Reviews for The Heir to the Title of Big Boss
Guest chapter 2 . 4/16
when Naruto and anko had find the mob run inc and the subinc had the money form them Naruto then was in the whipool couny buit up his home and his own men cave and then his office in it was some art and dusk naurot had a old jeep he sit it when on it was piceds of his woman anko and ion and then some of his tema too ,when in it naruot keep up swords on the wall of badguys he took out .
Guest chapter 1 . 4/16
when Naruto put down neji out and then he took tenten to be his woman now ,the had live in the whipool couny and it night time Naruto and her had buit a time doimend ship it was in the smg eath and when in it Naruto had find ocelot frank jager jack and the big boss old homes ,when in it Naruto had find books on them and some art too ,when in the last big boss home Naruto had took the men own bedroom bed to some time Naruto had mack his own hermd bed room in it tenten sarkua ion and some others Naruto had find to keep him happy ,
Guest chapter 3 . 4/14
when in the home Naruto had buit a sife home in the land of waves for both his spynetwoking fox nights and other pathfor his bothers and sisters juelkts ,Naruto had buit the coodhomeup on the hills of mt jacke lee ,his home away form the others it times too, when in the big boss eaths Naruto find ocelot frank and jack homes and offices too it time full of old ime weoplds tenten had whis to see and to ower of and books full up to the sky nartuo then took them with him too ,when back home Naruto had his office buit to the fox heands pub and offices too ,in his office Naruto put a pub in to dariking form and it times he had put a married wall in of warrors who get kill off like willam s Robertson the 1 epimer of the wast a fromer sallmer and ninja too and warrior monk who derd buit the west torung too ,as will sakura twin sister he save form the nut house he then had fide she derd form chidbith of a son Naruto had helpbeing into wolder the boy one day gore to be the next warrior king of the west and his name was kown as leerooy foxnights .
Guest chapter 2 . 4/14
when in the couny whipool naruot and his wifes had time to buit ahome biggles one of the mobboss had thoth them to whis to ownership of ,Naruto had his men cave officre in the back 0f the 1 he had and he put art to the wall of it of hot bigbodds woman on them wall and some art he took form the mob boss own homesand penhosue too ,with his own over he geta cub home buit too for him anko and hitled it was good to see it too, when in th fox like home Naruto and inc had sheep like pase without the badguystrying to kill you off.
Guest chapter 3 . 4/3
when in time Naruto had his wifes had move to the whipool couny for good and then naruo doing some woking into bounyhuther and then he find some out slvers he took out and free all of them to.
Guest chapter 2 . 4/3
when in time Naruto had find out the lost eath of smg eath he find the homes of his fromer sels some full of books awds and troys and tims of sextoys too and he took with him and put in his own men cave home and his own office is good too,
Guest chapter 1 . 3/19
when in his home Naruto and tenten had sex with it Naruto own little tenten had her big size boods out to him and he had his big size hands on her and she say more my lover Naruto and boy he do it and it feel good too . then when she sheep in bed .Naruto when in his room /
Guest chapter 4 . 2/19
Know it's done, but this comment is necessary, because it's a major plot hole/disruption.

On the one hand you have Sandayu admitting to Fox and the two jounin who Koyuki is. Then you turn around and have the Leaf Nin find out because Naruto tortured Mizore. Which of the two is it? The two variants ate not compatible.

Also some missing words and odd or incorrect phrasings. But the first mentioned issue is the big one.

Overall action scenes were good though.
Guest chapter 6 . 2/17
when his home in the whiopool was big and his wifes had sheep in bed Naruto it time had his 2 home in the couny in a cub inn #b3 it had art he took form the now dead mob boss own homes some Naruto had sold and the others he keep for himslfe one of hot big bodds gril it as on the wall of his bed room and the 2 of woman goddess too, when in his 2 home Naruto had ueds it to meet and it time when meeting get long he saly in it too. when killerbee own former ninja satherd saty her and Naruto had times too .
Guest chapter 2 . 2/5
when in time Naruto ask garyfx had his new life now and it times he anko saruka and tenten and his other wife had move to the whipool couny and set up shop in the old couny an buit a bigsize home Naruto had buit form the mob boss own home and in it is a big size thorn chir narto sit in and he had his home like a libay and art room too , when in the fall out eath he took out the sisuke own evil inc and then kill off the men and find saruka in bed with him now and then she marring him and he took the art too .
Guest chapter 2 . 1/31
when in the home Naruto and anko was in the 2 had be in bed with him on her and sex was on be on for Naruto had her down on the bed andhis own shide off and his time go to ,when in the office Naruto had his mom own dily to rand he had thout about the whipool and buit his own base home in it and he do with time he had marring anko tenten saruka ion and hitlen .
Guest chapter 1 . 1/31
when Naruto had win his war with neji he then was think of his own home in the fromer land of eidd
s the whiopool couny his mom fromer home couny when he get his own home in it and move his frilmy then with out the vaillge own gov. he then took sarukra with him and then the 2 had sheelp in bed a cub home to live with a big size bed in the home with art of her frilmy on the wall and his own too ,when in a his own home office nartuo sit it woking on army things and books on the others spying networking and his own art too like the back shled
Guest chapter 4 . 1/28
when Naruto get kiba sister to join his inc as a dog haning and the vel Naruto need too ,when in the time off the had be loves too with his income be biggle he used to buit his men cave in a inn he found he buit it back to it is od looks with 4 bed rooms and livingroom too ,Naruto had kiba sister in bed with him and boy sex was on too . when in the time Naruto and her had some wild avleds in both the sand village and it is others towns too when Naruto took out monlyling jets ka and his own army of thugs Naruto found monly to some art too he put in his own men cave inn for some time the colling gower time 49 to some woman in art too .
Guest chapter 3 . 1/28
when in the eath of his former big boss ocelot and frank he find each men had own some homes in the smg eath and Naruto find frank own home full of army awinds and old books to keep and his foes own hanlds on the wall of the wast wing of the home and some art too , Naruto took them with him ,the 2 boss own home is the same as franks but with some smp cars in and art too and a bar in it Naruto had took too and the big boss home and offices had his family on the wall and falges on the wall and army swords too , Naruto took them with him , he buitt his home up and put in his wifes bed rooms in too ,when in the mine town Naruto had buit his cub inn up with his own in the back to live in for Naruto had too live in and it times for meetings with others he kown a home away form his own was neet to keep as a men cave he had 4 of them the 1 was in the home with his wifes the 2 was for him it the inn back rooms by the pool and it times too ,the 3 and 4 was for him it his offices it the mine arnt of the city and the last onr is in the hills of the couny for campout .
Guest chapter 2 . 1/28
when Naruto and anko had be in the whiopool couny buit a new home call it cub nights naruot and anko had find some cub like home is good to live in so Naruto and her had tema a home buit in it with a cave home to the top floor Naruto and anko had them own ofices in 1 and then the bottme buit up to home it a cub like home with 2 bed rooms in and a libuty in it a bar too ,some art on the top of the room and walls too , when it the mob boss own inc Naruto took the men money and art too and some books some Naruto keep and the others he sell to help him to buit his inc fox nights a micly ninja tema and bouyhuther too ,he had marring anko and hitle and some others too , when it the meeting nauto had him a cub inn bed room to saty in when his it meets and a big size home in the 2 part of the whiopool to live in with his failmy ,
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