Reviews for Aces
DragonEye0905 chapter 4 . 10/27/2012
Oh my. This is so sweet! The whole story is! But Grog's is very sad... don't worry Grog, I feel for you. Well written, amazingly wonderful story you have here! :)
Chaos Wielder chapter 4 . 5/10/2011
I actually read this small set of stories a few months ago, but didn't get around to reviewing it until recently.

Anyway, all four of these were very well-written. I will go over each one in detail:

Kafei: The Ace of Hearts:

Nice job capturing Kafei's deep love for Anju. I could see Anju's mother treating him this way, too - she didn't seem to have a high opinion of him in Majora's Mask. Unsurprising, but it was nice to see that he took their union seriously and to heart. You created a decent tie-in with their romance in the video game.

Anju: The Ace of Diamonds:

It's nice seeing Anju so happy with her upcoming marriage to Kafei, but I do have to agree with JesusLover13 in the fact that she came across as just a bit too greedy. She never acted this way at all in the game as far as I can remember. Just somewhat apologetic, nervous, but kind-hearted. Besides that, however, it was just as good as your first one. It was also nice how she mentioned her father at the end there as well.

Cremia: The Ace of Clubs:

You did a solid job conveying Cremia's pain and envy after losing Kafei to Anju. The only criticism I have is that she, too, came across as being a bit too materialistic and whiny, which caused her to go slightly out of character. However, I suppose I can let her pass due to the fact that she wanted her sister to have a better life. Otherwise, this one was just as well-written as the other three.

Grog: The Ace of Spades:

I think this one and Kafei's are the best two in the set. It's nice to see more people giving Grog some limelight since I think he's often overlooked in the Zelda fandom. You absolutely nailed every aspect of his character - from his appearance down to his demeanor. Plus, the Cremia x Grog pairing was a nice touch that not too many people think about too often. I can see it working since they both have things in common, specifically with their love of animals. But the thing about it is that Grog still remained in character even if he did have a love interest. His predicament is rather sad - that he can't have the girl of his dreams because of...well...the kind of person he is, really. Though there's no evidence in the games that he even has any kind of relationship with her at all (even as an acquaintance), it still seems to work here.

Anyway, all of these, as I said earlier, were well-written. I would love to see some more work from you sometime, particularly the Cremia x Grog pairing.
JesusLover13 chapter 4 . 5/10/2011
This was a very great and well-written story. I really liked it a lot. D

I loved how in love with Anju you made Kafei. It was so sweet! _

Although, both Anju and Cremia came off as a little too greedy. Like they only liked him for his money.

I really did feel sorry for Cremia, though, because she never really got a chance to speak her true feelings. It was really sad.

It was also sad for Anju how she wanted her best friend to help her with the wedding, and Cremia didn't even try to make the time.

Although, all of those things seemed very in character.

... And Grog's part.

One word: Amazing.

It was sweet and heartfelt; but it also sounded a lot like him. I loved that.

He has always been one of my favorite - if not my favorite - character(s) in the Legend Of Zelda games.

I have recently been writing a fan fiction about him and I'm overjoyed to see him even included in a LoZ fan fiction.

I was also very shocked to see the Grog/Cremia pairing.

That's something that never even occurred to me. That perhaps he might have had feelings for her without mentioning it like she did for Kafei.

I really like the idea of it. D

You should DEFINITELY write another Grog/Cremia fan fiction! That would be awesome! _

So, this was really a great story, even though it was a somewhat sad one. I do really love it and I'm thankful that you wrote it.

Great job. _
Coli Chibi chapter 4 . 12/6/2010
Nice and unique.