Reviews for The Seeker Files: Book 1 Kilika
Liam Tromp chapter 1 . 2/21/2013
I just finished reading this and was entirely engrossed the whole entirety. I loved how well the plot fitted the actual storylines and that the whole thing wasn't just written to glorify Barthello. Very well written and I at least hope you write very many more.
DeLyse chapter 1 . 3/6/2011
Wow... I am inspired, to say the least! I have only read down to maybe halfway... It's difficult to say, since the chapters are not split, but I can't wait to return and continue reading this piece. Dona and Barthello are among my favorite characters from the game, and seeing them in something so involving and well-written makes me cry tears of joy inside! I love this story!
owlmoose chapter 1 . 12/6/2010
Here via AuronLu's recommendation. I enjoyed this story a lot. I don't know that I've ever seen anyone do so well with Barthello, and the use of the cactaur as a character was very creative. I agree with AuronLu about the worldbuilding, too - you do a good job, I think, of taking canon and filling in the gaps.

Very nicely done, and I look forward to seeing what direction you decide to take with your future work!
AuronLu chapter 1 . 12/2/2010
I am in so many kinds of love with this story.

- You gave meaningful roles to all these great NPCs that no one ever does enough with. Including Barthello. And Zuke!

- You wrote everyone in character. They sound like themselves. Hell, they even have the same funny lines, as well as all the serious stuff.

- Action. Plot. Intrigue. All the good stuff (and characters) from X-2 without the foolishness.

- Worldbuilding. My gods, the worldbuilding. You extrapolated from what the games gave us and fleshed out how things are going to work.

- Giving characters something meaningful to DO after "they all live happily ever after." I was so sick at that line in Last Mission about how Yuna's enjoying taking walks on the beach and cooking breakfast for Tidus. They were heroes. That's not enough!

- Descriptions of Spira that fit with Spira.

- Perfectly capturing people's voices, so that I could hear everyone from Baralai to Paine to Tidus.

- Not making Tidus an idiot.

- Dealing with Barthello.

- Sports geeking. (After all, Sonio IS from the Blitzball-obsessed temple in Spira.) I love it. I loved what you did with Zuke.

- And I think that is the first fanfiction I've ever seen that did something with the Cactuars. And it WORKED. (Also, several of the Cactuar punchlines made me laugh aloud, and I don't often while reading. I should read fanfic while drinking wine more often.)

I have never been so pleasantly surprised after clicking on the username of someone who popped up as "Favoriting" one of my stories to learn who/what/where.

I have recommended this fic on my own Livejournal, which is read by a number of X and X2 fans, including others who share our love of giving the extra NPCs more love. Thanks for a great story!
Icicle Streams chapter 1 . 11/30/2010
Mmm... that was pretty interesting. I liked the way you expanded on Barthello's character. It was really interesting during the first 9 or so chapters, but I felt the last few dragged a little bit. The last chapter seemed a little 'let's throw everyone back together,' but that was ok. Everyone was in character (except for some of Yuna and Baralai's language and actions-it seemed a little harsh) and the political drama was interesting. Nice.

I reckon it'd be cool following the second vector and cleverly injecting historic parts in somehow (you seem pretty smart, I'm sure you can figure out how)

But yeah. This was a good story. Good grammar, characterisation and thought for plot details. Thank YOU for taking the time to write this :)