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NyGi chapter 11 . 8/20/2013
Awwwww, have got a terribly goofy grin on my face:-) lovely, very enjoyable story.
Sad it's over, though. Still over an hour of work left:'(
sf.fangirl chapter 11 . 12/28/2012
I just ran across this story and I looked up BJD stories on a whim. Great, loving story. I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks.
Infinite-Endings chapter 11 . 2/28/2011
It's often difficult to write the voice of children, but I think you are certainly written Martin in such believable and entertaining way. A great read.
drsuebee chapter 1 . 12/17/2010
loved the whole story!
stirnoff chapter 1 . 12/16/2010
Oh this is wonderful. It's really cold where I am - currently shivering under my covers - and this story has really warmed my heart. It's utterly believable, and I love the new little family you've made for Mark and Bridget! I've been a fan of your Bridget Jones' fanfics for years, and this is one of my favorites! I like angst once in a while, but it's always the feel good, happy ending stories that I come back to on cold nights. :)
beautifulsamurai chapter 11 . 12/14/2010
Charming and utterly heart melting! Thank you, thank you *does little happy/giddy dance because of feel good ending*I feel all fuzzy and warm inside - all the way down to the wee tips of my toes! You are a brilliant writer, you have exceptional vocabulary and prose , and I love how you continue to surprise with your creative imagination ,and how you capture and portray Bridget and Mark in all sorts of loving, tender, sometimes even sad, but always wonderfully funny sweeping stories! Your breath life into these characters like no other. Thanks for sharing these precious gems with the rest of us fans. They're all much loved and appreciated 3
Vee22 chapter 11 . 12/13/2010
I'm really sorry that I fell behind in reading this but I've so enjoyed reading the whole story in one go! It's been a hard day and being able to read your story has been such a treat. As always, you write Bridget and Mark so well and I think Martin sounds adorable. I know you probably aren't planning on it but I would love to see another story set in this universe. )
bonapuella chapter 11 . 12/6/2010
Perfect ending to a perfect story...this has definitely been one of my favorites of yours! The characters are so dynamic and real seeming-it's going to be difficult for me to ever imagine Bridget and Mark without Martin now! I love this A/U you've created and I hope you'll write more with it!

This story made me smile a lot and even cry a little bit...fantastic writing, as usual and fantastic ideas. Looking forward to the next story, but will definitely be re-reading right away!
Alfonsina.d chapter 11 . 12/6/2010
When I want/need a sliver of happiness in my life, all I have to do is have a little 'faith'. Everything you write makes me reflect on the small moments in life that are actually the large moments in life.

Thank you for giving me a bit of pre-holiday happy!
alix33 chapter 11 . 12/6/2010
I like her very, very much. I think you know that." "And I know she likes you too," he said shyly. "She gets a happy look on her face when she looks at you." It was an astute observation for one so young." - AW!

"Mark?" "Yes, it's me." After a beat she said, worry in her voice, "Is everything all right?" "I'm not sure," he said. "I mean, yes it is, but I've just had the oddest conversation." "With whom?" "My son." He heard her lightly laugh. "Can't say I'm surprised," - Hehehe, I don't think any of the readers of this fic were, either.

"If you're happy, darling, then that's all that matters," said Pam, "though I do wish you'd given Elaine's Mark a chance—" Her mother went on but she didn't hear, because as if the mere mention of his name had summoned him into being, at that moment, not quite four booths away, she saw Mark striding towards her with Martin's hand in his. He hadn't yet seen her, though he was clearly scanning the crowd for her. It turned out to be Martin who spotted her first, and he broke away from his father, visibly startling him until he spotted her, too. "Mum!" he said just before impact with Bridget's legs. Bridget wondered if her mother might faint. She crouched to hug Martin properly, but glanced up to meet Mark's eyes as she said to Pam, "I can explain." - AW!

"So you're her mum?" asked Martin. "Yes, darling, I am," Pam replied. She thought it sweet they were walking hand in hand. "So does that mean I should call you 'Granny'?" Bridget half-expected her mother to go into a fit of seizure at the thought of being referred to as a granny—illogical, as she'd been pestering Bridget to find a man, get married and have babies for years—but instead she merely asked, "'Should'? Sweetheart, you can if you like. But you're not required." "What else would I call you, though?" Pam seemed to realise his logic, at calling her daughter 'Mum' but her 'Pam'. "Point taken," she said." - It made me laugh how martin is so much more intelligent than Pam, he is already running rings around her!

"Mark purchased some apples and pears, which thrilled Martin to no end." - I would have wanted him to buy something more out of the ordinary, but OK...(since some British apple varieties are pretty much out of the ordinary anyway)
alix33 chapter 10 . 12/5/2010
"What colour are you wearing?" "Blue," she said. "Pale blue jumper and jeans." At once he spotted that pale blue, spotted Bridget and the children linked hand in hand like a chain of varying heights; Bridget held one of the little girl's hands, Martin held the other, and in her free hand Bridget had the mobile held close to her ear as she searched for him. Something about the scene, the three of them walking together like that, touched him deeply. Despite what she thought of her own abilities, she seemed a natural with children; in any case, these two clearly adored her. He certainly couldn't blame them." - AW!

"And this must be Constance," Mark said, turning to the little girl. "It's a pleasure to meet you." Oddly, the girl looked offended. "I already met you before." Mark was taken aback, glancing to Bridget. "When have we met?" "You came to visit my daddy." There was something familiar about her, but surely he would have remembered meeting this child before. "What's your daddy's name?" She gave him a long-suffering look. "It's Daddy, durr." - Is Constance really that dim? That she is already four and still does not know other grown-ups call her daddy by another name?

"I've got supper warming in the oven." "Marvellous," she said. "What did you make?" "Nothing," he said sheepishly. "The housekeeper was kind enough to put together her amazing shepherd's pie for us." "Oh," she said, offering a smile. "A big serving of that and a glass of wine and I'll be a happy girl." - I LOVE shepherd's pie!

"He pulled down some shallow bowls—better to contain the gravy from within, particularly when it came to Martin—then began to parcel out servings into each." - That is indeed an awesome serving suggestion for shepherd's pie, I must make a mental note of it and tell it to my mom when I see my parents over Christmas.

"So what did you pick?" Bridget asked Martin as he curled sweetly into her arm under the blanket"The Golden Ticket movie." "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," explained Mark," - I have only ever read that book, which was already an awesome vexperience. I DID hear about the very orange oompa-loompas in the movie from various sources, though.

"It's vanilla," he called over his shoulder as he extracted the carton from the freezer. "Will you survive?" "Somehow I will suffer through," she said with mock lament. She watched him serve up three small dessert bowls, then he brought them plus spoons over to the sofa. "We don't usually have food on the sofa, but…" "You'll make an exception tonight," she completed with a smile." - Hehehe.

"And then some," he growled, then offered nothing more, only pulled back to meet her eyes before leaning to kiss her mouth again with a passion as yet unseen." - Yum, especially at the bit where Mark growled.

"aglow with the light from his Empire State Building nightlight." - What a very stylish nightlight!

"he found Bridget leaning over the side of the bed, peering around in the darkness. "What are you doing?" he asked in a hushed voice, closing and latching the door once again. "Trying to find my clothes," she said. "Why?" "So you can take me home." He switched on the bedside lamp then sat on the edge of the bed. She looked beautiful swathed in his bedclothes, though clearly she was unsettled. "Do you want to go home?" "Not really," she admitted with a small smile, "but—well, that was sort of a close call." "Do you think I want you to go home?" "Don't you?" "I just promised Martin you'd be here for breakfast," he said. "Don't make a liar out of me." At that her features smoothed out and he saw a smile light on her mouth. "I wouldn't want to do that," she said softly. "There you are then," he said. "It's decided." He stood again and took off his robe, hanging it on the hook on the bathroom door before striding back to bed and slipping in beside her again. "You don't think he'd be bothered if he knew I was staying over?" "Why would he be bothered? He likes you." After a moment, he chuckled and added, "The only thing that might bother him is the thought that we're having a sleepover party and he's not included." At this she chuckled too" - Phew!

"he was certain he'd never slept with a woman like Bridget before." - Good!

"Eggy bread." - Which is my most favourite thing in the whole world to eat, for any meal, and even for a snack in between proper meals.

"an amused smile playing on her lips. "I'll be down soon," she said. "And you'll look downright psychic." "What?" "Making me exactly what I wanted." He laughed lightly," - Hehehe.

"About that coffee?" she asked, wiping under her eyes and sniffing. "I'll get it for you," said Mark. "Cream and sugar?" - This bit confused me a little: I always thought Brits did MILK and sugar in their coffee, while CREAM and sugar was more of a North American thing. Never mind, I will Google it and see, maybe it has become a British thing/custom of late. It is just that I thought I knew British customs a bit...
alix33 chapter 9 . 12/5/2010
"the freedom to smoke to her heart's content and drink cheap wine by the bottle was refreshing after so many recent best-behaviour-type interactions with Mark and Martin." - What a pity she cannot do those things in Mark and Martin's company.

"she wanted to cry: she would have to be up in five hours to get ready for work. She was irresponsible. She was unfit to be anyone's mother, let alone the child of Mr Upstanding Human Rights Barrister." - For me, the knowledge that I am unfit to be anyone's mother is a great thing, because kids (except for my toddler niece Ine) scare me witless anyway.

"She noticed as she straggled by the telephone that the answerphone was blinking with a new message. Furrowing her brow, she pressed the button to listen. "It's, uh, Mark." There was a long pause. "This is for Bridget. Interesting greeting you have there. I… well. Talk to you soon." He then disconnected. At least he seemed amused, but she wondered what in the world he could be— In a flash she remembered the goofy outbound message she'd set earlier that day in anticipation of Tom's call to make plans for the evening… one she had not reverted back to normal; one involving Mabel's House of Ill Repute and a special on male prostitutes that evening. There was no point in changing it whilst she was still half-pissed. She had already humiliated herself to the one person she was trying to dissuade from thinking of her as immature, and that would only make things worse." - NO!

"and on her home line he once again got her answerphone. He mused that at least the outbound message was restored to something resembling normal. He left a brief message and hung up. As he did, there was a tugging at his sleeve. "Who were you calling?" "I was trying to reach Bridget, if you must know." "I want to talk to her." "I couldn't reach her. I only got the answerphone." "Will you call again? So I can hear it?" Mark dialled again and handed his son the receiver. When the message came on again, he smiled and looked up to Mark. He heard the beep and to his surprise Martin started talking. "Hi Bridget. I hope you're okay, and I hope I see you soon!" He then placed the telephone back on its receiver and beamed proudly up to his father. Mark was quite astonished, and not for the first time, at how spontaneous and brave his son was when it came to Bridget." - AW!

"Doesn't Martin have school?" "What time does it start?" "Four." "And where's the circus?" "Richmond Athletic Ground." "Perfect," he said. "I'll leave authorisation with the school for you to pick him up. It's very near to there." He gave her the address of the school, which she asked him to repeat as she hadn't had a pen ready, then she read it back. "One last question," she asked. "Yes?" "When does class let out?" He laughed. "Yes, that might be important to know. Quarter past three." After a pause, he added, "You know, I think I'd like it to be a surprise for him. When he sees you, he'll just be thrilled." She chuckled too. "Plus he'd probably be impossible to bear in the interim." "That too," he said." - Hehehe. I hope it is a circus like Cirque de Soleil, without any animals. Circuses with animals IMO are just too cruel to even exist.

"chicken pasty for her, steak and kidney pie for him, and a huge pile of chips to split" - Gracious good Lord, yum!

"What did you get?" she asked. Upon explanation, she wrinkled her nose. "Never cared for kidney, myself. What kind of kidney is used, anyway?" "Pardon?" "Kidney from what sort of animal?" "Haven't the faintest," he said, then picked up a forkful and ate it. "Hope it's from an animal, at least," she mused. At her quip he laughed and coughed a little on his food. When he settled down, she looked appropriately chastened; he teased in a strained voice, "If you're not careful, yours will be on the menu next for nearly killing me." She offered a grin," - EW! Though I DO LOVE steak and kidney pie!

"So… how much arse have you kicked so far today in the name of justice?" He chuckled," - Bridget's remark made for THE funniest mental pic.

"He's the least like the Antichrist among the children I know." At this he chuckled." - Hehehe.

"and I'll bring the hammer of harassment law down on him so hard his progeny will be making restitution to you." At that she laughed, then smiled, looking at him with very warm eyes. "Now that I'd like to see." - That, once again, made for THE funniest mental pic.

"Or, you know," he said, looking to his lunch as he took up another forkful, "I could just go knock him out for you." He looked up again with an almost playful grin that oddly enough reminded her of his son." - AW!

"On impulse she stepped forward to give him a hug, peck a kiss on his lips. "When you see Martin later, tell him hello from me. Give him a hug, too." "I'll be sure to." He paused, then added, "Bye." - AW!

"She was becoming concerned when a familiar figure (minus a considerable amount of hair) emerged from a room on the hallway. His head was buried in a book—a familiar book, she noted with a smile—until his eyes flickered up, down, then quickly up again in unmitigated shock, his eyes going round as saucers. "Oh my gosh!" he said, running to her as quickly as his shiny dress shoes would allow him, smiling broadly. She released Constance's hand and crouched with her arms outstretched just as he put his arms around her neck and squeezed tightly. "Dad said there was a surprise for after work but I didn't know!" - AW, especially at (minus a considerable amount of hair)!

"At this Constance began squealing excitedly. "Constance, you heard what Bridget said," Martin said very seriously as they began to walk. "You have to be a good girl." "I think it's okay to maybe squeal a little bit when you're at a circus," confided Bridget, then winked. He smiled, then let out an little screech of his own." - Hehehe, I do not think Martin has any experience of squealing little girls.

"Bridget?" "Yes, Martin?" "You said Constance's mum and dad picked you to be a sort-of mum?" "That's right." His features formed the picture of contemplation. "Well. If I had to pick someone to be my mum," he said, "I'd pick you too." His words brought unexpected emotional tears to her eyes and a smile to her lips, and she brushed them away then put her arm around his shoulders and pressed a kiss onto the top of his head. "I would be so honoured if you did," she said, her voice thick with emotion." - AW!
84sleep84 chapter 9 . 12/4/2010
There's just one word left to be said about Mark's ex-wife past behaviour(or Daniel's for that matter..) and that word is "Puke!" eheheh

I think this is quickly becoming one of my favourite sad that there are only 2 chapters left.. sniffle sniffle! It was so touching when mark envisioned the potential future with Bridget if "everything went right". That's exactly what I was thinking, little girl with blond hair, great marriage and a real mummy figure for little Martin. That was so sweet!

Anyway..when Bridget went out to dinner (with both Daniel and Mark) she ordered Tortellini for starters.. wow that sounds weird to me because I always thought that it was a typical main course..I mean a plateful barely saves place for anything else. It was interesting to learn how italian dish are served abroad! I'm a total food-enthusiast! you know, I always try to prepare the food that you mention in your fanfics! eccept for the meat-dishes..I'm a vegetarian! eheheh

For example: I looked up on the net for recipes of hotcross buns and chocolate truffles as mentioned in your stories (Into the Fire and For want of a nail!)

I'm looking forward to know on what note this story will end! of course it would be great to have a sequel then! eheheh I know I'm insatiable! I'm just going to say this: YOU ARE MY HEROIN (as in "female-declination of hero" ..not the dangerous toxic life-threatening substance! eheheh ) I literally feed on your work. It gets me through crappy days! Thanx Thanx 3
alix33 chapter 8 . 12/3/2010
"After a brief teasing by Shaz about leaving her to sit at home all alone to get pissed and shout at the television," - I DON'T have to get pissed to do the shouting at the television thing, it just somehow happens, hehehe.

"I'll just get my clutch," she said. As she transferred the necessities between her usual purse and her clutch," - British women and girls have "handbags" generally, not "purses", or they call them "handbags" instead of the IMO North American "purse".

"I'd expect you'd go for something sweeter." "I do usually prefer something sweeter." - Yay! I have the same taste in wine as does Bridget!

"He possessed good looks (particularly once the reindeer jumper had been removed from the picture)," - IMO that vile reindeer jumper just emphasised how good-looking Mark really is.

"After supper he helped his son with his homework (such as it was for age six)," - At that age, I still LOVED doing homework, hehehe. It was eleven years later that the futility of it started to get to me in a big and serious way, which is why my grades took such a monstrous dip in 12th grade.
mattsloved1 chapter 8 . 12/2/2010
I like the pace of this story. Nicely done!
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