Reviews for Tears of the Phoenix
PewterTA99 chapter 30 . 4/6
Another fantastic story. Thank you for writing. Very emotion in the end. The effort you put in to your stories is obvious.
Gleas chapter 30 . 3/7
OI! you changed Molly's name! lol
Gleas chapter 29 . 3/7
tear jerker... I didn't feel much with all the blood and gore but this... after the war angle got to me...
Gleas chapter 7 . 3/6
poor Vaughn lol... I have a feeling he'll have a meltdown soon and Albus will have once more lost his DADA teacher
TheConstellation chapter 30 . 3/4
Wow...that was just fantastic.
NatNicole chapter 6 . 2/22
So far, this fic is just as AWESOME as the previous one!
stacygrrl2002 chapter 21 . 2/21
I MAY be a touch late coming to this, and it may have already been mentioned, but didn't the kids take out Crabbe and Goyle in a prior chapter, in an ambush? I have read Blood and Tears straight through so far is how I remember that.
szw5009 chapter 30 . 2/16
Great read!
Blueberry Babe chapter 30 . 1/6
An excellent sequel. Thanks.
nicole.howe.737 chapter 30 . 11/9/2015
Hi, I think I loved this story more than the first one but I do have some questions ... What happened to Professor Vaughn? The little bit of back story on him had him moving from Canada against the advice of friends due to voldermort. Did he leave when he realised he had not many students? Did he join the adada? Did he survive the battle? In the Epilogue you mention Teddy in 2 sections and I'm assuming that he's Tonks and Remus' son but where does he live? Btw im only assuming who he is because of jk's story because he's only mentioned briefly in the scene at the new cemetery. Also in the Potter family section of the epilogue you made a point to mention that all 4 members of the family are asleep but shouldn't there be 5? When you name the kids you miss out on Molly's name? What happened to her? Sorry, I'm one of those peoplewho like everything tidied up at the end lol. Please keep on with their stories though as I'm loving where you've taken these characters Thanks
FreeTraderBeowolf chapter 30 . 10/30/2015
Twas good. You know it was good when the reader is invested enough that it hurts a bit as characters are killed off. And the memorial was so bittersweet. Well done.
Goodpie2 chapter 10 . 10/23/2015
I don't know if I left a review on this last time I read your story, but can I just say how stupid this drill was? A lot of the students ought to know some nasty spells by now, and they don't realize this is a drill. There's little risk of the defenders being seriously harmed, but the "attackers" are at significantish risk.
Guest chapter 29 . 10/17/2015
I cried so Much during this chapter! It is amazing how well you describe griefing and post war time. It reminded me so much of ww1 and 2. How young people fought for their believes and liberty and how they died.
Thank you very much for your story, your talent is impressive. Your writting helps me to live through every days.
BillBrink chapter 30 . 7/21/2015
Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.
OriksGaming chapter 30 . 7/17/2015
Wait, James and Alex? What happened to Molly? I don't remember her dying. And when did James become a girl's name? Alex can be a nickname for a one or more girl's names, but I've never heard James as a girl's name. Anyways, I loved the story, and I'm glad that unlike many authors, you actually wrote and finished a sequel to your original story, which was also great. Also, a quick question for if you respond to this review: How will the aging work with Harry and Ally's kids. With each of them, when they became human phoenixes, their age doubled physically before they stopped aging. How's that going to work with the kids?
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