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Kuroi Atropos chapter 36 . 2/1/2002
By all light I wanna know what happens next! Um, sorry... Eternal-san, Tenshi-san... KEEP IT UP!
SilverRay chapter 36 . 1/28/2002
curiosity killed the stupid cat. But anyways i wonder whast is to happen next. I was afraid you dropped off of the face of teh planet since you havent updated since...since liek november. well anyways get the next chapter out soon. i wonder what oneesan is gonig to do next i mean aed and she just kised...awww. i said, get the next chapter out soon so i dont think you dropped off of the face of the planet...ja!
Hikari-chan chapter 36 . 1/28/2002
O_O Ack! More evilness and more cliffies! X_X Time doesn't change you at all, Angel-chan, does it? Anywho, another wonderful chapter. And I would like to say that it's about time Aya and Morrigan got together! Even though it doesn't seem like they're staying together for now... and who did Aya-kun lose to Este? Aya-chan? Hmm...and what's going to happen to Heero and Usagi now that Thanatos took Kusanagi and the Ginzuishou? Evil evil Thanatos! X_X I hope he dies and stays there! But there's another god they can summon other than Vritra, right? Cuz Setsuna mentioned "either Vritra or-" So if they get the three treasures, they can summon the good god! O_O I'm getting a deja vu of a cross between FF7 and FY. Holy vs. Meteor and Suzaku vs. Seiryuu. Ah well, I'm always guessing stuff when I read your stories anyways. That's part of the fun! Speaking of which, I haven't talked to you for what now? A month? Eep! Must be online more often...
Cheska chapter 35 . 12/7/2001
*shocked face* Nani?
CometPrincess too lazy to sign in chapter 35 . 12/6/2001
Angel-chan! Long time no see! I think you're trying to prove to be Queen of Angst as well. ;_; Why can't Aed and Morrigan just tell each other? Grrr... Morrigan's so sad and she's feeling bad cuz she thinks Aya likes Usagi-chan. And Aya-kun thinks Morrigan likes Heero. *O_O at Elder Gods* Geez...and wasn't she the one who snapped at Heero and Usagi? Then, of course, Thanatos, the piece of crap x_x had to come in. And he took the sword and Ginzuishou? Agh! Well, at least he didn't take Usagi. Morrigan is a scary demon... and I hope Aed doesn't become one too, with how he had the weird powers as well. Ouch! I think Ran isn't going to take that statement about Freyr well. Not to mention, what would the good Oneesan do when she finds out what she said to him? O_o Plus, she's about to do something, most likely kill them? I really don't like your cliffhanger habit, demo, I do it too. """" Ne, I just hope you write more soon! Hopefully, I'll talk to you soon too! Ja ne!
Kuroi AtroposToo lazy to sign in chapter 35 . 12/6/2001
Damn that bastard Thanatos! Sorry, your writing really does draw people in! Can't wait for more! Luck and Laters!
SilverRay chapter 35 . 12/6/2001
oh no the Ginzuishou and Kuzanagi. What's going to happen now? what about hii-chan? what about thick headed aya-kun and onee-chan? those were harsh words she said. whats going to happen? did Usagi create the gods and perhaps everything else in this world? gr...what would happen since the ginzuishou is in the "evil" hands. GRR! Can they still use it? GRRR Get the next chapter otu now! gr...ja ne
SilverRay chapter 34 . 11/29/2001
stupid teachers. doesnt know soemthings good when its spitting in their face, bakas. That was really good and it somehow hints whats to come. i have a strange suspicsion ( i failed spelling, lets say no more) that this demon is going to play a pretty big role comming up soon. Just a hunch that will be wrong. antoehr really great side story. Usagi made her write this But the thing is what if someone found it? like Ran/Aya-kun/Aed. Now what is kenshin and usagi going to do to hitch together the two elder gods (i almost said elfer gods) Curiosity killed the cat and i guess im going to die soon then maybe not. get the next chapter out soon so my curiosity doesnt really get me killed. ja ne
CometPrincess too lazy to sign in chapter 34 . 11/29/2001
I can't think of anything to say that I haven't said already in my email to you. """ So...maybe I'll just wait and see how many people catch on to that tidbit you and I talked about. See you soon!
Kuroi Atropostoo lazy to sign in chapter 34 . 11/29/2001
I'd type wow until my fingers fell off but I doubt that'd be enough! Sorry I haven't been able to reveiw for a while, this story is so great it deserves billions! Anyway, love it! Usa does have that charm and keep it up! Tell Chibi-Tenshi we'll miss her work on this!
Sailor Ronin Usa-chan chapter 33 . 11/26/2001
WAI WAI WAI! I loved Neechans! Great job! . I'll be nice and wait for more. ... demo don't make me wait a month? *looks kawaii* peas?
Sailorcelestial chapter 33 . 11/22/2001
::sighs:: How sweet... Im loving this more than ever... YOU GUYS BROUGHT IN KENSHIN! WHOO HOO! ::does a little happy dance:: Yah yah yah! But, as always, the chapters were painfully short. Longer chapters, onegai! And Im ending this here, since is a baka... plllffffttt
SilverRay chapter 33 . 11/22/2001
that was beautiful. Really really great. i'm so glad aed-kun is all happy i think you can do it! you can write it! You can write it! if you cant do it...the world will go kablooie! i love this story and im sure you can achieve (what a big word) everything yuo want to. jsut stick with it and watch the results. (no da itll be good) Get the next chapter otu soon (no da) I lvoe this story (no da). Ja ne! (no da)
Hikari-chan chapter 33 . 11/22/2001
*flying tackle* Ahh! Finally! I was so hanging after that last chapter! And also to Aed and Oneesan. *rolls eyes* Took them long enough! Um...well, took Aya long enough to realize he actually cared about her! "" Ooh! Gotta love Heero's way of getting attention. *ROFL* He's lucky Aya is calmer than Morrigan and that the poor guy was too upset with what Kenshin was doing to care that he was just punched in the face by a "baby god." *giggles* Anno...I don't get the joke. -_-;; What's so funny about Fujimiya Kenshin? I'm so slow... Usagi and Heero are so cute! You knew I was going to stick that in somewhere, even if they did next to nothing...)P And I wouldn't feel as sorry for Morrigan and Aya than the person who caught them. *laughs* Can anyone else say death threat? _ Whoo-hoo! No cliffie! Great as always! Write more soon! To Change the World too!
Yaa-chan and Dez-chan chapter 33 . 11/22/2001
Dewi: Hah! Told ya it's Kenshin! *waves around a V-for-victory sign*

Aya: ; Oro...

Aya & Dewi: We Loooooooooveeee this chapter! Much luck for Eternal-san in future chapters (we know you'll do fine!) and also to Tenshi-san, who wrote great chapters for this story as well.

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