Reviews for Jailbait
blueguju chapter 68 . 4/18
RL can be a bitch but I hope that it lightens up enough where you can post again soon!
tamwhit chapter 68 . 4/14
poor harry
i am really enjoying reading this story
Guest chapter 1 . 4/9
I hope u add more to this story ;) i fell in love with these characters and wish to read more one day!
Nat chapter 68 . 4/9
Please write more !
JasmineACD chapter 68 . 4/9
Please update soon! :) Thanks!
Mischief101 chapter 66 . 4/7
Who is going to imprint on Angela? I'm sure someone is. I think Embry would be a good match for her or Jake. Paul could be interesting. Not Quil
Mischief101 chapter 34 . 4/6
You have Whispering Spirits parts 1 2 and 3 and Soul Matter posted twice. Also I really love this story. I've already read it a couple of times.
anwoodall1987 chapter 68 . 4/1
Please update
dettyfan chapter 68 . 3/30
I enjoy your AU. I was reluctant at first because of the pairing, but somehow is working. I hope you will update soon. Thank you. :)
swayrabbit chapter 68 . 3/28
this story is too good to put down. can't wait for more updates
xDeathAngelx chapter 68 . 3/27
More please
Lover of Books 97 chapter 68 . 3/24
Love this story x such an amazing writer please continue to write this fanfic really want to know what happens x :)
Guest chapter 1 . 3/19
Has this story been abandoned?
Whitlock.Herondale.Malfoy chapter 68 . 3/14
This is soo good! You really have a talent for writing. I hope you update this story soon I've been on the edge of my proverbial seat for a while and the suspense is killing me!
Mischief101 chapter 68 . 3/11
I love this this story. I really did not think I would. The age difference was off putting so I kept bypassing it in favor of other stories. However it kept popping up so I decided to give it a shot. I am so glad I did. I looked up your Seth and that made it easier. Once I got over the age difference I was able to enjoy a story with a wonderful plot and well written characters. I cannot wait to see what happens next. I love that Jasper was spared.
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