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Azure-Blue-15 chapter 29 . 10/14
Ooh my good this is probably the 15th time i read this but i still can't believe it
I felt really bad for Len he is in real pain,
Rin is gone and he lost his eye and arm.
I'm not a big fan of aggressive man but somehow the way he acts is really hot.
His relationship with Teto and Ted made me smile i really missed reading about these three.
IO and IA's lines almost got me crying like when they said if Rin is reaching for the ones she loves only to be unheard by them?
I wonder how she feels up there all alone? It must be really painful for her too Aah i want Rin and Len to meet again i can't stand their pain it hurts me too
DK1944 chapter 29 . 9/26
Puberty hits Len like a truck! Turn badass~~~
FanficOverload chapter 29 . 9/23
Eeeeiiii! Thank you ohh so much! (x)
Guest chapter 28 . 8/22
No why does Rin have to die?! Please write an epilogue, i want to know what happen to Len
Happien Rurita chapter 28 . 8/9
I kinda like your work it was nice all the action, the drama and... the romance. i kinda cried when rin died like literally i cried. please write an epilogue, that would be sweet
Kome Rurita chapter 28 . 8/9
Omg why does it have to be a sad ending?! why?!. PLs write an epilogue that will be nice and I admire ur work :'(
Sheiwensi Team chapter 28 . 7/27
Now i know why my two little sisters are crying all night. Its because of this story, its kinda sad that rin died in a heroic sacrifice. But i admired your work man, nice job
/thumbs up
It took me 3 weeks to read this story in the end and i swear to god, it was really really unexpected when i was at the finale, it made one tear drop from the corner of my eye. It made me said that the story is beautiful and sad. I applaud you for your hardwork that all you have been through. But for you and your fan's sake please write an epilogue my sisters may be sad because of this story, but me i get the feeling that this story will remain in my head forever. So please write an epilogue that would be cool, i think it could make them happy. I must say you are an interesting writer all the drama, action and the romance it is so intense and again i applaud you, all the pain Rin has been through, i thought the ending was a happy ending, but instead it was sad. And again write an epilogue it would be so cool
-Miraku Rurita
Guest chapter 28 . 7/11
Wonderful job on the story. Your writing style is nice and detailed, and I like how you made each character stand out in their own way. No character is two-dimensional, and I applaud you for that.

There are just a few things that irked me, but not too much to stop me from finishing this fanfic. I know the story is set in Japan, but the language could be pretty weeaboo-ish sometimes. Teto's kind of annoying, and some of the scenes are perverted for no reason. I also used to be kind of annoyed when you'd beg for reviews in your author's notes, but I completely understand! Writing fanfiction is a lot of work (and it's free too!) and authors only ask for reviews in return. But at the same time, don't hold chapters "hostage" unless you get a certain amount of reviews.

What I absolutely loved about this story is, surprisingly, Kaito and Meiko's relationship. Funny, huh? When I first started reading, I thought I'd be crying over the RinLen, but here I am, at the end of the fanfic, crying over the KaiMei. I adore childhood friends romances. I died at every scene of theirs together, and it really made me wish I had a best friend like Kaito. Every time he said, "Meiko really is a girl after all." I found myself screaming. Meiko's confession made me cry, and my favorite scene between them has to be the one where Kaito tells her, "Don't give up on me." That's my absolute favorite line in any anime, manga or drama. Thank you for using it.

The ending is bittersweet, and just beautiful and heartbreaking. The moment I read your author's note saying that the title could be translated into "Heart. Miracle" I was like, nope. "Kokoro. Kiseki". I knew it was going to break my heart. (And it did).

Good job on finishing this story, and good luck in your future works! :)
halchan2256 chapter 1 . 7/3
Wow. So much feels...
I liked this - all the characters, the drama, the tragedy, the references to our loved Vocaloid songs!
I personally fail to see what is wrong woth the story. It does have some faults, but they weren't that noticeable to me. And so what if it is similar to some other work? That doesn't prevent me from enjoying this fanfic. The author even states that you shouldnt come here expecting a masterpiece work - she wrote something this big at 14, and I respect her
a lot for that! The only problem for me was that it was so short! :) i wish to read more of it! Keep up your work, and I'm sure you'll get even better!
akikomori chapter 1 . 7/3
I will address you once and only once, Alex. After this reply, I am not going to prolong this discussion in a roundabout or entertain you at this point. What have I done to you to earn such disrespect? You had no follow-up on what I could've done to improve, and your deprecative words were masked with a smile. Let me make it clear to you that I do not consider a mere mockery of my story "criticism". Yours was a traduce, nothing more. I have learned absolutely nothing from listening to you except for the fact that you see my story as a satire-, no, a lucid joke. So excuse me, but who are you to speak to me in an overly familiar way? It comes off as curt, but more than anything: rude. I will, in your cringeworthy slang, "chill" when these accusations are laid to rest.

Being accused of plagiarism is a serious offense, which is why I'm making sure you understand why I'm responding to you like this. Speaking my mind on this matter has nothing to do with me not acting from an adult standpoint. I am taking this seriously as anyone else would. If you were a hardworking author, you would understand where I'm coming from.

In your exact words, "but the way it was delivered exactly like in MadoMagi - down to almost every quote and scene, including that one goodbye scene you know?;) "you cant see me you cant hear me but i am here" stuff and "this fate is worse than death!" Take a good, long look at both endings and tell me that there aren't any distinct differences between the two. Just because some dialogue or scenes might remind you of an anime does not mean that it's plagiarism. I did not rip exact wording from the anime contrary to what you might believe. If anything, it's mere coincidence.

I will confess that perhaps I have erred by not making the P:V finale distinct enough from PMMM because the dialogue and outcome are similar to that ending, and if I'm correct, that is why it comes off as plagiarism. But PMMM is not the first or only greek-like tragedy that inspired P:V's ending to take its route. I have seen many similar lines and outcomes in many similar works and Rin's outcome was, to me, a mere allusion when I wrote about her. Regardless, I will take greater precautions in the future to avoid complications like these, but let me say this - I did not plagiarize. It was never my intention to plagiarize. In retrospect, I should've redrafted the final scenes a few more times before making it official, but I have nothing to confess because I am not guilty. Ergo, I cannot say something just because it's something you want to hear.

Oh yes, how it puts my heart at ease to know that you are, indeed, okay with plagiarism. What an example you are to us all. Do inform me should you ever decide to sit down and put the pen on paper, then you will learn just how difficult it is to truly write an "original plot".

Perhaps, Alex. You ought to take care in the future regarding how you speak your mind so freely. Sometimes, even a casual comment about someone committing plagiarism can seriously offend someone. Someone who possesses a tongue as loose as a rudder is the one who lacks the capacity to think like an adult.

This discussion is concluded. If you have anything more to say on the matter, please just send me an actual message. I don't particularly wish to turn my review section into a forum. Thank you for your time.
Alex chapter 1 . 7/3
Ps, I think people's problem isn't the heroic sacrifice trope, but the way it was delivered exactly like in MadoMagi - down to almost every quote and scene, including that one goodbye scene you know?;) "you cant see me you cant hear me but i am here" stuff and "this fate is worse than death!" stuff XD yeahhh but i found it funny so nvm, i am content xD will come back tor ead this when feel down
Alex chapter 1 . 7/3
Giirl, chill :) just accept the criticism like an adult would lol. I have nothing against your fanfic, it was hilarious xD i am fine with plagiarization as long as the author can at least admit it. Sorry, I have no account here :D good luck, hope you get better at writing ;)
akikomori chapter 28 . 7/1
patience, it's not time yet...

Status: this has been on my mind for about four hours, so i have something I'd like to say. /crawls out of closet on all fours/

deep breath* I'm surprised that some of you are still reading P:V's previous chapters and its finale. Like, I wrote that story when I was fourteen. When grammar nightmares and plot development were a major weak spot for me as a writer. P:V is an amateur project at best, but I loved it like it was my own child. I believe the concept of originality is pointless to berate over when it was a mere indulgence for me. Are typical tropes immediately defined as blatant plagiarism?

As a writer, I encourage you all from time to time, and always in a respectful manner, to question my logic. If you're unconvinced that a particular plan of action I've taken in my stories is the wisest, personally tell me so . But allow me to convince you! I promise right here and now, no subject will be tossed aside to the wind.

Now, let me be the one to admit that I am not the most brilliant writer here. I'm not Mario Puzo. I have ways to go. I wasn't aware that some scenarios in P:V remind others of certain animes I've never heard of. But while that may be the case, don't you all suppose that it's rather irrevocably rude to hurl these accusations of plagiarism at me without grounds? For some of you, this doesn't pose a problem, and I thank you, but to those of you who complain about the lack of originality and how my story is basically a watered-down perversion of other animes, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could keep in mind that P:V is a fanfiction. My first serious project as a young writer. I write so I can learn how to make a better story. It's rather pretentious to drop all those critics and then leap away with no wisdom to part with.

I have my own bones to pick with P:V, so don't think for a moment that I believe that it's the greatest creation of all time. Heavens, I'm not that self-centered or arrogant. I do enjoy looking back on how hilariously bad some of the scenes were, and I'm more than happy to try to tie knots with the epilogue arc coming up.

Yes, I admit that at one point, I seriously questioned myself and even managed to convince myself that I somehow plagiarized because of one review and because of the fact that back then, I was a sensitive noob.

Yes, I did get inspired by PMMM's sacrificial heroine ending, but does that immediately mean I basically copied off them? No. Their storylines and developments to similar outcomes vary greatly under fundamental standpoints. Also, does PMMM own the rights to heroic sacrifice? I think not. Len is not Homura, and Rin is not Madoka. Their personalities and backgrounds are way too different. Len did not travel back in time to save Rin countless times only to utterly fail. Rin did not become a nameless god to rewrite the universe. Len is an ordinary boy, and Rin now the *spoilerspoiler*coreofamanmadeunstablestarcough. A simple love story of these two brought together by miraculous occurrences.

And really, a perversion of all anime? What a laugh. You're free to say what you like, but please don't use me as an outlet because you wasted your time reading a story you clearly don't enjoy.

I'm getting a little disgruntled by some of you who keep sending me anon reviews containing the content above. I would be grateful if you could at least, privately message me about your concerns instead of running at large.

I did not plagiarize others' works in any way just P:V could gain more publicity. If some scenes remind of you of animes I've never even heard about, wonderful. But most of these animes are things I've never even read about or heard of. Some of you can have your laughs as you please, but the truth hangs over our heads like the guillotine.

Oh, okay. *bats eyelashes* So you think P:V is shit? Well, too bad. It's my shit, and the gold shit that I'm proud of. It's the one thing that actually made me happy when I was just a bitter, lonely teenager with shit self-esteem. It's all rather disgruntling if some of you are sticking around for the epilog arc simply so you can continue with all bark and no bite (and by bite, I mean a harsh lesson of reprieve that I can actually learn from).

But please, don't think I'm not willing to learn from mistakes. I'm genuinely willing to improve. Don't think otherwise; it insults my intelligence.

/crawls back into closet after long-winded ranting, quivering/
Alex chapter 28 . 6/28
I do get that you are using not original characters, but could you use an original plot? xD i laughed nearly the whole thing, especially at the end xD is it supposed to be a parody or something?
Guest chapter 28 . 6/5
I really liked this fanfic. For the first two chapters, that is.
It seemed like a deep and cute story, but what do we get here now? It is sooo predicatble, not to mention how many shows it plagiarizes. For example, Rin's past is basically a reference to Goukoku no Brynhildr, there are obvious references to Chobits, and it took a few scenes form Sailor Moon as well, and the whole last chapter is Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika's last episode basically, except author put Rin and Len instead of Madoka and Homura. Teto's annoying, and her jokes aren't funny. The author also seems to be a teenager, looking at how enthusiastically they describe sexual scenes and how many times they put them in. That's just sooo ofending to all the animes that I love(because the author plagiarized them!) and soooo ofending to the Vocaloids I love! I liked the original concept, but it just became a jumbled mess, because the author only mixes up all the animes they watch into this fanfic, there's no originality! And the language is weaboo-ish. You can go ahead and delete my review if you don't like what I say, because I am pretty sure you only accept stubborn praise for your work! Or else, all the reviews out there wouldn't be so flowery and eulogizing! Because this fic is obviously bad!
I came across this wanting to read a good fiction of my beloved characters, but this fuc is like a blasphemy to all that I love!
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