Reviews for Tales of a long lost past
Lilac Rose6 chapter 4 . 1/14/2011
This is super cool, I've never seen a story like it, nor a book. This is amazingly written and I hope you write more of it, 'cause if you write it, I'll read it! Haha! One more time, great story, update!
Uchiha Elendur chapter 4 . 1/4/2011
This chapter was really good! Update ASAP! Please? Pretty please?
Blackecplise chapter 3 . 12/18/2010
Another awesome chapter from an awesome writer...Keep it up! :D :D
Someone chapter 2 . 12/4/2010
Please, I am begging you with all my heart and all the strength

my mind can offer, continue this story. It is beautiful, truly beautiful; it really makes people cry, believe me. It hasn't made me cry yet, but I know that what is to come is much,much heart-wrenching and will make me shed so many tears...

Please, continue writting. You're a wonderful writer:)
frawg360 chapter 1 . 12/1/2010
i think it's a good first chapter, i would like to see how this turns out.
Blackecplise chapter 1 . 12/1/2010
Wow, I have to admit that this story is very good. It makes me imagine a movie to be honest, more than an anime...:D maybe because of the setting, well that is my opinion, but it is very good! Keep going!

And the last part especially grabbed my attention. Update real soon okay? :)))