Reviews for Harry Potter and the Impossible Suggestion
Sheogorath chapter 1 . 12/5/2012
You managed to take the mickey out of badfics without emulating them. Well done!
PrincessBetty01 chapter 1 . 11/10/2012
Hm, this is an interesting twist. Is there going to be more in this? :) I really like this AU version.
roSiepoSie chapter 1 . 11/1/2012
lol lmfao this is like a male version of i'm impossible by bella potter black no joke
Morghen chapter 1 . 12/16/2010
Hahahahaha, oh Merlin! This really just made my day!

I loved all of the jokes/puns that you wrote. It was very funny, but you didn't over do the humor like a lot of writers do with parodies. I've never really understood why people write mpreg so I really liked how much you used the ways people write it in this as a joke. Hehe, I liked how Harry just walked in naked like it was no big deal.

Here are some of my favorite lines because I can't just choose one:

"You see, she didn't wish to share her detentions with Professor Snape because they were what could be called 'special time'." - So many Snemiones start with her in a detention so I thought that was great that you added that. It was subtle, but still very funny.

"Has Professor McGonagall ever had a sexual experience?" -That made me chuckle a bit out loud.

"It was a suitably dramatic entrance, and hopefully someone would hear him screaming if Dumbledore asked him to pretend to be called Gellert again. It was an experience that Harry would not relive." -That might be my favorite line. It was soooooo funny and I don't think I'll be able to get the image of Harry pretending to be Gellert out of my mind for a long while... o.o

"No wonder Mrs Weasley thought that he was a paedophile. Especially after he asked all of the muggle born first years if they wanted to sit on Santa's lap... It wasn't even Christmas." ' Poor children! XD

""Sit down, my boy." Dumbledore patted his knee, causing Harry to sit in the vacant seat across from the desk before the Headmaster could specify where he ought to rest his behind (preferably not too close to Dumbledore's magic wand, if you catch my drift)." -Hahahahaha, oh wow! That was great. Poor poor Harry!

'"Ginny Weasley is, to phrase it delicately, ugly. I'd sooner request a date with one of my brother's goats. What's worse is that when I read the books, I had been under the impression that she was stunningly attractive."' -Hahahaha, I think that Ginny in the movie is a very very dull version of Ginny in the book so this was great.


I know that was a lot of parts but I just couldn't choose one or two. I really enjoyed this and I would love to read more parodies by you.

Inkfire chapter 1 . 12/4/2010

I'm glad you did that one lol. For the record, I opened it among my updates-to-read randomly, saw the parody, Harry/Dumby stuff, closed it out of annoyance, went back to inbox, saw that you had been the one to write it, went back out of curiosity and thoroughly loved it yay for following authors :)
eytedrfghjiolhg528ddfxcde chapter 1 . 12/2/2010
Loved it..
Schermionie chapter 1 . 12/2/2010
That was...

I think 'genius' is the word I'm looking for, actually.

A little disturbing, but genius.

As The girl with the ink-heart says, this fic combined both subtle and obvious humour - and not only that, it was the perfect blend of the two, neither outshining the other. The style was flawless, the situation hilarious and inventive, and the end result was an extremely funny parody.

The letter would probably have to be my favourite part - 'The action is all yours...' Oh, poor Ron.

Your portrayal of the trio was a little Potter Puppet Pals-esque, especially with the 'I'm. Harry. Potter.' lines, which made this even funnier.

I also loved how you quietly slipped in Harry's nakedness. I had to reread the beginning scene, this time imagining things properly... or not so properly, as the case may be...



'Or maybe he needs me to banish the mess he made on his incontinence pad!"At this final outburst...' - the 'At' needs a space before it.

'"Questions to which the answer happens to be no; can Snape use shampoo?' - The semicolon should be a colon, as the 'Questions to which...' part is *introducing* the questions listed after it, a function taken care of by colons.

'Shrugging with as much boyish attitude that he could muster...' - I believe the 'that' should be another 'as' ('Shrugging with all the boyish attitude that he could muster...' would work, though).

'Especially after he asked all of the muggle born first years if they wanted to sit on Santa's lap...' - 'muggle born' should be 'Muggle-born'.

'Uncomfortable, he looked away from Dumledore's twinkling eyes.' - 'Dumledore's' should be 'Dumbledore's'.

'Quite often the girl is called Mary Sue, and-"' - Should be 'Quite often the girl is called Mary Sue, and -"' because 'and' is a full word.

'The conversation was putting a new slant on the phrase 'wanted in the Headmaster's office).' - The last bracket should be a quote mark.

Just some little nitpicks, as I couldn't possibly criticise the actual story. ;)


As I often end up doing with humorous stories, I'm going to list my favourite lines:

'(Actually, nobody was enjoying their food because they weren't allowed to eat it – it's a film, after all, not a dinner party.)' - This was the first bit that made me smile, setting a nice precedent.

'"No, I meant about..." Hermione lowered her voice to a whisper. "I meant about the extras. It's not their fault that they don't have our talent, and it isn't nice to rub it in."' - This actually sounded like Hermione, and in my opinion good characterisation can actually really work in parodies.

'Perhaps stripping down to his underwear hadn't been an appropriate response to Sirius' request to find out if Harry was really just like his father, but he hadn't been able to find Colin Creevey to have his photo taken, and until he did then Harry didn't want to get dressed.' - I just imagined Lockhart shouting "I told you so!" at this point. And as I said, I liked the way you mentioned it a while into the fic. It was a... well, no. It wasn't a pleasant surprise. But it was amusing.

'Conveniently enough, Harry's monologue came to an end just before he reached the office.' - Wonderfully subtle mockery.

'Alas! Since I used the word in your first year whilst helping myself to your Every Flavoured Beans and failing to answer questions about your fate and destiny, several fanfiction authors with limited vocabularies have taken to using it within a completely inappropriate context whenever they choose to write a story about me.' - Possibly one of the funniest parts of this fic, but also the saddest. Because it's true. Alas...

'My favourites are the cross-overs with the film 'Moulin Rouge'. Did you know that some rather disturbed people fantasise about me siring a bastard daughter with Minerva and having her replace you? Quite often the girl is called Mary Sue, and-' - Surely not, Claire!

'"If you know about dominant and recessive genes, why in the name of Dobby's sock do you think that two men can spawn a child together? That makes no sense..." Harry was about ready to curse something – he needed to express his angst.' - I'M WITH YOU, HARRY!

And, of course, the hilarious letter at the end.


And that's probably all that I have to say. Thank you for this uplifting story. It's made a wonderful end to my day. :)

...Oh, but irrelevantly: was that an Ally McBeal reference in the summary, or am I imagining things?
MadameCissy chapter 1 . 12/2/2010
Oooooh Claire... you had me in serious stitches here... your writing was absolutely hysterical and I couldn't stop laughing. You have captured so many things so perfectly and I loved how you took the piss out of certain aspects. And the Mary-Sue part... brilliant.


I' .Flower and I speak nothing but the truth ;-)
fragonknight01 chapter 1 . 12/2/2010
I like your story. I was rather disappointed that Dumbledore didn't get to play 'Gellert' again... Oh wait, that is what chapter 2 if for isn't it? Ron gets to play Albus and Albus gets to play Gellert and their baby (when it gets here) gets to open a whole new bag of skittles becasue now I have the Christmas vision stuck in my head where Harry, Neville, and Draco get to be the three kings who pay homage and Voldie holds true to being the evil King Herod. So, could you please write this for me so that I don't go off on any more tangents?
londongrammar chapter 1 . 12/2/2010
I can honestly say this was brilliant. It had both subtle and obvious humor with a sharp sense of with about it as well. I paticularly loved the lines:

'Dumbledore smiled, his eyes (as the more astute of you may have surmised) twinkling brightly'

'Harry nodded in what he hoped was a suitably patronising manner that he reserved specifically for Ron and the elderly.'

and 'Why don't you write him a letter for Miss Granger to read to him, and I'll go and... get ready.'

They just made me laugh so much! Absolutely loved this!

-The girl with the ink-heart