Reviews for Teacup Tempest
ClearSilver chapter 1 . 7/31
Omfg this is so good! Your an awsome writer! I seriously loved this story, I almost always feel like ff’s under 100k words are too short but this was perfect! I didn’t even realise it was all in one chapter until the end that’s how engrossed in the story I was haha
Thank you for writing this!
jagen heie chapter 1 . 7/29
while being very long i do wish this was more than a one shot. i find myself loving the characters and the narrative amazing work
Will-of-the-Night chapter 1 . 7/24
I think that this is one of the best one-shots written. I must have read this at least half a dozen times already, and it is still such a great read.
brodylopa chapter 1 . 7/21
This was a cute story
BlackwoodLegacy chapter 1 . 7/19
So I love this story so much, but I kind of ruined a portion of it for myself with laughter and memes. *Spoilers ahead* The part where Maki came back from her last day and Naruto came back from the training, my brain instantly produced the ancient meme; lay down, try not to cry, cry a lot but with Kakashi's face. I nearly died laughing a spit my drink all over the place. Then I remembered the fact that Kakashi used the Thousand Years of Pain on Naruto and kind of understood why Maki was so traumatized, it was sad but also super hilarious.
moodysavage chapter 1 . 7/11
wow...this was absolutely amazing. I loved every word. Beautiful.
Robby the Cyber Warrior chapter 1 . 6/20
...Their life together is going to be one big, beautiful mess, isn't it?
Bruh chapter 1 . 6/15
I fucking love this.
The Dark Eccentric chapter 1 . 6/13
I gotta say, this story was weird as hell. And just...has no right being as amazing as it is.
I mean that in the best possible way.
When I read the summary and opening bit after my friend linked me it (when I told him I was looking for sappy romance stories) I saw Fem!Naruto, NarutoxKakashi, Pregnant while still in the academy and a 45,800 word story in one huge chapter. I thought "Those are all things that might make me think this is some bad fanfiction." But I saw the good formatting, good grammar, punctuation narrative style and that exact combination got me curious and I gave it a shot.
And I am damn glad I did. Genderbend isn't too bad, and I often like it for some reason. The ship...I'd call it a crackship and never thought it'd work before seeing this story. Even with Fem!Naruto it still seemed weird. But...a Naruto that was raped at 10 and has been a single mother for a few years? Changes a person. And by the way, when I first saw the "pregnant while in the academy" thing in addition to the other stuff, I assumed Kakashi got them pregnant while they were dating (not knowing how young they were) right up until the birth scene where it was mentioned how Hito was conceived and...fuck I was expecting some humorous crack story and that was way more angst than I was ready for. But again, it made it work. Made a more mature and world-weary Naruto. That maturity made it more believable that they could pull off the older persona. That Kakashi could fall for them. Just...a story with these premises didn't seem like it should work but you made it work. And so WELL!
Like...the only flaw I can see is that Henge-Jutsu doesn't hold this well exactly. In this whole story that's all I got. When subjected to the stress of sparring or injury the jutsu breaks (like you had during the birth scene where it was mentioned she couldn't hold it). And not sure it can be held while sleeping. Plus it requires concentration to hold it, so it interferes with everyday stuff unless you're really good at it (which like, for the later parts doesn't matter because experience but still). Only example of something close to this was what Tsunade does to seem younger (ironically) but she has a special seal on her forehead for it and is a master of chakra control. So like...maintaining it for most of her life for a few years (including sleeping quite a few times) is really pushing it. But it's a fairly minor detail and required for the story to work, so it's easy enough to brush it off and say it works in this AU. And that's my only complaint. One minor thing about setting mechanics. Well...also was curious what Hito thought about his mom switching like that. Figured it might confuse a kid and with how often they were Maki I'd almost expect Hito to get scared when they switch to Naruto.
But yeah. Thats it. The rest is amazing. Everyone is somehow in character, your writing itself is fantastic, the drama and emotional moments are well handled, as well as Naruto's response to the trauma. Even some good humorous moments thrown in that seem natural, like people pestering Kakashi about being oblivious and "socially retarded". Just...great.
Thanks for the story and proving me wrong.
notsofrilly chapter 1 . 6/13
I really wish that this was divided into chapters so I could comment multiple times.

First, I love this story. I wasn't too sure because Naruto is WAY underage. I know it's fanfiction so a 15-year-old with a 30-year-old is romantic (Harry Potter/Severus Snape or even worse HP/LV) but there is a limit even in fanfiction. I'm glad that they are chaste throughout the entire thing because if they were rutting against each other and having sex I would have immediately stopped reading. So thank you for making this less creepy.

I also found enjoyment in all the assumptions. They so perfectly explain away all of Maki mystery. As a reader who knows the truth, it was funny to see just how wrong everyone was. I kind of want to see more. Perhaps there is a sequel?

... And I just realized that you are the author of Team Tensai. That's soo cool! Favorite Story & Follow Author. I hope you come back to write more fanfic.
Yuki237 chapter 1 . 6/8
Really good hope you do more
nanakim2118 chapter 1 . 6/8
You have a really good story. Never bored to reread this story again and again. Is there any sequel for this story?
Austin055 chapter 1 . 5/23
I loved every second of it. it was well written, and it had you sucked into with every word. I am like several other just wished there was more, which is a good thing.
LingeringShadows88 chapter 1 . 4/27
I am in love with this story, with this Naruto and her son, and Kakashi. Naruto is perhaps one of the most brilliant, kind and strongest person out there (for this story) and Kakashi rarely gets attached, but when he does, he loves deeply and passionately. I was a little bit hesitant about the big difference in their age, but this story proved that the difference is only physical. Naruto’s experiences matured her, giving birth and raising a child by herself has made her develop the mentality of an adult. It is incredibly sad and heartbreaking that Naruto had to go through the terrible experiences, but she didn’t give up and she got what she had always wanted due to her resilience. A family. Who loves her truly. I’m so happy that Kakashi promised to wait for her. He understands that even though her emotional and logical intelligence pars his own, she is still very young.
This story has made me so very happy. Thank you for not turning Naruto into the broken victim. She is a victim, but she did not let it break her completely. It did influence her tremendously but it did not change who she really is inside. She gripped and fought with her everything to not lose a part of her that makes her a kind, loving human. I’m in so much awe of the character you have created.
Deep in the Night chapter 1 . 4/13
This was the first fanfic I ever read and I remember thinking the writing was bad, but the plot was awesome. But now, holy shit, what was I on? The writing is fantastic; and, after 3 years of fic binging, your characterizations are different from what I've been reading and... refreshing? Nostalgic-ish? Either way, it's been a while since I've read the characters interpreted like this and it's a nice bend away from how I've come to see them, even if the differences are only slight. Thank you for writing!
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