Reviews for Alice Alive
SenshiApollo chapter 1 . 7/19
"Alice needed to die" ahaha, loving this so far.
YoruichiAiYukiko chapter 1 . 7/17
It's sad that this hasn't been updated in a year. This story was so great.
Guest chapter 30 . 7/15
Oh my god! Awesome story. Absolutely love it! To tell you the truth, I hope she would never end up with Kurama. With the cruelty he's been treatimg most of the time made him hate him a bit. But I can totally see her happy with Kaname...and Hiei too!
Again awesome story and hope to read more!
SliverKitsuneGrlAngel chapter 30 . 7/8
this story is amazing and wonderfully well written! a shame you haven't updated in almost a year :[ I eagerly await the day this wonderful tale is continued!
Zakuro Nakishai chapter 30 . 7/8
Aw, man. I really wish you went with the Alice/Hiei relationship. I'm kind of disappointed that it's not gonna happen. Kurama is so exhausting. Haha.
Guest chapter 30 . 6/18
...I was seriously hoping for some AlicexHiei action... My new OTP!
Adriana chapter 30 . 6/18
I'm so sad that there aren't any more chapters! You're a really great writer, and the plot- even the twisty bits- feel natural and sensible. Poor Kurama. Poor Alice. On totally different wave lengths. But Kaname is an interesting wrench to throw in the mix. I love Alice, Shizuru, and Botan. They're a riot. All in all- I'm so enjoying this, and I'll be keeping an eye out for updates for sure!
Adriana chapter 13 . 6/15
I am loving this! Alice is such an interesting character. And the whole plot is a spin that I haven't seem before in this fandom. Really creative and very well carried out. I so enjoy Alice's interactions with everyone, and I can't wait to to continue. Well written YYH fics are so fun bc the source material is so fun, but there isn't a lot of quality fics out there. So glad I came across your story!
NinjaDemonAngel chapter 30 . 5/11
Y'know... I just re read this for the fifth to sixth time and I am still enamoured with this story! Oh, i can't WAIT to see Kurama's and Kaname's interactions! Oh man! Plus, I'm quite excited to see more of Kurama's changes or behavior since the confession. God! I know your life does not revolve around fanfiction, but I can't help but ask please update soon! Or some a bit of a preview on Kaname's and Alice's interaction. I'm really shipping them(but still think Kurama is the only one for her in some twisted way)
Guest chapter 30 . 3/1
I really love you this story.. Please keep updating it.. I couldnt stop reading it... I
sousie chapter 30 . 2/28
i hope she end up with kurama
AnimeAddict chapter 30 . 1/18
Like when r u going to update? It's been forever!
CannonRebel chapter 1 . 12/25/2014
I wanna say that I absolutely love this story. Your character is very real and has feelings like a very real person and I hope the next chapter comes out soon. One of my fave. For sure.
SixPerfections chapter 15 . 12/18/2014
Well.. i dunno. The whole four beasts arc was just canon with a tag along which was dissapointing. I also dont understand the horrible drama about being turned into a demon... whoohoo, big frigging deal. You get effective immortality along with the package, sign me the hell up. Meh. Your writing is good. Hope it doesnt stick quite so close to canon in the future :P
SixPerfections chapter 4 . 12/18/2014
Self-destructive.. interesting. Its a real thing. I like.

BTW your cover art for the story is nice... she also looks like every pedophile/molestor's wet dream. Oh well. Really like the story ;)
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