Reviews for The Official List of Unofficial Rules
Guest chapter 68 . 9/20
"1380. John Sheppard also asks that people stop asking him where Todd the Wraith is." Personally, I would be more concerned about Michael, but suit yourselves...
Guest chapter 14 . 9/19
I forget which number it is, but I think my favorite so far is the one about "Do not hang pink fuzzy dice above the viewscreen."
Guest chapter 7 . 9/19
"142a: Do not say "engage" after the Captain gives the order to go to warp." -No, leave that to Picard.
kaitokidfan1 chapter 83 . 8/28
A) Ensigns Dean Winchester and Castil Novak would like to say that they are not a couple
B) Ensign Novak would like to say that he is not an angel, stop asking about wings
C) Ensign Winchester would like to say that he has a brother named Sam, but they don't hunt monsters
Heart Keeper chapter 83 . 8/25
Love it and I hope you are able to get back to this soon. Sadly I don't have any ideas for new rules.

Guest chapter 60 . 7/24
About rule 1205 ... but ... but ... Santa WAS invented in Russia ;_;
His name was Saint Nicholas, he dressed in red and gave secret gifts to people.
(Aright. He was technically greek. *flies away*)
The Other Troper chapter 82 . 7/8

Hideous Restructor chapter 60 . 7/6
1217 is unacceptable. The Enterprise is a "she", obviously.
Another Lonely chapter 83 . 2/19
Whoever removed the pins from the ladies' locker room needs to return them, as Yeoman Montague nearly was scalped when her hair caught in the warp core.

Yeoman Montague would also like to express displeasure at whoever locked Ensign Capulet with her in a conference room yesterday with three copies of Romeo and Juliet.

Attempting to engage Spock and Arex in a "lyre-off" will not be tolerated.

Dr. McCoy has nothing against Crewman Hatfield, despite whatever the history officer has been saying.

I love these so much, I binge-read them all in a day.
catleopardclaw chapter 12 . 1/28
I would think that the inertial dampeners and stabilizers wouldn't make rule 252 and 253 a problem.
Arwenell chapter 81 . 1/12
1623. I think Creepy Eric did it.
Arwenelle chapter 80 . 1/12
1619. An oppressive starship community where the captain is Jack Frost, the ranks are full of superheroes, and people dress up like Klingons and hide in our closets while we all attempt to sleep, Welcome to the Enterprise. Mysterious birds were found in cargo bay 3 today, we don't know exactly what kind but people have been sent to remove them so hopefully no damage has been done. An investigation is underway to determine who placed the birds in the cargo bay and why. Meanwhile TP-ing and Short-sheeting beds have been added to the list of banned or discouraged pranks. A very large and unexpected order of duct tape arrived this morning, its purpose is unknown and the identity of whoever purchased it is still a mystery but they have been encouraged to make themselves known. And now a public service announcement, should it come to your attention that Dr. McCoy has been, is being, or will be in the near future, pranked inform all other personnel in your area and find somewhere to take cover until someone in a red shirt has come to tell you that the danger has passed. Red-shirts, do your part and occasionally check on the chaos to see if it is safe to return to work. The crew would like to make sure you are aware that there is not a ship Quiddich team, but if enough people show interest it may be possible to arrange for one to be formed. And now the weather.
Arwenelle chapter 79 . 1/12
1596. Aw man, I didn't know Ender was on this ship.
Arwenelle chapter 78 . 1/12
1579. All hail the mighty Glow Cloud. All Hail.
catleopardclaw chapter 79 . 12/21/2014
Idjit is too a real word! Depending on where you're from.
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