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Guest chapter 52 . 12/18/2016

If this version made me feel like this, I absolutely CANT wait for the reprise to be completed!
wolfe13 chapter 24 . 6/11/2012
juniorvarsity chapter 52 . 4/24/2012
So Ninja Storm is my FAVORITE out of all the power rangers series and I pretty much stopped watching the series afterwards because I was so obsessed with Ninja Storm. Anyway, I just spent the last week and a half frantically trying to get home from work at a reasonable hour just to read this story.

I love how you wrote everyone. It made total sense. I could see and hear the dialogue play out. Hunter has always been my favorite with Dustin almost tied with him - sometimes, like your Dustin, I just can't choose. I love love love the way you progressed both of their storylines and I love the eventual close friendship they grow.

Everything about the ending made me smile and I'm actually really glad that there was never a true resolution to Hunter and Cam's relationship, short of - okay. Our boyfriends/soon-to-be-boyfriends are best friends. We're good friends with each other's boyfriends/soon-to-be-boyfriends. We'll be civil. Because life isn't perfect and that's okay.

Anyway, you did an awesome job and are an inspiration. I'm only just getting back into writing after years of not writing. I've only recently rediscovered this fandom and there is definitely a lot of meh out there. You definitely stand out amongst them.

Great job - really great job.
the real vampire chapter 52 . 3/8/2012
This was wonderful. A really good ending to an amazing story. So... fitting. I totally agree with the sentiment - even happy endings like this are sad :-( But I look forward to reading more of your work!

I also completely get where you're coming from with the whole 'talking about Power Rangers and not getting laughed at'... I'm at college too and it's definitely frowned upon. But I still love it :-)

(As an aside, I have no idea why my PMs were turned off... I didn't even know I had PMs! Lack of recent site activity showing I fear! Anyway, it's been changed now)

Looking forward to reading the Reprise(s) - did I mention how much I loved the musical references? I'm not sure I did but I do! Especially Rent. Rent rocks! - Will be waiting expectantly! :-D

Thank you for such an enjoyable read.
Rogue Ranger chapter 52 . 3/7/2012
I had this expression I used to love to use when I was a kid but don't think I’ve used or really thought of since I was ten. It was, “The end is just the beginning.” I’m sure I just heard it somewhere and started repeating it, but it came back to me now. See, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. I knew the ending was here and plus I’d already been through the end of Any Moment B, but I guess I see endings the same way Dustin does. They’re hard no matter what. It’s odd the similarities your Dustin and I’ve had at times. Perhaps that helped draw me into the story even more. The point is, those words came back to me when I read Dustin’s thoughts on endings beyond endings because I needed to focus not on the end but on the possibilities, such as those we discussed, or else I’d be even more broken up than I already am. The characters won’t just fade away and die but will live on. And, yes, I know they’re not your characters and other writers have written and will write plenty of stories about them, but they won’t be the same characters, not really. Every author, even when it comes to fanfiction, brings something different and unique with them, not just with writing style but with how they see the characters and how those characters grow and develop. For example, your Dustin is a Dustin I’ve seen nowhere else and honestly never expect to. He may be just a character of someone else’s creation, but you’ve given him a unique life of his own. He became your creation. The same is true for the other characters as well. I’m sure Cam, Hunter and Shane would agree with me too. Though it might be rare for them all to agree about one thing like that.

So...Any Moment’s moment finally came. And, yes, as you already know, I loved the whole explanation of moments and how it fit into the title because...I’m a little obsessive like that, but I also loved how it worked on a broader level, putting the pieces together neatly, like a bookend. Also, it was different than the ending to Any Moment B and I appreciated that uniqueness too. This is, after all, its own entity, the “everybody gets their happy ending” version. And, after one last “poor Blake” moment, even he and Tori had theirs. And I’ll have to imagine Sensei was having a grand ol’ time meditating too. Oh, and the four way comment by Dustin had me laughing out loud! It’s almost like it was thrown in there just for me! Because, seriously, anything with Dustin in the middle is awesome. It’s like multiplying anything with infinity. It’s always infinity. Ask Cam, he’d totally agree. And… I also think about how things may have been or I know for sure in fact were included specifically for my benefit, that you knew what I wanted and included that. I think of Sensei’s part semi-early on which you included for me or the albeit brief reference to a musical artist I picked out for Tori to like. It’s like being there when the Great Wall of China is being built and putting a handprint somewhere. It feels like I’ve been part of history. Sorry, but that’s what comes to my mind right now. I might think of another way to explain it later, but it works. It’s just a great honor because you know I’m a huge fan of yours. Now, before you argue that I’ve put you on too high a pedestal, I’ll say that it’s true that Any Moment hasn’t been perfect. Yes, had you planned it out then you might not have included this or that or you would have included this or that or the story would have followed this path or that. But, really, I (like most of your readers) didn’t just sit down one night and read through this story. No, it’s been an adventure. There have been so many things that have happened since the story began both in the story and in my own life that it’s almost like a parallel reality, a life that was lived somewhere out there this whole time, kind of like those dreams that you continue where you left off the next night. It’s like Any Moment was a life unto itself. So, perfect no, but enjoyable yes. And, are you the perfect writer who I want to worship? No. But are you an exceptional author who has kept me enthralled for over a year? Yes. You asked me how I see you and that’s more or less it.

And I’m so relieved that you won’t delete the originals when you put up the revised versions of Any Moment. If you did, I might have been inclined to throw something. And...since I can’t actually make that anything physical, I suppose I’d have to resort to throwing a tantrum. And, as we both know, that would not be pretty. So, yes, you can streamline and polish the story, but the original is like a time capsule. One day you’ll want to look back and see what you were like through your story. Maybe you’ll think, “I always used to use a comma after that word,” or maybe instead you’ll think, “Hey, I wrote this that time I was having trouble finding inspiration until that paper cup hit my head.” Whatever the case, it’s a part of your past. And, like anyone’s past, it can hold the key to a great many things. One of which is of course the future. That, and it’s nice to look back and see how you’ve changed and even progressed and then more clearly see what you’re capable of next. Plus, I’d like to reread my old reviews and see if my opinions then hold up today.

And, lastly, I’d like to thank you for giving me inspiration to finally finish my first fanfiction story, one that I recently resurrected after abandoning it for eight months. Maybe I was afraid to let it end since I dislike endings so, but, in the end, the end is just the beginning. And thank you for reminding me of that. And double thank you for Dustin’s epilogue as well as making me the first person you mentioned in your shoutouts. I may not have been your first reviewer and I certainly won’t be the last, but I’ve tried to be your most loyal. Seriously, I was writing reviews instead of finishing actual assignments sometimes until I got my act together. Until the next ending, I couldn’t agree with Dustin more nor adequately express how much I’ve enjoyed the ride, both versions included. And (as if you could do otherwise) keep being awesome. And say hi to your Dustin for me. I think I love him.
ValkyrieNyght chapter 52 . 3/6/2012
For once, I'm going to be completely serious. While I am sad that this wonderful experience has finally come to an end, I am happy to see that it actually ended. No one will be left hanging.

While I appreciate the nod in my direction, and while I truly appreciate the title of ass-kicker, I believe that the true nods of genius and thanks should go to you Paisley - because you are the one who gave us all this amazing gift called Any Moment.

You may have got help from a few of us along the way, but this is your miracle of science, and you delivered true gems of wisdom all the way unto the very ending for now.

This chapter...contained a lot of things that I needed to hear as a person, and you're right; change in time, place, and situation is inevitable - I guess it's time I face that knowledge.

So in conclusion - you rock, and eat awesomesauce for breakfast. Congratulations on your achievement. And, thank you so very much for letting me be a part of this, because helping you with this has been a great source of pride for me.

I'll catch you later Paisley. Let the Battle of Bright Skies begin.

Hearts and Halos

ValkyrieNyght chapter 51 . 2/29/2012
I like this, I like this a lot. At first I was all "OH girl, what do you think you are doing?" And then I was all "Shut up, this shit is awesome." And then I was all "Why am I talking to myself?"

I agree with Rogue on all points. This was fantazmic. I really enjoyed Shane's replies to Hunters slightly non-verbals.

"You're doing that thing where your being unreasonable again." Best line in the chapter. Oh I am so in lurve with Shane when he's not feeling 100%.

I am so proud of you Paisley.

Hearts and Halos

Rogue Ranger chapter 51 . 2/25/2012
You've created a very effective romantic climax by building up the relationship between Hunter and Shane and then, using a fear of loss, finally completing the cycle, but you've also created realistic character development with Hunter. The crimson ranger started out so cocky and confident through most of Any Moment until Shane gradually wore down his defenses and he was reduced to a quivering pile of insecurities. And now, with Shane by his side, he can become confident again, but not the false, cocky confidence he had before, but something new. And that's the key, in my opinion anyway, to a good story. It's a sense that you've actually gotten somewhere and not just went around in circles. It's like how Cam developed and got through his insecurity about his sexuality or Dustin overcoming his fear of water...somehow. The only major addition I really want to see regarding this is for Any Moment A to end with a clear sense that Dustin has developed as a character, since it started with him and is about simplifying what has become overcomplicated, which is Dustin's area (and definitely not most of the other rangers...).

The use of repetition actually worked well because it showed where Hunter's mind was. And, I actually became teary eyed with Hunter's thoughts early on, even though I knew Shane wouldn't actually die. And Hunter's anger fits with his personality and how he'd react to obsessing over "no Shane" and was an effective part of the emotional build-up that made the ending, despite being slightly corny, very satisfying. Had you went from happy relationship building to happy ending, it wouldn't have the emotional impact. Clearly, you know what you're doing.

Looking back over Any Moment, I see that a whole lot of it is about what goes on inside the characters' minds, such as emotional and mental angst. Overall, I think the story is actually more about exploring the characters and even the human condition than it's about relationships. I know that may sound strange, but it's my impression.

As for things besides Dustin's phobia to explore, I'm curious about his relationship with Cam now (and I doubt I'm the only one). Have they had any fights? After all, all couples fight over something, even if that something isn't what they're really upset over. And what does Sensei think his son and Dustin's relationship? What about Shane's family should they find out? There's definitely some potential there, especially if Porter's involved.

You continue to manage to make convincing characters that readers care about and become emotionally involved with, so bravo and of course I look forward to the forthcoming epilogues. I'll save anything final for later. As always, keep being awesome!
the real vampire chapter 51 . 2/23/2012
Amazing! Definitely lived up to expectations ;-) I really liked Hunter's response to this and the gradual break down of his barriers. The repetition worked wonderfully. I love the direction you've taken this story in. And I really love the way you've written it. You've really given me the inspiration I was lacking in finishing some of my own work! So thank you :-)

I'm looking forward to not only the next chapter (though will be saddened that this story is over) but also to see what you will write next! Whether it take place in this 'world' or another one!
agd888 chapter 50 . 2/21/2012
great chapter, i like the way hunter and shane are getting closer. Its really sweet. So how are dustin and cam doing?
Rogue Ranger chapter 50 . 2/18/2012
I really enjoyed this chapter each of the times I read it! I of course really like the humor and slow pulling together of Hunter/Shane, but you know what I liked the most? This may surprise you, but it was the made up monsters. I thought they were very creative and well used, especially in the end. That, in and of itself, shows a lot of creativity.

So, yes, I admit I knew there'd be a cliffhanger (more literal than I thought though) because I once again read the endnotes first. But the buildup and ending offered me lots of surprises. Obviously I didn't see Shane and Hunter lying in bed with Dustin...but I certainly enjoyed it. ;p And I'm really getting to appreciate the way Hunter's mind works through the narration. In fact, I often do the voice of him in my head as I'm reading. And I like the touches such as Shane as a cute guinea pig that also help move things along. By the end, it seems to me that both of them know that the other shares their feelings, but it's just a matter of on what level they know and how they'll respond. At least, that's what I read into the chapter.

As always, good combination of humor and angst and can't wait for the next chapter! Will it be the end...?
ValkyrieNyght chapter 50 . 2/18/2012
Thank you oh so much for implicating me for your cliffhanger scene. You know how I feel about vegetables Paisley...but that's okay because NO ONE is going to hate on the cliffhanger. It's simply too awesome. And can I just say that I really appreciate how you made the cliffhanger about Shane being pushed over a cliff. The irony is remarkable, hence my remarking upon it.

Props to Rogue Ranger, his line was fantastic.

Hunter is a hug-junkie...that makes me laugh and feel squishy inside all at the same time. It's been really interesting to see how he has evolved over the course of the story. I remember way back in the day (which was a Wednesday by the way) when you and I spent our time debating Hunter's intentions and stuff. You know, back when everybody hated him. Oh how our little retarded crimson ranger has grown up. I'm so proud!

I thought the whole Christmas scene was perfect in every way. I enjoyed the slight mention of Tori. Actually their was slight mention of everybody and it seemed very natural. (Sensei not withstanding ((he's still up in the attic))) which was a very nice surprise, and is just another marker of your ever increasing writing skills. Go you.

Hearts and Halos

the real vampire chapter 50 . 2/18/2012
Oh wow... what an ending! Cliff hangers always make me sad, and definitely wanting more.

I really enjoyed this chapter. I liked the mixing of "canon" story with non-canon. The mistletoe was quite... bittersweet I think is the appropriate term. The events made me laugh, but Hunter's thoughts were sad. I wanted to hug him.

Cannot wait for more! Will be waiting impatiently for the update :-)
the real vampire chapter 49 . 2/18/2012
I loved this chapter. Short but sweet and go Tori! Really enjoyable. And I confess Shane-Hunter really has grown on me - only in this story but yes, I will admit am a fan now :-)
ValkyrieNyght chapter 49 . 2/11/2012
On my first read through I was inclined to agree with you. I *did* think it was a little anti-climactic. But Rogue Ranger brought up a really good point though, things are as difficult as we make them. So then I went and re-read it, and with that little gem in mind, I was able to pick out the genius that lies within this chapter.

First off, your opening line was one for the record books. This will be a quote from the story that I shall remember for a long time. Secondly, I literally had to stop reading for a few moments because I was actually ROFL-ing about the flower bouquet thingy. I must say, you excel at making the past come back to bite your character's asses. And finally, you made frantic-Hunter/panic-Hunter cute and adorable. I didn't think that that was even possible.

For all of that and more I am sending you a freaking huge thank you for being amazing card. It'll be in the mail as soon as I find enough stamps.
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