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Puddito chapter 4 . 9/18/2012
Me: Konichiwa
Jarrad: Shut up anime freak
Me: I want on here is the info...
Hair: ash blond with a red streak
Eyes: chocolate
Other features: tiger ears and tail that are aways out and catch on fire when I get angry
Personality: crazy and hyper. I'm a tart crazed fan girl but I promised my twin (Pudding yes the one in TMM) I'd stay away. My name is Coralincia but you can call me Cor. I aways carry a bazoka. Also I love violnce.
Hand cuff all couples
Make the mews perform the mews think ichigo is ugly.
Let me and my army of puddingtart fan girls kill ichigo and ringo cause there are ringo and tart parings same with ichigo.
Bring my enimy Jarrad in so I can kill him.
Let me my sis and tart kill yuebin

Nyx333 chapter 4 . 6/15/2012
kisshu,pai, and taruto I am your sister

Ichigo: kiss ryou and see what kish does

Lettuce: drink this... *after u drink it u go insane*

taruto,kish,pai: do u like knowing that u have a sister?

Well that's all for now bye.
Guest chapter 3 . 6/12/2012
please update! PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!
anon chapter 3 . 6/3/2012
sorry for being all crabby earlier!

Can i redo my description?

if i can - i have shoulder length brown hair brown eyes, sort of a once-tan-now-bleached-out color skin, am oddly skinny and wear dark clothes. and occasionally a beret.

also, can kish have a blender to run the tree hugger through - like multiple times?

and can pai and lettuce get one for zakuro (the wolf girl if i spelled her name wrong)

can tart get a matching uzi and they both go after ryou(BWAHAHAHAHA)

yeah, that should happen more often

also, on second thought, you don't really have to do tartxpudding on the happy romntic thing, they really are too young

and last but not least, have your least favirote character burn all of mint's tea in front of her while she is armed - the tea will be gone, but she gets revenge

you are tho best TOD author/authoress evah!
Guest chapter 3 . 5/22/2012
Oops: i forgot

can you add this on to my previous one?

I would love to be in here, i am basically non rememberable, painfully average in looks, and will probably spend all my time reading or quietly hrlping Kisshu win over Ichigo.

also, could you lock that pair (they are soooooo cute together in a walk-in closet with an air matress in for a few hours?

btw: when did pai amd lettuce leave their closet?

oh, and can you repetadly kill the tree hugging loser in a re-enactment of monty python's "how not to be seen" with Kisshu holding the gun/bombs? (he really ought to get to kill that hippie cheating tree hugging loser more often)

oh, and if you made ugly stupid tree-hughing hippie loser his name temporarily that would be awsomesauce!
Guest chapter 2 . 5/22/2012
this is probably the stupidest, most dumbest/boring review ever-but

epic romantic momment, like more than one sentence each (includes a kiss?)


Kisshu x Ichigo

Pai x Lettuce

Taruto x Pudding

oh- let the rabid fans have the others, then possibly revive the tattered remains and ask about their experience!
Miss Silent chapter 3 . 1/15/2012
I dont meen to critizise, but please update
KawaiiKoneko chapter 3 . 10/19/2011
Yay ToD may i plz be on?

Navy blue hair,purple eyes,mischievous,hyper,wants 2 kill masayuck,thats me.(the description of me isn't real,duh :P


Masayuck:Make Ichigo kill you! If she doesn't want 2 she has 2 make out with Kish as soon as she says no, or it's curtains for her using my axe.

.Cupboard.10 .

Mint:Give yor mansion 2 me 4 the 1 chapter. I have my axe,be warned...

Lettuce: Kiss Pai.

Thats all 4 now. Hope i can be in. Have a cookie!
Bunny chapter 3 . 9/9/2011

Translation:Our triplet Birdy died


Pai&Kisshu cheer us up

THE REST OF THE PEOPLE EAT COOKIES ANDKICK BAKA(ryou, beep baka and masaya) IN THE NUTS EACH TIME U EAT A COOKIE *gives infinate cookies*
Kitty chapter 3 . 9/9/2011

Bunny: Kitty just had her heart broken.


Bunny: She has been crying ever since. Normally Kitty is the nice and peppy one but shes been screaming-


Bunny: -over and over again so Im gonna speed up her dares.


Kisshu: Please do everything u can do 2 cheer Kitty up.

Pai: I love you but Make something that will shut Kitty up.

Akasaka: Please make Kitty a cake.

Amber:I need violence to get rid of my migrane. Masaya, to the torture chamber.





and Kisshu.


Guest chapter 2 . 9/6/2011
Bunny: owwww...

Kitty: ! Bunny-sama Whats wrong!

Bunny:Stop f kin callin ma that

Kitty:. You dont mean that.

Bunny:Yeh I do

Kitty:Hurtful! Anyways. Bunny kinda got into a fight with an 8th grader. No she has a broken arm, leg, and a black eye.

Bunny: He touched my rear. So I smaked him and then a fight started, SO F CK MY LIFE

Kitty:! Bunny-sama you dont meen that. WOOPS MYN AND Bunny's dares.

Dares: Amber you must help me tourture Mayasa to the fullest extent of our power.

Ichigo:*grumble* Heres a Kisshu poster.

Akasaka: Can you make me a love potion cake?

Kisshu:Eat this cake(lovepotion)

Tart:Snog monkey.

monkey:snog tart

Pai:Bunny made you pudding *u ask wat flavor*Pudding flavor*eats it* Gets really hyper

Amber sama:U. me. masaya. spray bottle of acid,chair,ductape,tv,dvd player,earmuffs(2 sets), and a barney/hanah montana/barbie/elmo /dora dvd. you conect the dots


Amber,Bunny,Kisshu,and Pai.

Death cookies

Lettuce,Ryou,mayasa,deep baka,zakoro,and ichigo


Kitty: oh stop complainin lazy bones


Bunny: -#- F CK U*stomps of as fast as she can with crutches*

Kitty: Bunny-sama come back!
Kitty chapter 1 . 7/28/2011
Hi! Im Bunnys twin. We have the same looks.

Animal: White tiger.

Clothes Woopzi i 4got 2 mention that i have hair that trains 2 feet behiind me. anyway i have a have a black strapless belly shirt with ruby red tiger stipes. I hav a black mini skirt wiz red tiger stripes and i have red flats. i have red fingerless ripped biker gloves . My tail has a red bow on it. (note the red im talkin bout is blood colored)

Personality: more aggressive than anybody evez. nice to Bunny-Sama Amber-Sama and Kisshu-kun. EXTREMELY HYPER!.


Kisshu marry me and ill give u in the closet we u dont I was the one who sells rabid tigerz and sharkz

Zakoro and lettuce how do u feel now that Bunny is married to Pai.

Pai are u delishus taste yourself if your not you must go into the closet with Bunny-sama. If u r Bunny-sama can was you take a shower. *drools*

Ichigo: *I create her dream guy* now u have fun with him cuz Kisshu-kun is mine. IF not TO THE D&mn TORTURE CHAMBER!TORTURE!

Amber I baked u a pie *u ask wat flavor*Pai flavor. *you hear muffled screams coming from the pie*





Oh and one last thing i Baked my new 3 masters a cake that tastes any way u wamnt it 2. (Gives it to Amber-sama, Bunny-sama, and Kisshu-sama
Hat but call me Suki chapter 3 . 7/7/2011
Please, update please, I wanna see Suki. Please update ASAP this is really good. Sry 4 commenting 3 times in a row.
Hat but call me Suki chapter 3 . 7/7/2011
(continuation) I forgot, I wear black converse high-tops. I'm a element mew and I have a water whip, a double flame sword, air num-chucks and earth disks. I'm very child like and violence happy. I'm 12. I'm hyper and easy to annoy. I'm also a Pai fan-girl and my gave mew is pudding so I'm giving her an extra sugary cookie.
Hat but call me Suki chapter 3 . 7/7/2011
Can I please be on, I have black hair that looks like Keiichiro's but it's slick in the front. I have black eyes and always wear a white ying and yang shirt with old rock washed jeans. My name is Suki. Now, Truths: whole cast: what is your deepest, darkest secret. Dares: Zakuro and Pai: both dye your hair blue. Ryou: give pudding a piggy back ride. Cookies: everyone except Baka. Deaths: Baka, Mint, Ryou, Blue knight and Deep blue. Bye!
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