Reviews for Harry Potter and the Temporal Beacon
LtKettch chapter 70 . 7/29
Great story! I hope you will be able to finish it at some point. Thanks for sharing.
Guest chapter 4 . 7/22
All of this romance stuff feels awfully shoehorned in, it really adds nothing to the plot. I really liked the time travel anchor idea tho
Guest chapter 70 . 7/19
More please
mumphie chapter 70 . 7/18
I am sad that real life got so busy that you abandoned your story that you thought it would be continued. Of course real life does can really bog you down and hobbies become something to set aside. That, or your muse/mojo hitched a ride out of town and wouldn't come back!
And, you ended on a cliffie. So mean! ;) Now we'll never know who the DADA teacher was and what he was after! Will this be their last time loop? If all goes well, will they set a new time back marker if something goes wrong when they are adults?
I liked it when Harry got along with her parents.
Well, perhaps someday you will dream a dream that will remind you of this story and you will find the time to come back. I'll dream on...
mumphie chapter 44 . 7/17
You wrote this chapter very well. Had to find the Kleenex box.
mumphie chapter 43 . 7/17
Awwww, Bill? Will there be another backward spin so he could live? Sigh.
mumphie chapter 39 . 7/16
I was wondering why they didn't remember anything about time travel and going back. Hopefully the next chapter will supply the answer.
mumphie chapter 21 . 7/16
A shame the golden duo didn't write down the memories they unlocked. 20/20 hindsight for them, I guess.
mumphie chapter 13 . 7/16
Well, I do hope he will take the regrowth potions at some point. Why wouldn't he want to be at top health?
mumphie chapter 1 . 7/15
Quite an intriguing beginning.
Cool Guest chapter 8 . 7/7
Even if neither the Weasleys nor Cedric would suffer any harm other than a scare, other people at and before the world cup would.

Harry should have written a warning about that to Dumbledore, make up that as part of the dream vision he got, and if his response was still unhelpful, try writing the ministry, even if they don't listen he could have set a precedent for credibility before the actual resurrection ritual.
Cool Guest chapter 7 . 7/5
It's unspecified the exact process for carving the sandstone runes for their return clusters, but it is rather odd that working together they would take at least 3 hour to make sets for both of them, yet they seem to be taking less time to carve them individually, in each other's flesh with added spell work for anesthesia and cauterizing the wounds, while adding many more features to the arrangement like regular saves in storage, blood magic, permanent powerd for use, life signs detector, trigger for use upon death (would it have been so hard to set them up activation from something less drastic?) and that's not even counting the time they took in micelanious activities like showering and traveling through the castle.

Finally, why Hermione hasn't thought about using her Time Turner to allow them to carve their runes while also making it to the train on time? Or anything else for that matter? That's thing works differently enough she should be using it in conjunction with her memory time runes.

She simply couldn't have forgotten about it.

No matter how much that seems to be the case here.

Implying Hermione forgets about her first time machine?

That's just ridiculous.
Cool Guest chapter 2 . 7/4
My only complain, is that without there been any point where Hermione and Harry are said to have either changed or transfiguratted their clothes, it appears they both went out of Gryffindor tower and spent the entire day at Hogsmeade together in their pyjamas.
Noahtheboa123 chapter 70 . 6/8
Is this ever getting updated? Also is there a version of the story that you have before you downgraded it
chaoyue580966 chapter 57 . 5/25
I've noticed that not only do you undermine their capabilities, you make them stupid, making every decision wrong, or not taking action and then ignoring progress.
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