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Calyptra chapter 18 . 18h
We NEED sex education for fanfic writers. Where to begin?
1. Sam telling Seth that he can't avoid hurting her the first time is plain wrong. Stop spreading the myth that a girl's first time HAS to be painful. Every sexual encounter can be pleasurable or painful depending on preparation etc. They only reason women hurt the first time is lack of arousal and/or preparation and fear and nervousness. So let's erase the fear and tech boys and girls how to do it right!
It also can hurt because of anatomical reasons. Our genitalia don't fit with every other person's on the world. 2. let's learn what a hymen is: The hymen is a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. It forms part of the vulva, or external genitalia. The keyword is "external". You can actually see it if it's intact. But most of the time it isn't. Some girls are born without for example. And it normally gets thinner during a girls life because of physical activity, accidents and masturbation. It can be stretched, thinned out or completely gone by the time of first penile penetration. Either way, if it is there than you don't "reach it after entering her a few inches". Hell the vagina is only a few inches long. If it is there it gets in the way right from the beginning. 3. More myths about "popping the cherryIf it is still intact by some miracle, then it can be stretched in foreplay as to not rip during penile penetration. That way sex isn't painful. If you don't do it and just rip through it, then you create a wound. It hurts and it is prone to infection. So if a girl "feels him pop her cherry and it hurts a lot", they can't just be still for a while, she gets adjusted to his size and then it doesn't hurt anymore but is pleasurable. Wild sex like in porn also isn't fun for her. It's a wound. Until it heals it is uncomfortable and hurts if irritated further. And it doesn't heal in two minutes. Nor does the wound get better with every thrust like in most fanfics. 4. Seth and Bella's situation: He has been fingering her for three months. I doubt there is a "barrier", if so only rests. There are woman who don't get rid of their hymen via penetration. But in that case surgery does the job, not penis. It's an anomaly. Having seen porn in the packs mind doesn't make Seth a pro. I have seen videos of surgeries. I can't perform one. It takes practice. They are first timers and not porn stars. I know it is fanfiction and I hate to be a buzzkill, but sexual education is important. Foremost because of safety, but also because it is something natural and beautiful that everyone should enjoy and not fear. Sadly, the majority of the stories here completely disregard human anatomy when it comes to sex. Especially if it the first time. There are so many teens here reading and writing about sex, so let's spread the word!
Sex can be fun from the first time (but probably not mindblowing)!
Knowledge is power.
Calyptra chapter 15 . 7/20
Bella is acting like a brat in my opinion. She keeps telling she is doing nothing wrong, yet she is sexually involved with a minor. Sex doesn't necessarily mean penile penetration. The fact that she doesn't even know that she is sexually involved with him shows how immature she is. Furthermore it doesn't matter that his parents are ok with it. If somebody reports it than the state and not the parents press charges. His parents might even be in trouble for neglecting their duties as guardians. I get that it is different for them. It is hard for supernatural beings bending to human rules. still she acts horrible towards her father. He is in the right. I was hoping for more resistance towards physical contact from her side. Now I don't mind that he is 15. I come from a country where the age of consent is 15 and live in one where it is 14. Still, in her state it is illegal. She is committing a crime and she is forcing her father to be a part of it. She expects everybody to be understanding and to listen yet she doesn't. I don't like her so far. I like Seth though. He is horny and funny. The whole pack is funny to be honest. I like how they are interacting. It's a good thing that you have characters like Jared, Kim and Emily more central roles. There was too little pack in the movies. Your Seth is the perfect blend between smart, sweet and hot and manly. It's cool that you didn't make Jake be a jerk or Leah a bitch. I like both as characters and you did them good. You're lemons are pretty good. Steamy but classy. Not too much detail but yet descriptive. I enjoy you're writing style in general. Can't wait to read more. PS: Having my own tattoos: You DON'T go swimming with a fresh tattoo, nor do you let people touch it. It's a wound, so it has to be kept clean and properly cared for. The artist of my choice recommends 4 weeks without swimming in pools with chlorine or saltwater. She has seen people going after a day in the water despite her advice. It wasn't pretty. Bella is a human after all.
Paul'sWolfGirl2016 chapter 16 . 7/5
I love your story please update. just one thing In the beginning you say Bella is 18 same as Jared and kim. if they are 18 the same as Bella why are they still in school? as Bella has graduated
twilight-et-the-vampire chapter 69 . 7/2
Bonsoir , sa fait un petit moment que cette histoire n'a pas était mise à jour 3 ans maintenant et je me demander si tu allez la reprendre bientôt ou pas ? Car on se sent un peu frustrer de ne pas connaître la suite surtout comment le chapitre précédent s'est fini. J'espère avoir de tes nouvelles bientôt et que tu va mieux depuis ton accident. Bonne soirée
Guest chapter 69 . 6/21
Please come back
readingwarrior124 chapter 69 . 6/18
I adore this! I hope you get better and are able to update again. this is one of the best fanfictions I have ever read!
Autumn chapter 13 . 6/16
L . O . V . E . One of the best written fanfics I have ever read.
Autumn chapter 1 . 6/16
L . O . V . E .
Saiari-NightShade chapter 69 . 6/12
Hope you are doing well... I also hope you will continue. This story is great! The mix of plot with just enough Lemon!
lyssablue2012 chapter 1 . 6/8
this story is awesome. please update.
Brandi Neri chapter 69 . 6/7
when is this going to be updated
ortizeden chapter 1 . 6/7
i koio i i
Lena chapter 69 . 5/26
Loved be I wish I could read the end
JasmineACD chapter 69 . 5/23
I miss your updates!i hope you are feeling better :). This is still one of my favorite stories.
Guest JM chapter 1 . 5/3
I pictured Seth Clearwater looking like Jason Momoa/Baywatch. Check it out. Also Sam Uley as Michael Spears and Jacob Black as Eddie Spears. They were all suppose to look like men; not boys.
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