Reviews for Reminiscence
NortheasternWind chapter 1 . 12/3/2010
You've got Suzu down perfectly- she's so hard to write, with her little eleven year old ninja-ness. T_T But you got it~ Ha, poor girl, suddenly seeing all her teenage friends old. She took everything pretty well.


Nyaaaw, Claus... X3 I could totally see Milard and Arche having giggly schoolgirl conversations about him behind his back. Or not EVEN behind his back, just to upset him. LOL.

I think I forgot to mention this last time, but I love that the title announcer dude is audible to the characters. LOL. And I love the discussion about Cress' titles. Dude doesn't get any sidequests dedicated to him doing things other than being heroic, does he? XD Nope, Cress, you're just as silly as the rest of them. LOL.

Hooray for everyone being in good shape! X3 It does make sense that Chester would try harder than Cress to keep his physique, actually, but flabby!Cress is hard to imagine.

...Wow. How many kids do Chess and Arche HAVE? That's five already, with a sixth on the way! And I love all their names X3 That's so sweet. Though I must hope everyone's forgotten Dhaos by their time, because you'd get a lot of questions about why your parents named you after the Demon King T_T;

Just a note, you spell Harris(s?)on's name two different ways XD

Aw, I just love the ending. Their adventuring days are over, but everyone is together again. And they'll see Claus again someday! I really enjoyed reading this.