Reviews for 100 Ways to get Detention at Hogwarts
Stephanie O chapter 68 . 10/17
That was certainly a shock to see that NICE howler for Harry and Ginny! Clever idea for them all to share the Heads' quarters, and I love that Harry and Draco are now friends. I do hope you're going to continue adding to this story? Please?
Stephanie O chapter 67 . 10/17
I really liked that marriage binding spell, and am glad that Draco and Hermione saved him from his father. I'm also happy that he took the Head of the Malfoy family title away from Lucius, as I could totally see him doing something as underhanded as the spell mentioned.
Stephanie O chapter 66 . 10/17
Never guessed that Toby was actually Severus, but I should've once he couldn't pass the age line. I do love that Severus actually GAVE points to a Gryffindor, though! I also love the idea of Draco buying the Shrieking Shack so he and Hermione have their own place for their apprenticeships! Please watch your/you're and to/too, as these are switched many times in this story.
Stephanie O chapter 64 . 10/17
That spider lolli prank on Ron was brilliant, no matter who thought of it first!
Stephanie O chapter 61 . 10/17
Well that was quite unexpected, that wizards don't mix well with vegetarianism, and that eating meat again turned him into an actual cat!
Stephanie O chapter 60 . 10/17
I'm surprised that Fred wasn't tickled pink about the news he's going to be a dad, but I can totally see him fainting at the news of twibs! I also love that Draco gave her a promise ring, as obviously she isn't going to want to marry for a while.
Stephanie O chapter 59 . 10/17
Wow, that's great news! I'm sure Fred(and George, of course) will be thrilled to have a kiddo.
Stephanie O chapter 58 . 10/17
I'm surprised Harry and Hermione didn't send any theses to that b*tchy Ravenclaw!
Stephanie O chapter 56 . 10/16
I wonder if Pig has an anti Slytherin bias? Lol
Stephanie O chapter 55 . 10/16
I'm so glad you included how Harry and Ginny got engaged! Sweet moment!
Stephanie O chapter 51 . 10/16
I'm sure Draco is thinking the Pokemon character was a new animal he's never heard of!
Stephanie O chapter 50 . 10/16
Poor Harry! How embarrassing!
Stephanie O chapter 49 . 10/16
I wonder if he's going to be asking Ginny next to obliviate that memory?
Stephanie O chapter 48 . 10/16
I loved the closing dialogue! "You're not a conquest, you're everything." Sweet!
Stephanie O chapter 46 . 10/16
Oh man, poor Draco! Only got one dance with Hermione.
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