Reviews for The Heat Of The Moment
zafnak chapter 8 . 2/22/2016
Yup. Thinking about Callahan wearing women's clothing would cool my ardor as well LOL!
Persadial chapter 13 . 7/27/2012
Well, I found some things I liked even better than the rest, but it wasn't very easy... In the end, I just decided to write down anything that made me laugh. Or anything else I liked. Or felt I should add to this list. Or anything else like that... This's gonna be a loooong list, by the way. :)

-Dusty being offended at being told that nothing offends him.

-Dusty all curled up in a comfy bed wearing flannel pjamas and a nightcap, whith his hair all messed up, hugging a pillow... (Oh, the mental image I got there!)

-Lulu's coffee being compared to polecat urine. (How would Callahan know what that tastes like, anyway?)

-Dusty telling Betsy all about the dangers of the night: Bears, coyotes, rattlesnakes... and wild potatoes. (Oh, Dusty!)

-...because suddenly Dusty leaned forward and kissed her. (Ooh! I sure wish I was Betsy right now... *Goes into a total daze at the thought*)

-"Go any further where? Behind this tree?" (Dusty, I'm not sure if it's possible to get any more clueless than that...)

-"Like a puppy and a kitten gettin to know each other." (So true, Lulu, so true!)

-Dusty whispering to Freckles "I hope you don't mind me being yours. I know you liked it when you were wild, but I really hope you like it now that you're tame and you live with us." (This made my heart melt... :] Definately something Dusty would say!)

-Mr. Callahan dreading the day that Dusty figures out how to sleep with his eyes open.

-The mental image of Callahan sitting in a chair and breaking it. (Oh, the hilarity!)

-Dusty saying "Eat your cake, Betsy."

-Lulu's constipated heifer impression. :D

-Dusty's anology of the sun: "...a big...a big thing that beats down on you and is hot."

-"You coulda been SQUISHED!" (Oh, Dusty. I have nothing else to say to this.)

-The idea of Betsy going with Dusty to a desert island. (Hmm... now why does that sound so familiar to me?)

-The kiss in the stagecoach (As the japanese soldier from GI would say, holy mackerel!)

-Dusty saying "Gee, the best part of my whole day and you had to ruin it," to Callahan about the kiss in the stagecoach.

-Dusty going back in for another kiss, even though Callahan is watching. (Dusty! The very nerve!)

-The mental image of Dusty going into a total panic because Betsy fainted.

-The incident with the gloves.

-Betsy feeling sorry for Dusty when everyone is fussing over her because she fainted.

-Betsy getting frustrated because they can't even sit beside eachother at dinner.

-Dusty shouting at Mr. Callahan so he can go after Betsy.

-Dusty trying to track Betsy by her perfume, and failing.

-Dusty saying that they are probably the only ones who've ever kissed in the Brookhaven stagecoach.

-Dusty getting a weird feeling.

-Betsy not being shocked at Dusty's weird feeling.

-Dusty being embarrased from shouting at Mr. Callahan.

-Dusty confusing Callahan completely.

-Mr. Brookhaven's wanting to nap all afternoon under a shady tree.

-The idea of anybody being scared that Dusty might yell at them.

-Betsy's embarrasement at saying the word 'bed' in front of Dusty.

-Dusty's inability to figure out what the third thing he's good at is. (Think, Dusty, think!)

-Dusty's enthusiasm at finding live bait for Andy.

-Betsy telling Dusty all about her dream children, and dream house, etc.

-The mental image I got when reading about the ant fiasco. (It's quite a vivid picture)

-Andy's peaceful tranquility.

-Dusty shattering Andy's peaceful tranquility by running naked into the river, wailing and covered in ants.

-The fact that Dusty still can't figure out what the third thing he's good at is.

-Dusty and Betsy kissing and imagining that they taste like chocolate, vanilla, rasberry, cherry, and bannana.

-Dusty's idea to run away with Betsy.

-Betsy feeling sorry for Dusty when he accidentally spilled the tools and a hammer landed on Andy's foot.

-The way Betsy described Dusty.

-Dusty managing to get axle grease all over himself.

-Betsy helping Dusty get all the grease off himself.

-Lulu's description of the expression on Dusty's face: "Poor boy looks like he just got hit by the express train to Lovestruck Schmucksville."

-Mr. Brookhaven's joy at Dusty breaking the tea set.

-Mr. Brookhaven not caring as much what Dusty and Betsy do at night as he cares what they do in the day, during working hours.

-Dusty and the dangers of shaving...

-Dusty trying to run away. (Dusty, running on the spot won't help. Wait till Callahan lets go of you.)

-Callahan replying to Dusty's offer to work for him for the rest of his life with: "There's no need to resort to threats, little pal,"

-Dusty's impersonation of Mr. Brookhaven.

-Mr. Brookhaven being as threatening as a sponge. (Dusty, you better watch out, 'cause Mr. B. just might do something drastic... After his afternoon nap, that is.)

-Andy's approach to determining whether the blueberries are blueberries or not.

-Mr. Brookhaven asking Callahan not to make him eat his words.

-Dusty figuring out where they are: "Mr. Callahan? I think I know where we are." "You do, Dusty? Where?" "We're somewhere in the Midwest." (How helpful of you, Dusty.)

-This exchange between Dusty and Callahan: "I wonder if people will remember things I've said after I'm dead," "Dusty, people don't even remember things you say while you're alive." (A bit later in the conversation) "Didn't I say that?" "Dusty. Never mind other people remembering what you say- you can't even remember what you say."

-Betsy being jealous of Mrs. Brookhaven.

-The whole stagecoach door incident.

-Betsy sneaking away from camp to be with Dusty, and Dusty's cluelessness over what she wanted.

-Betsy realizing she couldn't kiss Dusty with horse slobber all over his face.

-Dusty telling Betsy how she's different from a horse. (How poetic of you, Dusty.)

-Betsy's absolute horror at seeing Mrs. Brookhaven giving Dusty a haircut. Even Lulu didn't like the idea of it.

-Betsy panicking at how far Mrs Brookhaven was going: "She's taking over his life!" "Cutting his hair? Fixing him up with a job? Next she'll be adopting him!"

-Lulu's plan: Jealousy.

-The fact that Mrs. Brookhaven found Mr. Brookhaven's laughter an unfamiliar sound. Just what she'd say!

-The image I got of Dusty 'pulling several conflicting faces at once and hunching his shoulders and curling his hands into fists' It's not a very scary image. He just looks silly. :)

-This exchange: "Carter!" Mrs. Brookhaven said shrilly. "Is this what you do when my back is turned? Have fun?" "I'm so dreadfully sorry, my darling," Mr. Brookhaven said mournfully, letting go of Lulu and pushing the showgirl to one side. "I don't know what's come over me. I'm afraid that with you paying so much attention to Dusty, I am but a rudderless ship, drifting towards the barren rocks of a deserted wasteland." "He better not be referrin' to me," Lulu pouted, planting her hands on her swaying hips.

-Dusty being all protective of Betsy.

-This exchange between Dusty and Betsy: "Dusty," Betsy said, shyly. "We weren't kissing." "Yes, you were. You were kissin' Andy, and that's my job." "It's your job to kiss Andy?" "No. Don't confuse me, Betsy, not when I'm thinkin'."

Kay, I'm done. :P Now I can go to bed... *Yawns* Exept that it's gettin' light out. :( Oh well.
TereseLucy384 chapter 13 . 4/8/2012
That was a fun ride - a fun wagon ride, that is ;)

I forgot for a couple of days that I ordered some Dusty dvd's on Amazon. Now I'm all excited again :D Yay

Are you ever going to write more Dusty stories? I think you should.

I did enjoy LuLu and Dusty getting all tied up, but this was so sweet - I think Betsy is definitely more his speed.

I wish there was footage of that whole ant bite scene - whipping his long johns off as he ran through the camp - hahahhahaha - epic
TereseLucy384 chapter 3 . 4/7/2012
*sigh* what a kiss ;D
NesmithChick chapter 1 . 3/26/2012
Omg I love it! Please write more dusty's trail and gilligans island you are an amazing writer! I just joined fanfiction but I've read this story like 2 other times and I love it. Keep up the good work!
Louise Hargadon chapter 13 . 3/24/2011
And thus I get myself finally up to date with ONE of your stories. One down, four to go! I think it's four anyway...!

Oh how I love your Busty stories. They make me so happy. It gives me hope, helps me draw parallels and gives me lovely warm thoughts about life in general.

Stuff I loved about Chapter 13:

. Dusty not even needing the modern technology of the 21st Century to work out EXACTLY where he is.

. Mr Callahan knowing that sometimes you have to be choosy about exactly how many heads are better than one.

. Dusty's words of wisdom. "It's good to be rich but it's important to have fun too." I'd give up fun. Honestly. It's not all it's cracked up to be. Zero pence to your name three days before payday and no way of getting any money is seriously no fun at all!

. The Confusion Over Confucius. Mr Callahan getting Dusty mixed up with a Chinese dead guy. Hilarious!

. Trust me, Dusty - 'son' isn't quite the relationship Daphne Brookhaven has in mind with you.

. Betsy has finally sussed Mrs B out. She's after her man! Touching his arm, indeed! Hussy!

. Betsy not sure if the Deadly Cougar that is Mrs B is a worse chaperone than the busty beauty that is Lulu. Poor Betsy.

. Mr Callahan may not understand the true hidden genius of Dusty, but one thing he DOES know - Freckles is smarter than the lot of 'em put together!

. Yeah, Mr Brookhaven, you DON'T get stug by bozkitoes, you get bip. Get it right, man. Stop being so unkind to lovely Dusty.

. Seriously, stop being unkind to him, your wife is practically ravaging him in front of you and you're just being too rich and aloof to stop her!

. LOVE the play on the word 'cross' when you described Dusty's, Mr Brookhaven's and Mr Callahan's respective 'looks'.

. Mrs Brookhaven knowing the difference between being rich and being a gentleman.

. Betsy knowing the difference between being rich and being a lady - and rueing the fact she's the latter...

. Betsy. And Dusty. Aloooonne...

. Except for Freckles and Blarney and Bessie and the others, like.

. Betsy giving up completely. I don't blame you, love. When you get jealous of a horse, it's time to go and have a nerve-calming brew.

. Betsy realising, on reflection, that she'd rather kiss Dusty when he didn't have a faceful of Freckles' spit.

. Dusty being completely oblivious while Betsy is completely heartbroken. Do you think all chaps are really that dim when it comes to Taking The Initiative? Because... you know. I'd find that thought really helpful!

. To add insult to injury - Betsy was right - nobody DID notice she was gone. If only she went around with her aps out like Lulu, they'd notice her THEN!

. Dusty picking Betsy some ugly little flowers that Blarney had his eye on and that stank of horse-pee...

. ...And then promptly giving one of the nicest flowers to Mrs Brookhaven. Oh, Dusty. It takes a brave and patient woman to fall in love with you!

. Dusty, however, pointing out that he does prefer Betsy's lips to Freckles'. Thank God for that. I was starting to worry.

. Dusty's eagle-like powers of observation - noting that Betsy is indeed shaped a LOT differently to Freckles. Will the compliments never end, Betsy?

. Daphne Brookhaven. Stop flirting with Dusty. Just stop it. Betsy will seriously contemplate stabbing you.

. WHAT? Mrs Brookhaven! Don't cut Dusty's hair! You cruel woman!

. "Hey! Who turned on the dark?" HOORAY! Dusty quoting Peter Tork for the win! I love you. I seriously do. You genius!

. Dusty understandably not being too reassured that Mrs B's only previous hairdressing experience is on Mitzi the Poodle.

. Lulu and Betsy rescuing Dusty from possible baldness.

. Dusty's complete lack of comprehension when it comes to metaphors.

. Lulu's observation about the happy couple not qutie being the happy couple everyone had in mind!

. Plan B. Lulu flirting with Mr B! Hilarious!

. "Don't worry Mrs Brookhaven, that's just Lulu, that's how she is." As Mrs B rightly says, Dusty, NOBODY's like that with Carter Brookhaven. Not even Daphne!

. Dusty really not knowing what 'brazen' means but knowing

it's definitely a good word to use in that situation!

. The idea that Andy could ever be a snake. Come on, Dusty, think! Andy's the most sexless man on earth! Betsy's never going to go for him when she's already hooked on the rugged charms of You!

. The Brookhavens' romantic reunion.

. Dusty returning to his "hey, man, hands offa mah woman!" attitude that we love so much!

. Dusty realising that Andy is the most sexless man on earth after all, and everyone being happy again.

. Dusty and Betsy's romantic reuinion...

. ... and their tender moment being shattered by Mr Callahan!

What another fabulous chapter. And hooray for my boss being on holiday so I get to catch up on the important things...!xx
Louise Hargadon chapter 12 . 3/23/2011
No, your eyes are not deceiving you. By no means. It's true. I am in fact reviewing. Yes. Don't try and stop me. Here I go, swingin' low... no, wait, it's singin' low... anyway, *bursts into a rendition of Bye Bye Blackbird* Sorry, I've been watching Oceans 11. The real one. I'm in a bit of a Dino mood. Woof woof, what?

Where am I? Oh yes.

Things I enjoyed about this chapter:

. Mr Callahan's apparent knowledge of some rather interesting party trick that Mr Brookhaven is partial to performing once a morning prior to shaving.

. Mr Brookhaven going puce. Brilliant colour.

. Mr Brookhaven's observations on just how many pieces make one. Or twelve. But collectively, one.

. Mr Brookhaven's definite ideas on what he is and isn't paying Dusty for.

. Dusty and Betsy being at it like animals in mating season. I think I must've missed *THAT* chapter...

. Lulu coming over all PP Arnold (I know, I know, that's in the M Rated Alternate Version!) with her 'first cut is the deepest' comment.

. Lulu finally saving poor Dusty from unintentional suicide by taking over his shaving duties. As she says, it takes a woman to do a man's job!

. Dusty wanting to grow a beard, not *just* because he's lethal with a blade, but because he thinks it'd make him look adventurous. Proof - men *need* women, to save them from themselves!

. Stubble free? Eh? How does that even work? Oh, but it does work on Dusty! Because bless him, you can't help but adore him, no matter WHAT his facial furniture status is!

. Mr Brookhaven's preference over exactly who handles his precious silverware. Not any old Indians, that's for sure!

. Dusty pointing out that usually the old Indians don't wait for an invitation before indulging in a spot of petty pilfering...

. Ah, the old 'I need to take a break' line. Don't fall for it, Mr Brookhaven, he's going to ... oh never mind, you fell for it.

. Dusty getting panicky about not being allowed to see Betsy. *hugs monitor*

. Dusty's delight at seeing his beloved Betsy again being quickly overshadowed by his other great love in life - food.

. Dusty's sudden fear that he may have just committed unintentional suicide. Again. Twice in one chapter, the man's got more lives than a cat!

. Dusty's spluttering and retching making Daphne feel like joining in.

. BUSTED! Forgot to mention to Betsy that you were specifically keeping her away from Dusty, didn't you, Mrs B?

. Dusty cheering up completely at the idea of blueberry pie.

. Bloody hell, Daphne, you don't waste any time trying it on with a poor unsuspecting Dusty. You... you... panther in cougar's clothing!

. Mr Brookhaven, you don't diss Dusty in front of Mr Callahan. Whether or not it's deserved.

. "Dusty's the meatball." There are no words.

. "I want to be able to see my face in its bottom." *blinks* I feel I've entered some sort of parallel universe. No, wait... it's okay... I've just re-read it - he was talking about a bowl!

. Daphne telling Carter to 'loosen up'. This isn't going to be some sort of terrifying old person seduction scene is it? *hides behind hands*

. Andy's scientific analysis into detecting the poison levels in unknown fruit. Just get 'em in yer gob, son!

. Dusty forgetting the blueberries were in his hat as he threw it in the air. God love him.

. Mr Brookhaven getting jealous that Mrs Brookhaven is flirting so outrageously with Dusty. I bet Betsy's not best pleased either...

. Mr Callahan pointing out that Mr Brookhaven had basically *forced* his wife into the arms of Dusty with his sheer idiocy. In your FACE, Carter Brookhaven!

Whew! Another great chapter. Are you capable of writing a bad one? I doubt it! I'll have to review chapter 13 soon, but for now I think I have an overdue appointment with my pillow...xx
JWood201 chapter 13 . 2/4/2011
"It's your job to kiss Andy?" Bwahaha! Love it.

This was a classic sitcom resolution to their problem and it works out nicely. Even Andy gets in on the act and the poor guy gets attacked by Tough!Dusty, haha.

The scene of Dusty with the horses was so sweet and Betsy's anger was hilarious, and yet oddly understandable. The flowers were adorable and I love that you made sure to mention that he picked out one of the more alive blossoms to give to Mrs. B. Uh oh!

Your word choice is spot-on, as always, especially when describing the scandalous horseshoe scene through the eyes of Dusty and Mrs. B. And Cal at the end is so mean, but I love the fact that he's so amused at himself, haha. More, please!
callensensei chapter 13 . 2/3/2011
Was Blarney the name of Callahan’s horse on the actual show? If not, I congratulate you on the choice of name (having kissed said stone myself!).

“You mix me up with an ancient Chinese dead guy and call it funny?” No wonder Dusty’s indignant. He doesn’t look like that, especially the dead part. Love the way Dusty’s so literal. Gosh...why am I imagining a Dusty/Kung Fu crossover now?

“Dusty, people don’t remember what you say when you’re alive.” Or understand it either. There’s something sweet about Cal’s very gentle ribbing. He never really gets very angry with Dusty. And that last line in this scene – LOL! Very catchy!

Oh, I’m afraid I can’t help laughing at poor Dusty and his nose, and it’s your phonetic pronunciation’s fault. That and the fact that Dusty is quite right: you don’t get stung by a mosquito. It’s the wrong end for that, isn’t it? I’m impressed he knows!

Good heavens, Betsy! Daphne’s just being sweet! Someone’s awfully jealous! I wonder if Betsy’s ever read “The Lady or the Tiger”!

This is a delightful opening scene with Dusty soothing the horses, and their nickering back to him. Having Betsy overhear and be so touched by it is a very subtle dramatic move. The scene says something about both of them.

“Well, Dusty, maybe you and Freckles would prefer to be alone!” This was hilarious. The lips that touch horses will never touch mine! Now Betsy’s jealous of the horse. Good heavens. Lulu, I think your approach is wrong. Betsy’s going to have to be the instigator here, or Daphne might beat her to it!

Nice move with the flowers, Dusty, even if they were just the ones Blarney hadn’t eaten! His contrast of what Freckles is like with what Betsy is like just had me on the floor. It’s laugh out loud funny and innocent and yet oddly romantic at the same time. If I were Betsy my eye makeup would be running all over the place. And I’d have to kiss him.

And then I’d have to slap him! What gives! And yet it’s pure Dusty to sabotage himself, however innocently. And there’s poor insecure Betsy, not realizing that Dusty doesn’t mean anything by it. No wonder Lulu’s shaking her head.

Cousin Gertrude! Poor girl!

Note all the females getting into the “fingers in Dusty’s hair” act. If Cal and Andy are smart, they’ll be lining up for haircuts next.

Say, whose clever idea was that horseshoe game? I’m betting it was Lulu’s. And it sure worked! Loved fired-up jealous Dusty. Cal’s right: Dusty is a Samson in reverse! (I also loved the whole horseshoe game with its memories of carefree summers in the countryside...sigh...)

Oh! Cal, shame on you! To coin a phrase, “Has no one in this blasted wagon train any sense of occasion?”
callensensei chapter 12 . 1/30/2011
I love both the title you chose, and the reason why you couldn’t choose the other one!

Callahan’s silent comments as he listens to Mr. Brookhaven are priceless (“why don’t you do some work, you old coot?”) but his best comment is the one he actually makes when Carter suggests that Daphne chaperone the young lovers during the day. “You sayin’ they can do that at night?” Oh, Cal. Lulu would be proud of you.

Oh, I’m glad Lulu talked Dusty out of the mountain-man beard. She’s right: they don’t suit anybody! But on a more serious note, Lulu’s reference to the backstory you’ve given her in “A Gal Like Me” lends a brief note of poignancy to the scene. Lulu’s come by her strength the hard way.

Dusty and the blueberries! That would be just like him, to go gulping them without any thought to whether they were poisonous. And there’s sly Daphne, who hasn’t even mentioned she’s supposed to be a chaperone. Looks like her cover is blown, but as long as she can supply Dusty with blueberries, she can keep him distracted.

Oh, I was waiting for this confrontation between the wagon master and Mr. Brookhaven. It was nice to see Cal standing up for Dusty, even if Mr. Brookhaven does have a point about keeping Dusty out of trouble. (Say, Cal seems to have a taste for Italian food. Maybe he picked it up in Chicago.) Cal’s last line is the hit of the story, though. Hope you’ve learned your lesson, Carter!
JWood201 chapter 12 . 1/29/2011
I really appreciated this chapter of the BUSTY story having no BUSTY at all and almost no Betsy at all. It was nice to see what repurcussions their "relationship" is having on the rest of the gang. Except Andy's just too darn nice to really have an opinion, haha.

I really liked how you got the Brookhavens involved, especially Daphne, who I'm loving so much in this chapter. It'd very believable that she'd be into hanging out with the "young people" and Carter would be horrified.

Cal and Lulu were perfect, as usual. Loved how he called her "Lu" and the "...Lulu said, shaking her feather." LOL. Classic. I can't wait to make my Lulu/Mayzie dress so I can strut around and shake my feather. Oh man.

Hilarious stuff - I think the story's beginning to take on a new life and I can't wait to see what ol' Daph does next! Classic!
callensensei chapter 11 . 1/27/2011
Greasy Dusty getting a wash – reminds me of those old dishwashing soap commercials, only a lot more steamy. And isn’t Betsy getting sly these days! Was there anywhere else he got greasy? Heh.

I adored Cal and Lulu’s reactions to the shenanigans: Cal concerned and protective, Lulu amused. And then she outs the poor young pair! What a great image of her, striding around the wagon with her hands on her hips and her “pink feather bouncing jauntily in the air.” That’s Lulu, in all her brazen glory.

And then that great line about Dusty supposedly not being Betsy’s beau. "The hell he ain’t. You mean to say you kiss all men that way? Andy'd be pleased to hear it." Oh, I’d love to be Lulu, just for a day, and be able to say what other people only think.

It's especially nice to see the various character interactions you have in this chapter. In addition to Dusty and Betsy's bookend scenes, you have Betsy and Lulu drawing closer in their friendship as their conversation reveals their vulnerable sides. You also give us Cal and Lulu briefly, and even bring the Brookhavens in with the delightful aside with the tea set. I really enjoy the way you explore all of the different relationships on this series.
Louise Hargadon chapter 11 . 1/27/2011
Now then. Teebs me ol' sunbeam. I now seem to get the feeling that you want to give up on this Busty story. Well. Let me tell you. You can't. You simply cannot. Because if you give up on Busty, then I'll have to give up on... umm... Spevid. And that will depress me so much that I may waste away. You can't do this to me. You must carry on with it. I depend solely on you to keep my hopes alive!

So, y'know. No pressure.

Great Things About Chapter 11 And Therefore Reasons To Continue The Story:

. Andy taking Dusty to one side for a checkup and deciding he's fully fit. Seriously. Why does Andy get into all of these potentially slashy situations and not even notice he's in them? I'll tell you why. Cos he's just too damn nice!

. Dusty's brilliant plan of how to continually get out of work.

. Andy cottoning onto Mrs Brookhaven's secret longing for Dusty. Such a cougar. Such. A. Cougar.

. Andy not even losing his temper when Dusty spills the contents of a toolbox onto his foot. God I'd love Andy to lose his temper. Just once!

. Lulu thinking "God, Dusty's a klutz." Betsy thinking "God, Dusty's hot." at the exact same thing.

. Lulu being the voice of reason.

. Betsy really not comprehending what on earth Lulu's going on about.

. Dusty being greased up. *whimpers*

. "At least I'll be well-oiled, huh, Mr Callahan?" I seem to have just read straight onto the script of Dusty Does Dallas...

. Andy's grease busting formula. A man who is constantly plagued by so many choice innuendos and STILL there's nothing even remotely sexual about him? That's so depressing!

. At least he's a genius, though.

. Betsy cleaning Dusty up. Thoroughly. Betsy, you 'ho!

. Betsy does call Dusty 'silly' a lot. At first I thought "God I'd be so offended if the object of my desire called me 'silly'" but then I remembered the time Graeme Garden called me silly while I was dressed up as him and... actually it was probably one of the hottest moments of my life. I've never been whispered into my stick-on-sideburns before. That isn't even a euphemism. Erm. I digress.

. Aha! Betsy DID have an ulterior motive in helping Dusty get cleaned up after all! She really IS that transparent! God I love her!

. Dusty not being able to hold Betsy mid-kiss. Hoooottttttttt...!

. Mr Callahan not missing a trick. Two pairs of feet that close together - there's only one thing they COULD be doing...

. Lulu tactfully breaking up the Situation.

. ''Lovestruck Shmucksville'? Oh my, do you really think there IS such a place?

. Mrs Brookhaven 'chaperoning' them? Watch it, Betsy, she'll be after another sneaky peek of his longjohns!

. The idea that Andy would be delighted to konw that Betsy kissed all men the way she kisses Dusty. The real question is, would Andy notice?

. Betsy being all "Hey, lady, hands offa mah man!"

. Lulu being all like "Honey, Dusty's a bit scrawny for me. I need a REAL man. Like... CAL... *woof*!"

. The fact neither of them considers poor old Andy as a suitable mate. Just shows you. Women don't like nice. We're odd, that way.

. Betsy still being all "Well, even though you don't have a thing for him, please stop kissing him. That's MY job now!"

. Lulu being all "Erm. Look, I'll kiss him if I want to, you really want to stop being so frickin' uptight!" It's like Jeremy bloody Kyle!

. Betsy. Look. Lulu is hot. There is no denying it. But Dusty loves YOU. So shut up and deal with it!

. Lulu's lingering threat of Mrs Brookhaven. You think you had competition with Lulu - you ain't seen nothin' yet, my girl!

. Dusty on his knees. *sigh* Sorry. Just thinking of his... surrounding areas...

. On an actually observant, not-taking-the-pish note, I like the way you used the term "counter clockwise" instead of "anti-clockwise". What with the former being more of an American way of saying the same thing without resorting to Latin.

. I love the way your readers instantly know EXACTLY what the suspicious sound of a china tea-set breaking into a million pieces sounds like.

. Mr Brookhaven agreeing to part with money. Okay, five cents a year, but it's a start!

. Dusty taking his hat off for the burial of the tea-service.

. The story of the yellow and blue flowery tea-set. Aww.

. Betsy - "I never thought I'd have something in common with Mrs Brookhaven!" She's after your man, honey. You've got way more in common than you think!

. Dusty - "You also got something else Mrs Brookhaven doesn't have... Me." I'm now torn between hugging the screen and laughingly chanting "in your FACE, Daphne Brookhaven!"

. "Oh Dusty, Mrs Brookhaven will be terribly upset when she finds out!" Yep. She will, Betsy, but she'll have to get over it. She's just going to have to try getting her hands on Andy in his longjohns!

. As if anyone would say no to Dusty requesting to kiss them!

Meep! I dunno how you don't think this is going places cos it is. You'll know what to do when the mood hits ya. I have every faith in you!xx
Louise Hargadon chapter 10 . 1/25/2011
Anyone would think by your author's note that you were a little tired of Dusty and Betsy not gettin' it onnnnn yet. Well. Don't be tired of it. They'll get round to it one day. Maybe. If ever Dusty figures out what he's good at... He might find out he's good at something else too... *blinks*

In the meantime, I'll tell you exactly what was so great about this chapter:

. Lulu "Don't Come Knockin' When the Caravan Starts Rockin'" McQueen, being her usual tactful self.

. Betsy stroking his forehead as he dozed. Aww. That's love. He's not even conscious and she's just there, lurking, on the off chance he'll wake up and require mouth-to-mouth. Or even CPR.

. Lulu trying to be helpful with regard to Dusty's ointment application.

. Dusty saying "Ain't no place I can't reach, Lulu." You know what that means. He's very bendy... *bites hand*

. And if Dusty can't reach 'em, Betsy most certainly will give it a bash... She'll help him with the potion too.

. Dusty settling into the role of being a pampered patient with complete ease.

. Dusty's fabulous Grape Substitute idea.

. Betsy not being *that* lovestruck. There are reasonable limits to everything, after all!

. Betsy mentioning Dusty greasing axles while maintaining a completely straight face. Well done, that woman!

. Dusty referring to the ant-bites as 'his condition'. You're not pregnant, love!

. Dusty being quite happy to leave Betsy on her own in the wagon while he scoffs ice-cream. Good lad.

. The idea of Dusty and Betsy simultaneously tasting of chocolate, vanilla, banana and cherry making Dusty so very, very happy. God love him.

. I have to tell you, that whole kissing scene just made me really want ice-cream. I'm starving.

. Betsy and Dusty having a lying-down kiss? Good god! What would Mrs Brookhaven say? "Go on, Betsy! Give 'im one for me!" Well. She'd at least be thinking it!

. Vanilla, chocolate cherries and fish really isn't an appetising combination. But after all that ice-cream talk, I'm so hungry I think I could be persuaded...!

. "How else could she explain the sudden urge to crawl under the blankets and feel his hands all over her?" I'll tell you how, my girl. Because you are a mortal red-blooded female and he is Dusty. There's nothing to be ashamed of!

. Dusty's obvious, brilliant and logical solution to the question "What are we going to do?" Genius.

. Betsy pointing out that they're already lost. Thereby ruining his masterplan.

. Although they COULD join an Indian tribe. And lie there, havin' fun sippin' an' a-swingin...!

. Betsy beginning to want it all the time. And also being partial to the occasional kiss.

. Dusty playing the martyr. Such a man!

. Mr Callahan channelling Jefferson Tracy - "get back to bed!" Doesn't have QUITE the same effect as when Jefferson says it, mind you.

. Dusty's incredible memory, even running to whom he was and wasn't kissing not five minutes previously!

. Dusty's confusion over the exact geographic location of Betsy's mother.

. Betsy not being a low-down, dirty, rotten varmint. Phew!

. "Betsy, if the way I feel about you ain't right, then I don't know what is." *hugs screen* STOP BEING SO LOVELY, DUSTY! STOPPIT!

. I now officially *need* a snuggle with Dusty. It's no longer a want. It's an actual need.

. Dusty's inate ability to utterly shatter a moment.

Now I'm off to find some ice cream before reviewing Chapter 11...xx
JWood201 chapter 11 . 1/24/2011
Lovestruck Schmucksville! Classic Lulu! I think moreso than BUSTY, I come to your stories for amazing Lulu quotes. She's the best!

I think you're doing a good job at reeling Betsy in a little and creating a believable reason why she was being so forward in the first place. Must not be easy to be friends with Lulu sometimes, as fabulous and entertaining as she is. Especially for someone as shy as Betsy, some insecurity there is entirely plausible.

I liked the little story about the tea set and the one with the blue AND yellow flowers - so cute. I can't wait for some Mrs. B chaperoning action, haha. Not quite as funny as it would be if it were Lovey, but I'm sure Daphne's got some tricks and sass up her sleeve. :D
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