Reviews for Little Boy Found
GrayRainbows chapter 1 . 1/12/2014
I just felt like reading this, today.

Yes, comments are long overdue, but my second read through of this hasn't changed my opinion that this is one extraordinary piece of fanfic!

The children are precious; you really have a knack for writing them. This story is just perfect, in every word.

It's a shame there aren't more stories featuring Bart, but I'm glad you've given us this one. Poor, clumsy Bart, dropped Emma's pie. I just know he got it, for that! Emma never liked him.

I like that you remembered and added the mentions of Chris's fatherly contribution of the daily vocabulary words.

Jory: "...Mom, this lamp wasn't so broken that it can't be fixed. I'll go get a bottle of glue from the kitchen drawer and ..."

Ha! So typical of the goody-goody! I can just hear him say it, too. Well, I can hear ALL of the dialogue you've written! It's EXACTLY like the book, and that's not easy to do. I really admire your work, here.

How very sweet that Bart is concerned that he may hurt Corrine's feelings by not showing up as she expects, and the reference to her own kids-from Bart who doesn't grasp fully the truth of the situation-is so sad. I will admit that I do find myself feeling sorry for Corrine, in Thorns. I'm sure she doesn't deserve it, but I like knowing that she had a little joy, in getting to know her grandson, even if only for a few months.

Bart's feelings about meatloaf match mine!

I chuckled at that, but I truly laughed aloud at the water pistol! Yes, go Bart! Hahahahaha! Best part of the story!

I'm glad Bart didn't get scolded by Jory at the end, but something in Jory's attitude irks me. Seems like he's putting on airs, so to speak-he's only four years older, but is acting as though he's another adult. But Bart doesn't seem to mind or to notice, so all's well.

Oh, and I'm thrilled to see the dogs, sweet Apple and Clover, alive and well, thank you!

I'm perhaps overly sensitive, on the subject of dogs, even in fiction! That disturbing element to Thorns is why I don't reread it as often as the other books, as you know. So I'm grateful you mentioned the pups, here.
StolenSouls chapter 1 . 12/25/2010
LOVED THIS! I LOVE Bart...I really have no words to describe my love for's so awesome..