Reviews for Impossible Standards
Guest chapter 23 . 12/14/2014
Looooong chapters. Good reads. Good story.
leo0821 chapter 23 . 11/27/2013
...Oh..My..God... That was amazing, so amazing that it turned me into a screamming fan girl at how good this was (and that dosn't happen often). You havegot some seriouse talent as a writter. Amazing job the plot the drama, the bad guys, the love and sex it was all amazing and perfectally balanced and had so much emotion in the writting that I was drawn into the world it was amazing!
Kitten of Edo chapter 23 . 4/7/2013
O_O one of the best AU stories i've read in a while! bravo brava! I love it!
Guest chapter 23 . 2/6/2013
dreamer1821 chapter 23 . 1/26/2013
I loved this story so much, it made me laugh, cry and be emotional :) keep writing
SangoMarie chapter 23 . 10/20/2012
Loved the story. great emotions going on and detail.

when there are time gaps try to have a line or some sort of way to know there is a time lapse or a change of setting.
AmaranthineSolis chapter 23 . 10/12/2012
Wow! Great story! I haven't freaked out like a fangirl over fanfiction in a LONG time! This is one of the few Yugioh fanfics that I've really enjoyed. It had a good plot, great pace, you developed the characters nicely and your descriptions and attention to detail was phenomenal! I applaud you for thoroughly grabbing my attention and twisting my feelings up horrendously! Hope to read more fiction from you!
Megan chapter 23 . 8/20/2012
EEEK! THIS WAS AMAZING! I have never really been interested in racing, but GOD this story was good!
ShotaroxPhillip chapter 1 . 7/7/2012
are you going to do another like this?
cinderpelt9 chapter 23 . 5/10/2012
Very nice story! Excellent and entertaining plot twists. I love fics that are kinda angsty but also loving and intense. Great job!
Little Neko Yugi chapter 23 . 3/26/2012
I died reading this story. Combining my most two favorite things in the world drove me over the edge. Yugioh mixed with NASCAR is like a dream some true. Add my favorite pairing with some hot and heavy live sences and I am able to die happy. This sory made me laugh and cry, scream out of anger and drool over love sences. This story absolutely made one of my most favorite of my favorite. I'm going to read this story over and over again until I have memorized it completely. Thank you thank you thank you for writing this story and making my life!

Lots of hugs and kiss and keep writing your absolutely fantastic!
amuto45 chapter 23 . 3/25/2012
can't believe that it's already over .

i really love this story especially the ups and downs of it..

good job!
GirlWhoHasNoName chapter 23 . 3/1/2012
Great work! I'm almost sorry that the story ended. It was amazing. Great work and don't stop writing!
JudyTheMangaFreak chapter 23 . 1/31/2012
That was one hell of a story with lots of up and down events Now I could guess why this story is popular with lost reviews. You've done a good job! I really enjoy your story.
A Single Fragile Rose chapter 1 . 1/4/2012
I already read the WHOLE story and let me tell you, it was FANTASTIC! Just like your other wonderful fics, hun! You truly are a fabulous writer! Ja ne and good luck! Keep up the good work! Te adoro! xoxo ;)
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