P

Oh, the Wonder Twins are about to lose it. I don't blame them, I'd start cackling like mad.

No. No one cared when Randy & Adam were doing it, Cena. & it was so obvious to begin w/. That's more of an 'hey, so we're having hott dirty monkey sex,' 'Yeah, we all know,' deal. Ha!

"Half the world already suspects it." See? Yum-huh.

Not the puppy dog eyes! Gah! XD!

*giggles stupidly* Jizzums kisses, xD

Hmm.. I dunno. I see Centon on the show & on Twitter, but they're not something I seek out & read or wish to write. There's only one other writer who's ever made me enjoy them. But I must deff say you are making me enjoy them here. They're so cute. Randy all horny and Cena all prudish and bashful. I likes it.

Handcuffs! XD!

Hehe, all Miz had to do was pout and model for Jeri to change his mind. The tart.

"A few Divas, including Adam." *bursts out giggling* Diva Addy FTW! XD!

"Is Adam bringing Jeff?" *scoffs* Of course *cheeky grin*

*whimpers* I still wanted Jeff & Adam to be champs at the same time. That'd be awesome.

Haha, the beard! It makes Jeff all itchy :P & yes, Adam has the beard just to be a brat! "Poor Jeff. He's not used to Adam disobeying him," Nope. Not at all. Adam needs a spanking! xP

"Grizzly Adam or the walking PRIDE rainbow." Haha, Miz, you bitch! XD! But otherwise, that's freaking awesome!

JoMo! Yayness! & he's shirtless w/ champagne! OMG, that's some incredilicious present! XD!

Okay.. hellz yeah, clothes is starting to cum off!

Awe, that's cute. Chris & Mor drinking & Miz pouting about where his was. Give tha champ some champagne.

Oh, wow.. that's so hott.. sharing the drink like that...

"Fuck..." "Soon, baby," Ohh *purrs*

Uhm, yes.. play with him.. *bites lip*

Holy fuck.. Mike is the luckiest person in the world.. ('cept for mebe Jeff, he has Adam *wink*)

"tongues meeting at his cockhead before they kissed around his dick. Mike thrust into their kiss, his hands in their hair." So fucking beautiful... *melts*

And we have JoMo's ass :D

"You only love me because I bring you pretty boys to suck your dick," Haha, EPIC! So much win!

Aww *gushes* Jeri & Miz are so sweet. Course he loved him for months :P

"John was the master of sucking dick." Haha, yeah I bet he is :P

& oh, the position Mike & John are in. Just yum!

Oh, holy shit. Killing me sweetly here, Love. Mike fucking John's throat & Chris w/ the champagne and his mouth.. oh mah gawd!

Oh, Chrissy, what a talented little tongue we have.. & still so vocal in bed!

"Thohnny, don' thwallow it all, I 'ant thome," *giggles madly* Sometimes it's okay to talk wiff your mouth full :P Esp when it's full of Miz's ass! Hawt damn!

"but thanks to the pillows under his hips his butt still stuck up." Glorious image.

*pants.. whimpers.. whine..* Jeri.. JoMo.. Jizz-coated kisses.. *thud*

"That exquisite ass up and spread like a harlot, just begging me to fuck it." True champion, eh, Chrissy? *grins pervertedly*

& Miz squirming.. oh, jeez.. Okay, usually a bottom Miz does nothing for me. I mean I like him to top, & I don't really oppose him bottoming, but just by the right author who can make it appealing.. but oh, hawt damn! You do it, & Miz's fine booty, such wondrous justice! (Also, I'm not picky about Chris. I've had him both whiny bottom & arrogant top. Either one works so well for me) I'll admit, I am picky about Morrison more than anyone else. For some reason I just like him as a bottom boy. 'Nuff about that ;)

Haha, Miz is only quiet during sex! "Bitch. Yet you never shut up." Chris Jericho should NEVER shut up! It's down right blasphemous! XD!

& oh hell, Chris's delicious mouth! *melts*

& John's flexibility! *gasps* Yes! Imagine the possibilities!

Awe, Mizzie hadn't been inside no one since him and Chris got together. Pfftt, whipped bottom :p

"John whined and squealed like a whore, squirming beneath him." *ded*

Oh, how luscious. Chris in Mike & Mike in John... guh.. uhm.. so fucking gorgeous! *drools*

"Please, just fuck him already!" Lulz! You heard the boy, Chris! Luff!

Mike has the best seat in the house :P Lucky little bitch, lol.

& Johnny, oh gawd, so beautifully slutty. So fucking pretty.

"Uhm, two of you so lovely... mmm, cumming all over each other. Sweet, filthy whores." Oh, fuck, what he said... *fanning* Love. Chris's. Dirty. Talk.

And aww, they're all laying there so pretty. Wonderful little visual. MorJiz! The world NEEDZ more MorJiz! XD!

Uh-ohes, what's John hear? Slap? *gasps* Someone's getting spanked!

OMG, ROFLMAO! Cena! Ha! & yeah, I can imagine him calling Randy 'boss'. Winage! "That's right, you little bitch. You deserve to have me tear that ass up." Oh, Randy, so hott when all dominate. That was so funny!

Haha, I can imagine Miz giving Centon shit :P & of course Cena's chained up. He likes it like that.

Mhmm.. JoMo's luscious ass on display.. beautiful.. "You think we could both fit in there at the same time?" "I don't know... but I definitely think we should try." *squeals* Yes! You both should deff try! XD!

OMFG! This was one of the hottest things I've read in a while (That wasn't from TML or Snick) So wonderfully perfect. BEAUTIFUL! Love Love Love! Chris's arrogance, JoMo's beauty, the Jedam mention, even Centon! & of course I LOVE how you've wrote Miz here! Awesome, hun, XD! *loves to pieces*

ilzehs chapter 1 . 11/27/2010
Aww more writing by one of my favourite Lady! I have been meaning to review 'TML' but you left me just speechless that it is taking me this long to comprehend the right words to compliment your awesomeness the rightful way LOL. Meanwhile, I get a treat and I enjoyed it billions! Interesting thing is, factors like Centon, Jedam references mainly 'Diva' Adam one and JoMo's inclusion made the story gold for me!

I firstly wanna mention how much I love the fact that your work contains detail to it which gives the story such a balance and you don't jump right to the sex like mostly people do but build it, even when its a one shot. One quality my Terrah has as well and people with this quality steal my heart so easily.

You showcased Miz's excitement so damn well! This is the second celebratory fic for his I have read and this contained a total opposite character of his to the one I read before. His reaction was so natural like you can expect from a first time winner. Usually Chris/Miz pairing work with Mizzy on top for me, but like I said, except JoMo & Addy, I can take anyone as anything. Chris was perfect in his 'Mentor' kind of role which made Miz's reaction before him even more meaningful. Not only the fact that Miz did it, but did it so he could prove it to Chris and make him proud.

OMG...Centon part was fucking amazing! Yeah, and I don't even ship them LOL! Maybe if they were written this way, I would have swallowed them. They have just been so overrated and I rarely see them characterized well. You my love managed to do something I rarely expect. Made Centon amusing and entertaining as hell for me! I fucking adored how you had Cena there. Prudy, shy, blushy, and inside a dirty kink hehe! LOVED Randy even more! So cocky, arrogant, dominating yet gentle with his lover. I hate when people destroy Randy's personality in a fic. Even when paired with Cena, you gotta remember the brilliance that come with the dominance of Randy and never compromise it. They were perfect! The last mention to them when Cena was getting a spanking made me so fucking giggly its hard to tell LOL!

I also loved how you complimented Chris's character so well. He was there to congratulate his lover and everything but his arrogance was in full works! Chrissy gotta stay arrogant.

Now my favorite part! LOL I am sorry, I am such a sucker for 'Diva' Adam, what do you expect? If you know me you already know what that comment would do to me. When asked for my favorite Diva, I always think of Edge *giggle*. Adam can be so bitchy and girly that it makes it easier for me to find my favorite Diva in him too hehe. Maybe the way Miz said it made it more amusing to me!

*Kiss* You are so awesome for giving us our Jedam teases! LOL...Pussy-whipped bitch...I'll be calling Addy that for a long long time least until he shaves hehe! *Giggles* Oh baby...Jeff being not used to Adam disobeying...Did I mention I am fucking in love with you? You have given me such perfect picture of Jedam that I have fallen for this pairing like never before.

LOL Walking Pride Rainbow...I swear this is my favorite name for Jeff! I like it, give so much authority to Jeffery hehe. Grizly Addy is trying to prove he ain't a girl by that beard but he doesn't know he has gone too far to ever gain his manhood back ;)

LOL yeah, its a Miz/Chris story...sorry I got carried away.

YES! Fuck what better present you can get than a JoMo? I am loving this! You know I am as whipped for Morrie as I am usually for Addy so I gotta get excited hehe.

Aww you have written Chris brilliantly! He is like a perfect lover to Miz here. Miz is bratty yet arrogant. Lovely!

*Drools* JoMo putting his fuckable pretty little ass on display...I just came a little. Yeah, again perfectly written! You characterize everyone so well! JoMo is a dirty little cockslut and I am loving his role here!

Oh fuck! This is super hot! I never imagined Miz as a bottom but I am liking it so far! At least he is topping Morrie so that compensate everything LOL!

*faints* Does Morrie realize how fucking whorish he felt throughout LOL? Him sharing a kiss and jiz with Chris like that...beautiful!

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! Morrie was so fucking hot in the sex scene and Miz was perfect and Chris as Dom played his part brilliantly. First sex scene I have read by you and now I am absolutely desperate till you get to sex in 'TML' ;)

Pretty JoMo *giggles* You are so awesome Rih! You really are. I fucking love you! Beautiful threesome done perfectly with perfect characterization. Characterization is so damn important to me and so far I am getting everything the way I desire.

You really portrayed Miz/Chris as a loving couple where Miz was rewarded and gifted so lovingly by his lover. Miz couldn't have asked for a better night.

LOLLLLLLLLL! Ok, that was so damn funny! I can never imagine Cena in that kind of state but the domineer of Randy can make any man go in that state LOL! Brilliantly funny! So fucking dirty Cena hehe.

OMG *drools* Both in JoMo at the same fucking time? Fuck do I love double penetrations specially on my favorite sluts Addy and Morrie hehe. This ends PERFECTLY!

Beautiful love. I am not even a fan of Miz. I respect the guy big time though. I do love Chrissy to no ends. He is my favorite wrestler. This was a different shade of his I read but loved it dearly. What I adored the most was you wrote Mor exactly like he should be written! So many few people have managed to write him accordingly and I am glad you are one of them!

Brilliant work and I am no expert to tell if anything was wrong LOL. For me it was perfect!
mia454 chapter 1 . 11/27/2010
Heyy great story do the one about John and Randy
Mizzy681 chapter 1 . 11/27/2010
This is the best threesome I ever read! Brilliant! It could've done without the last bit Randy/Cena, but otherwise...