Reviews for Life in Sedona
Rodania chapter 1 . 4/15
I love this so much! Your writing is so rich and beautiful! Please write more T/G fanfics
Queen-of-Ice101 chapter 10 . 8/5/2016
I've always really liked Te'ijal and Galahad's interactions and I'm really happy to have found a story that revolves around them. Really love this fanfic! _
artemis chapter 10 . 5/5/2015
PLEASE write more Te'ijal/Galahad:)))
anthane chapter 10 . 4/2/2015
Wow, you know if this is real ,I would love to read one of those book.
Aileil chapter 10 . 9/2/2012
Thank you so much! This was incredible. A true love story that isn't mushy like the film LoTR. And it isn't stilted. They simply fit and you show that so well. Thanks a bunch!
Aileil chapter 3 . 9/2/2012
Oh, that is simply terrific! Ha, ha! The mighty Galahad; bested by an instructor.
MichelleTheVampGirl chapter 10 . 12/21/2010
Oh Wow! This is amazing! :) Love!
Kagetora no Tsume chapter 10 . 12/15/2010's over? T.T

Great ending, though.

Good job on this fanfic, it's amazing,
Kagetora no Tsume chapter 8 . 12/15/2010
That shopkeeper's in trouble if Tei'jal ever changes back...

Another 2 great chapters!
Kagetora no Tsume chapter 6 . 12/15/2010
Yes, I'm reviewing every other chapter. I'm just weird like that.

I love your writing style, and you manage to make them both so in character, which is hard to do.
Kagetora no Tsume chapter 2 . 12/15/2010
*too busy going fangirl over this fic to write a proper review*
VerityLevin chapter 10 . 12/5/2010
I really enjoyed this :) it was well written, funny and charming. Well done xox