Reviews for Consequences
Fille Bleue chapter 15 . 8/21/2002
Ohhhhhh...I loved this story soooo much! It was great! I loved the way you portrayed Veggie and Goku...and the ending? Magnifique!
stephanie chapter 15 . 8/19/2002
wooooooowww! Your story Rocks!

So well writen, and a great story too!

I wonder where you got all the information about the 'Home' tho... *just kiddin'!*

xxx steph
Account Dead 1 chapter 15 . 8/18/2002
This Story was Awesome! it's goning on my favorites list! Vegeta is the best I don't like Goku but he and Vegeta in this story or the best!

I just can't put one word that would describe hom much I love this story. So i'll just tell you I am one of it biggest Fans!
GOKUS EVIL TWIN chapter 15 . 8/13/2002
Account Dead chapter 15 . 7/18/2002
hi! kiya sama well I am not really into guy2guy thing but curosity got the best of me I randomly chose one of my *fav* others that had one completed.

This story lucked out!

I soon as began to read it was so intresting! I love the ending it was Kawii!~! I laughed, cryed, mad, and blushed while i read the story. MY mom thought i'd gone crazy!

It pulled me into it like I was an *inoscent* by stander or as if it was a movie. I despise Kakkarot love veggeta so I was doubting the story but oh you made them into a perect couple and it rare for me to match Vegeta with anyone speacliy Kakkarot!

Well I just loved and thought you deserved this review many thanks for fo doing a great job. Oh and I just love the last line “And I will always love you, no matter what the consequences may be.”

It was Great please keep writing more stories bye!~!
Honey chapter 15 . 5/17/2002
::wipes tears from cheeks:: That was so cute! I absolutely love your choice of AU! This story rocked! I'm deffinitely going off to read some more of your fics! _
Karienta not signed in chapter 1 . 5/11/2002
I just heard the best quote for this story!: *prepares self* "Love conquers all,, Chocolate does the rest" *starts craking up really hard and can't breath* HAHAHAHAHEHAHAHAH! *gasp* You've gotta put that somewhere.. lol...
Dokusatsu Zenrei chapter 15 . 4/17/2002
::Sniffles..:: What a wonderful last sentence! It just sent shivers up my spine... ::Winks:: Love this story. Absolutely love it! Wonderful... ok, enough of my ranting...

Devoted fan,

God of Time chapter 15 . 4/14/2002
that was !

soooooooooooooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad it's over. *crysssssssssss*


waht about a sequal.

Queen Vegeta chapter 15 . 4/13/2002
mmmph...*swallows cake* sorry, my mouth was full..._ an absolutely amazing, wonderfully written story! i loved everything about it; the characters were so well-portrayed and the plotline was excellent, the lemons rocked! and this cake is delicious _ i can't say enough good things about this fic! it's just wonderful and i loved every minute of reading it!
Vaarj chapter 15 . 4/12/2002
Great Story... (And Great Cake _) I just loooooved it...more more more more...! )
EWAN chapter 15 . 4/12/2002
wow would please make a sequel to it please

Ewan xxxxxxx
Ouji-Chan chapter 15 . 4/11/2002
-eyes the cake- ooo...-licks his lips and grins- That looks delicious! Oh and the ending was superb! I am very pleased, so I won't torture you. Good work, excellent, and I do believe I want to use this in the little mailing list my mistress and I have, as issue five, so if you could send me a bio of yourself that would be great. -dives for the cake, snatches a rather large piece for himself and dashes off with it- CHOCOLATE! WAI!
Kakarrina chapter 15 . 4/11/2002
*stands stunned* Wow...great ending! I LOVED it! Nice ending sentance too! The kawaiiness! The kawaiiness! Okay, LOVED this fic! You're truly talented! Hope to see more in the future! :) CUTE ENDING! I just can't get over it!
crazy one chapter 15 . 4/11/2002
leaves a pleased smile on the face of us hopeless romantics, "i do hope there's more o' them"
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