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Amanthya chapter 1 . 10/9
Kakashi is creepy as fck, wanting details on her age, how she came to be pregnant, where the babydaddy is, etc. He doesn't know her, he has no fcking right to any of this sensitive info, and acts like her not wanting to talk about it (at all and/or to him, a random *male* stranger) is suspicious when an experienced shinobi - especially an Anbu - would be plenty familiar with the dark underside of the ninja world and would know she's behaving perfectly normally for an underage raped girl whose just trying - successfully, mind you - to get on with her life. And getting himself added as emg contact? First off, only parents (or presumably the Hokage) can add or even have access to someone else's personal file. Secondly, gee, NOT AT ALL SUSPICIOUS AS FCK to get added to rando-kid of an underage girl's emg contact list. Also, extremely *publically* suspicious, and Kakashi would be a better ninja than that. Even disregarding that it's ooc at all, and he'd be nowhere near volunteering there and is phobic of personal responsibility given his trauma history / past. Yeah, no. Don't get me wrong, you handled fem!Naru's pov well enough in the beginning before I gave up and stopped reading (I do not consider this Naruto; let's be real, this is an ofc-by-canon's-name without even the courtesy of a better setup to explain the gender-difference au aspect). And you treat the subject of rape and the indecision of mothers as to how to feel about rape-born babies with some respect. Your story's flaws are not based in the realworld aspects, but in how well it corresponds to canon - which, in this case is to say, it *doesn't*.
NomadSempai chapter 1 . 9/21
Honestly when I was going into this I was not expecting much but after awhile everything started growing on me and this turned out to be a lovely story that I would not mind seeing more of this world
sami1010220 chapter 1 . 8/8
I really liked the idea, but uuuugh did not like the bananas underage age gap
ApophisX chapter 1 . 7/11
This was fantastic and I really wish there were more. Also, seeing all the people bitching about being on a watch list is hilarious, like ffs, any Naruto story that isn't post-shippuden or massively AU, is underage if it has pairings, and this story didn't even have any lemons like a lot of other ones do. Maybe it was because there was pregnancy in this story? Idk.
pigmaniacf3 chapter 1 . 7/10
That was amazing I love it I wish it had more but I am satisfied I think you did really well on this
yochan123 chapter 1 . 6/22
Jesus why would you put 45k in one chapter?! Fanfiction doesn’t even have a good scroll down function

This is really odd. The fact that naruto is still a male but he gave birth like wtf
Skyegrave chapter 1 . 5/25
Damn this story for being so fascinating.
This kind of fanfiction simply wouldn't work unless the reader has some familiarity with the characters and the manner in which this whole story is portrayed is simply riveting. The manner in which you built it played the strongest factor in making this story worth the read. Also, ignore those "pedo-hunters" reviewers that throw shit at you. Many of those have vanilla naruto/harem fics in their favorites, or reversed this fic with older woman/ young man, without even seeing how fucking hypocritic they are given that the first is still with underaged characters and the second is the absolute same of the thing they complain about. People who can't differentiate between fiction and reality need to go to a doctor for treatment. After all, if they need to complain and make FBI remarks to a freaking fanfic then they may as well go and put more recognizable literature down, like Effi Briest, The Sheik, the fucking Tale of Genji. I would actually applaud them for their efforts if they tried, but petty complaints on a fanfic? That's just lazy. Just don't give a damn and write whatever the hell you feel like.
SEULGOD chapter 1 . 3/26 not it. Like omg. I'm probably on the fbi watch list for clicking on this story. I was like "this girl better be over 18" turns out, she's 14 wtf?! I thought I could stomach it, but it ain't sit right with me. Hope none of these people live near middle schools.
readwritemm chapter 1 . 3/9
Thanks for writing :)
AngelousPoofy chapter 1 . 2/1
I am. So sorry. I know all that shit about don't like don't read, but I have a feeling of need to point this out. This is grossing me out. I know that it is one of the main conflicts (her age being 12) but it doesn't change the fact that it is morbid and very much disturbing me. I drew the line when Kakashi kissed her undisguised self goodbye. 26 and 13. Holy shit that's literally twice her age.

I also want to question about how the characters didn't even blink an eye when they found out Kakashi is dating a freaking minor (and also shipping them to marry) that is 10 YEARS YOUNGER?

The plot is... kinda good, if only the ages weren't so young though. I would have applaud and store this into one of my favorite fics.
amc chapter 1 . 12/1/2020
Kakashi teaches Maki the shadow clone jutsu, and the future changes.


"What did you want to talk to me about?" asks Sarutobi.

"I..." starts Naruto. "I want to be someone else. Someone that isn't hurt, isn't hated. Can you help me?"

"Naruto..." She can hear the sadness in the Hokage's voice.

"Please, old-man. You could do it. We could do it! Together, we could make Tatsumaki real. Please..."

Sarutobi looks up at the ceiling of his office.

'Can he afford to do this?', he wonders. If he can keep it a secret - and, after how many other S-rank secrets, it should be possible - no one will ever object. But, if the two remaining Uchiha find out, will they cry favoritism? If Danzo finds out, will he push Root to compensate for the Hokage's weakness? If the civilians find out, will they leave the village without food, supplies and infrastructure? Is his regime stable enough to that he can risk a possible civil war over a little favor?

'And yet... can he afford to say no?'. The village doesn't need (or even seem to want) a Jinchuriki at the moment, but tying this weapon tighter to the village would only help when her power will inevitably be needed. And peace never lasts.

Finally, he thinks of his student: who died young for the Leaf, who sacrificed his own daughter for the Leaf, who lived brightly and surely would have wished for that daughter to live brightly as well. And that daughter wants to be safe. Has found a way to make herself safe, if only he will help her.

It will have to work.

"You understand that this will be an S-class secret? If anyone learns about this, I will have to deny it - just like I would deny any S-class mission that is discovered? And, that forging mission paperwork without the approval of the Hokage is a treasonous offense?" the Hokage asks his young - to young - petitioner.

"I swear. I'll never tell anyone." Then, a quieter voice... "Believe it!"

So, the Hokage creates the paperwork for a 16 year old ANBU-yu chuunin, currently engaged on a long-term infiltration mission. And, then, he uses black ink to sensor everything that would be sensored to keep Yamamoto-san safe on her mission.

He sends Naruto home, and tells her to send a clone (transformed to hide both Naruto and Tatsumaki) to ANBU-yu in two days. There, she'll meet ANBU-yu Parrot for a mid-mission "refresher" course. Parrot, of course, will only be told that the mission requires a young and traumatised kunoichi, and not to worry about things that aren't her business.

Sarutobi almost vomits, as he sends the orders to Parrot. But, this is what Naru- Maki asked for, even if she is only twelve.


A few months pass: Tatsumaki and Hito have occasionally stayed with Kakashi, Hito is wearing a face-mask, and Kakashi can't get the both of them out of his mind.


Kakashi crosses the market on foot - for once. He's returning from a brutal mission, has already de-briefed to the Hokage, and can afford to take the slow way home. His left hip hurts and he's somewhat low on chakra. But, it's good to be home. He won't be trapped in the hospital, when he could be with smiling Maki-chan and adventurous Hito-chan.

He thinks he'll take them both for an ice-cream.

As he passes behind the awnings of a fruit stand, he sees the Fire Country minister of finance, and his personal samurai. The minister's red-embroidered kimono is stiff with embroidery, even though the mister himself is practically stomping. The minister normally works in the Capital, at the Daimyo's court, though he has a villa in Konoha for official travel. (Kakashi hadn't know that he was currently in Konoha, and feels faintly curious.)

And, behind the minister comes a young housemaid holding the hands of two young boys. The housemaid is pale, with rich chestnut hair, and wearing a dull kimono and obi. But, there's something familiar in the way that she moves...

Kakashi slows even more to watch her. The line of her neck as she hurries the boys along. The precise way her feet land in her Geta sandles. One of the boys stumbles, and the housemaid tensions her arm to keep the boy upright and moving. He's seen that motion before.

Fuck. That's Tatsumaki. He's sure of it.

Without a real thought, Kakashi diverts to shadowing the troupe.

At the Minister's Konoha mansion, he senses a chakra flicker in one of the trees. Is that hidden ninja in service of Konoha? Or protecting the Minister? Or on some other mission altogther?

Kakashi hides himself, where he can observe the other ninja without being seen, but so that he still has a chance to interfere if necessary. From his position, he can see into the Minister's office, as the lights come on. Two samurai enter the room, followed by the Minister. He's yanking Maki-chan's arm. Kakashi can see the left-half of her face... she's clearly afraid.

And, now the Minister is yelling. "Why, Momo-chan, did my sons' teacher tell me that they've starting pranking! That's not the job you're supposed to do! I pay you to keep them out of my way!"

Maki is bowing, mouthing something that Kakashi can't hear from his current position.

"That's not good enough!" The Minister yells, and backhands Maki. She falls - hidden from Kakashi's view by the wall below the window.

He's about to jump, when he sees that the other ninja has a camera in hand. Ok. The other ninja must be a Konoha-nin, gathering evidence. If Kakashi interferes now, Maki's entire mission will have been for nothing. If Kakashi interferes now, Maki's partner will know that Kakashi interfered, and Kakashi - and possibly Maki - will end up visiting Morino Ibiki in T&I and Kakashi doesn't want that sort of pain for himself or for Maki.

Maki's partner can take care of her, he hopes. God, Kakashi hopes.

In Kakashi's limited view, the Minister's upper body jerks. He must just have kicked Maki. Kakashi boils with rage. Somehow his Sharingan has gone active, and his kunai is in his left hand. But, it gets worse.

Because, the Minister has opened his kimono - Kakashi can see his bare chest - and his arms are tensioned as they push-and-pull back-and-forth, moving something heavier than just the Minister's own hands. And the Minister is looking down, with a snarl on his face.

And Maki's partner is recording, for Konoha's eternal memory, the full view of Maki being brutalized.

And the copy-nin is recording, for his own eternal memory, the way the Minister's face shifts cruelly to pleasure and satisfaction.

And, God, Kakashi wishes he wasn't seeing this. As his heart screams for him to destroy this man, who is hurting what he values most. Who is taking what he himself wants. Who is replacing the ice-cream he distinctly remembers seeing on Maki's tounge with another man's semen.
As his cock realizes that Maki's mouth must actually be as good as he's been imagining in the shower.

Kakashi wishes that he were not absolutely certain, that there will be a future shower when he imagines his own cock in her mouth, his own hands threaded through her golden hair, fucking his own pleasure from that fucking beautiful mouth. And, later, hating himself.

Kakashi wishes that he wasn't watching now, so that he would have one less thing to hate himself about later.

He simultaneously wishes that he had the full view, as seen by Maki's partner, so that he could see the exact shape of her lips when wrapped around a cock. So that he could see the way her throat moves as she swallows. So that he knows whether she cries or gags or moans - because his fantasies have become horrifically true-to-life since he got Obito's Sharingan. He wishes he'd never gotten the Sharingan.

Kakashi wishes that Maki's partner weren't there, so that Kakashi could murder the samurai that are watching their master rape the woman that Kakashi loves, rip those disgusting, violating hands off of the Minster's arms, and jam his chidori down the Minister's throat.

After an eternity, the Minister laughs, drops what he's holding, and steps - presumably, over Maki's crumpled body - to leave the room with his samurai.

The other ninja must have made eye contact with Maki, because he starts flicking hand-signs. Recording complete. Status-ok?

There's a pause, then: Affirmative. The other ninja drops from the trees and disappears into the late afternoon.

Kakashi realizes that his kunai is driven four inches deep into the tree trunk. As he recoveres his kunai, Maki leaves the minister's villa.

He can see her hands shaking.

Kakashi knows that there is no way in hell that Maki wants him to have seen this. So, he doesn't go to her, and wrap her in a meaningless hug that comes too late and doesn't actually protect her. He's going to stomp the memory of this afternoon down until it joins Rin's heart and Obito's eye and his father's blood. And he's going to chidori himself, if even a drop of the want that he felt today comes up again.

Kakashi pulls himself together, and goes to the Daycare center early. And if it hurts to carry Hito-chan on his hip... Well, that's no less than he deserves.

At five, Tatsumaki meets them at the Daycare center. Her eyes are cold until she's breathed in the scent of Hito-chan's hair. Kakashi invites her for a walk in the park, where Maki slowly leans up against him. Maki avoids his hands, and Kakashi pretends that he doesn't notice.
PrincessAndromeda56 chapter 1 . 11/19/2020
after years of searching, I've finally found you *crying emoji because I am soooooooo happy*
GodPotato chapter 1 . 11/18/2020
This made me smile from start to finish. I absolutely love this and it is easily one of the greatest things I have ever read in my life.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/13/2020
I think I nearly started crying ugly tears this is so beautifully written! Thank you author-sama for such an inspiring story
Yoaifan29 chapter 1 . 11/10/2020
I’m crying
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