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Ai Mamoru chapter 16 . 4/9/2014
I love you story! I really enjoy your writing and the plot. I love Squinoa.
The pacing of your story is really nice. Everything seems to develop naturally and your characters highly benefit from it. I really appreciate the lack of overdramatic actions of the cast or turns in your plot. Everything's flows nicely without it being boring. Just very pleasurable. Your characters are not hammy or camp in general. I really enjoy stories which lack this story elements, because they annoy me to death. "Bye Bye Beautiful" is perfect in this regard. Throughly enjoyable, in my opinion :)

Though I'm not looking forward to see Rinoa and Squall getting seperated and the later being so devastated that he thinks, it's needed, that he changes his name, I'm really looking forward to all the things between, especially Rinoa naming Squall has her knight. So naturally I really hope you find the inspiration, motivation and time to continue and finish the story.

Thanks a lot for writing and sharing! :)

P.S.: I literally teared up when I truly realized that this is a prequel to one of your stories which is already finished. Yay \o/ *sets off for "Meadows of Heaven" *
Tashin chapter 16 . 5/23/2013
Interesting chapter, getting to the juicy parts I see :P

I suspect though you might have posted the chapter with some beta's corrections? There are a few strays '#' symbols in the text, and a couple of comments in brackets like [So you are using the jap year] and so forth ;)
Axel'sChakrams8 chapter 15 . 2/16/2013
Dawww...! These two are so awesome.

And I really love the way you portray the interactions and gealousies between Squall and Genesis. Laguna is such a sweet dad xD
Lartovio lazy chapter 15 . 2/9/2013
So short, but so adorable! 3 excuse me whilst I go back and read all the other chapters again.
cheerlygal chapter 14 . 6/10/2012

Looks like Squall have a jealousy issue that he didn't know and Genesis seems to have fun teasing Squall. He kind of sound like Seifer at the moment to me. Haha

Anyway, looks like the heartless is invading very soon! I wonder what happens in between that started all the feud about Squall being chosen as the knight but not Genesis

But before that tragic moment begin...yay for Laguna for suggesting that dinner idea! He must have know that his son have some sort of feeling for Rinoa. Father know best eh

Till the next time!

P.S Did you play FFXIII-2? Do you think Noel looks a lot like a happier version of Squall? Not only that, there is a wing design at the back of his shirt! And his name spelled backwards is Leon! Lol, I read too much into it but something tells me that Nomura may be running out of ideas in designing his new characters. See you!
rach981 chapter 14 . 5/11/2012
It's so great to see this story updated again! I have missed it!

Squall has a crush on Rinoa, although I'm not sure he's recognized his feelings for her quite yet. I love how he put everything off to spend the afternoon with her in the music room. It's sweet. Too bad he got jealous of Genesis.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I strongly suspect that Rinoa will have to become a Sorceress before she's eighteen (perhaps at seventeen, like in the game?), despite Laguna's hesitations. It really seems like it will be forced if the Heartless become a big enough problem. I also recall the snippet of a scene in the past in Meadows of Heaven. Rinoa was missing and Squall found her in their meadow. Anyway, so my theory behind this is that, prior to that scene, Rinoa is told she'll have to take on the Sorceress powers. Since she's still not eighteen, this stresses her, and she runs. Squall finds her, then she falls in love with him, and then later before she takes on the powers she asks him to be her knight.

Anyway, great update, as per usual, and I can't wait till the next one! I hope all is going well for you.
cheerlygal chapter 13 . 11/20/2011
Oh...erm...*Blush* I not sure what to say excatly but in a way, I guess I stalk too much of your stories that I tend to ask some of the inconsistency? lol

Anyway, no Squall here:( But at least we get to look as the relationship between Genesis and Rinoa.

Throughout the whole conversation, sounds to me like Rinoa is treating him like a older brother but at a same time, a hint that she may have a crush on him like the way she had on Seifer in the FF8 game itself.

But I guess she may be more interested in Squall, someone her age eh? Hehe. And some of the romance novel you mentioned at here sound oddly familair.

And lets just said, I read my first adult romance novel at the age of 11 and amazingly, I had no idea at the point of time that I am reading a details sex scene in the novel. Strange how our brain can work. I think I starting to make sense on what I am reading at around age 14 I guess? Well, is kind of embrassing, trust me *blush*

Oh well, I am looking forward for the Ball! No doubt that Squall may start to feel a bit jealous but denies it and Rinoa remains clueless. But who knows, it may be something

Look forward for your next update!
rach981 chapter 13 . 11/18/2011
The anonymous review was mine, by the way. Forgot to log in, my apologies!
Axel'sChakrams8 chapter 13 . 11/18/2011
Lol. That was really good, what you did there. I like the way Rhinoa was conversing with Genesis, it was really well done! I love book-talk.

Loveless has intimate sex scenes? Well, I definitely learned something new...

The next chapter sounds good. Aww, poor Squall XD. Heheh.

See ya next time!
Guest chapter 13 . 11/18/2011
More dangerous every day? The plot thickens! :)

Anyway, I don't like the way Genesis treats Rinoa. I know, I know, it's my Squall and Rinoa are my one true pairing, he's a prospective rival, blah blah blah, but still! I'm sure that's the reaction you're going for, and you're doing a great job of that! :)

First off, he's twenty two years old and Rinoa's about thirteen or fourteen, right? If he did become her knight, is his goal to be a lover-knight or rather does he just wish to be more of a brotherly knight? If it's the former that's just...gross. She's thirteen! This pondering aside, I know it doesn't really matter in the end.

Then when he says something offensive and she calls him out on it, he fumbles and tries to placate her so he can get back in her good graces. It's like he doesn't really respect her as an individual, just as the sorceress; I'm positive he wouldn't have looked her way twice if she wasn't the sorceress apprentice. Rinoa's not stupid; surely after her conversation with Quistis she knows he's trying to get her to select him as her knight.

Anyway, I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Poor Squall get's jealous. I hope you'll have Rinoa take note and comfort him. :D Don't let me influence the story. And I apologize if I came across as complaining-that was not my intention at all. I just was analyzing their relationship.
Axel'sChakrams8 chapter 12 . 8/5/2011
Lol, poor Cloud got himself locked in the bathroom! And Zack was so heroic, even as a kid!

I can already sense the bond forming between Rhinoa and Squall. You said in the summary that Squall actually grows up to the point where he has to fight, correct? Yeah...I guess they can't stay young forever!

Well, anyway, that was fun, and awesome! Hope you can get back into the swing of things, since you seem to me like such a busy person. Update soon!
cheerlygal chapter 12 . 8/1/2011
Oh! The chapter where Cloud got struck in the toilet! It seems that this and CV have Cloud more or less as the main focusXD Poor Cloud though.

It seems that the friendship between all of them are blooming! And, am I sensing a touch of romance coming soon? Afterall, it seems that Squall always seems to be there for Rinoa and reasurring her at times. I guess it takes time for him to realise that he have a interest in her? lol

And personally, I like what Laguna had said since it also relates in real life too. Sometimes we do little things that makes major impacts on others without us knowing, be it be postive or negative though.

And one last note, I doubt anyone will want to be in Cloud's shoes. So embrassing! But it is fun while it last:)

Till the next chapter!
rach981 chapter 12 . 7/21/2011
It's so great to see you update! I hope you're having a spledid time in Japan-what a wonderful opportunity for you! I've always wanted to go there. I think their culture is fascinating.

First off, all the mentioning of cake in this chapter made me hungry. I love food. And cake. Sorry, moving onward.

Locke forgetting Cloud in the bathroom. Classic. I felt bad for the poor kid. And with all the kids in the orphanage it would be super embarrassing.

I love how friendly Squall and Rinoa are with one another and, despite Squall's quiet nature, Rinoa feels best around him. She loves him now, to be sure, but I remember from Meadows of Heaven that she didn't realize it until a certain visit to the meadow. Does Squall love her or have a crush on her at this point or does he not know what he's feeling? I kind of get the impression that he does love her, but he doesn't know how to go about the situation right now. Then again, I love the two together so I'm probably just jumping the gun a bit.

I also really enjoyed the scene with Rinoa and Laguna. I get the feeling that the two will be very close once Rinoa and Squall formally get together.

Overall, wonderful chapter. Enjoy your stay in Japan!
Giratina chapter 3 . 7/21/2011
I have become ridiculously happy upon seeing the summary of this story. Seriously. I was almost considering writing something exactly like this, because there is a disappointing lack of this sort of story (with Squall/Rinoa too, woot!). But in the meantime, excuse me while I glee needlessly over it.

Though there is one thing I noticed: your timeline is a little off. This story takes place when Squall is about three years old, right? So Xehanort is many years away from becoming Ansem's apprentice.
Axel'sChakrams8 chapter 11 . 6/14/2011
Lol, that was a funny one. It's a good thing Rhinoa is making new friends and such. Oh, and the next one sounds hilarious. XD I can just imagine Cloud trying to figure out the toilet thing, ahaha!
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