Reviews for Serpentine Series
Foxpetal22 chapter 86 . 9/23
are you going to update soon?
Dm chapter 86 . 8/26
Next please
T chapter 86 . 7/23
Its great, perfect...please next
flowerypetal chapter 86 . 7/15
So, you gonna update? Because I would really like to know Voldemort’s reaction to Harmony’s pregnancy. Just reread this whole story today, I forgot how much I love it :)
AgnesMae chapter 1 . 7/11
Amazing, couldn't put it down. Thank you !
libblyloo chapter 86 . 7/5
I can't wait for the next installment , this story is so amazing its almost addicting and I want more
Hneu chapter 86 . 7/5
Next please
Jemjnz chapter 86 . 7/4
Absolutely. Superb. My heart nearly stopped when I realised there wasn't another chapter. 11 hours straight and to have cliff hanger ;) Oh Boy!

I love you characterisation of Hermione and her massive pool of empathy. It really shows it both sides of the war where both a fighting to make the world a better place.
I also loved Lira withthe Dark Lady enstilling her own source of loyalty through kindness but still as you elegantly put, she has her thorns and Barty got pricked :)
The slow development of Voldemort and the way he interacts with Hermione and the dynamic between them is adorable to read.
The Marek and polyjuice plot twist was really nice and I didn't see coming. makes the underground duel even sweeter then it already was. I really liked that entire scene. It just flowed nicely and was once again, adorable
I really want to see what the room reveled come to fruition. Please I entreat, please keep writing. This is a beautiful story and it deserves an ending. You've come so far, it's not too long left!

Thank you for writing.
Redshadow43 chapter 86 . 6/24
Just found this one...I am visualizing Voldemort's face when Barty gets back...and how much more desperate he'll be to retrieve Harmony than he is already...write it, write it, write it...(pounding on the glass like a 5AM Mervyn's sale...)
Rebekah tink chapter 86 . 6/13
Please please please finish this story it’s brilliant
EqQueen007 chapter 86 . 6/9
My favorite story!
Du chapter 86 . 6/6
Please next
DoctorVanGogh chapter 86 . 5/27
OH MY GOD. VOLDEMORT IS GOING TO FLIP OUT. I just binge read this in two days. Oh my god. oh my god. This is brilliant. Definitely my favourite Volmione. Amazing. Please, please, please, update. I'm dying for the next chapter. He's going to be SO MAD I CAN'T WAIT.
Yu chapter 86 . 5/22
Next please
PrincessofSea chapter 86 . 5/15
omg please update.
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