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DannySamLover20 chapter 658 . 11h
Aww! Keep going!
Guest chapter 658 . 18h
I really liked this chapter, I like the fact that Sam was able to help Ashton and Emma get ready for their first dance, by giving them advice about makeup and school dances, really shows how much she cares and loves them, thanks for doing my request, great job, love it. I have a request if that's okay, can you do a oneshot where it's around the college years and in it, Sam has beacome more mature and serious about her work and studies for her classes since she doesn't want to fail, so one night Freddie decides to take her to a concert, to relax from studying and during that night he reminds of the old Sam and who she used to be, thanks and great job, love it.
Invader Johnny chapter 658 . 19h
This was rather sweet, I like it when Sam does her motherly side in her own way, heh heh.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
Guest chapter 658 . 21h
Mike2101 chapter 658 . 21h
Whoa... !

That last line made me grin, where Freddie assures Sam, "If those two grow up to be just like you, well then-then they're going to be fantastic young woman." That is as clear an indication that he is still deeply, madly, passionately in love with his wife. Here's a guy who admires his wife for her forthright character and her deft touch at steering their daughters on the correct path.
A Adela chapter 658 . 21h
I loved this. The little flashback dance story was so cute. And Sam is exactly how I am about makeup and dances. Cute chapter.
Guest chapter 658 . 22h
This was adorable. Sam is full of would think Frrddie would know better!
Guest chapter 2 . 7/28
Idea number two! but this time it's more light hearted and maybe even funny..;)

Freddie and Sam in their early twenties and dating. When Freddie returned home after 1 week work trip to different city. Sam is surprised to find on her boyfriends face actual facial hair... mustache and beard! She doesn't like that. At all. At first she just thinks that soon he will shave it off ...But little did she know that her man... likes that beard of his! :) and he is not even thinking to get rid of it. Gibby and Spencer start respecting him more and all that 'cool' things. But she doesn't know how to tell him about it so Sam complains about it to Carly. That it's itchy and scratchy to make out with him. One day when the couple sitting on the couch cuddling Freddie wants to make out but Sam refuse to until he will shave his start arguing but after two kissless days Freddie give in.)))
Guest chapter 1 . 7/28
HEY! :) I have this idea and I just know that no one better then you can make a on shot about it. I will just writ it here and if you like it you can use it. OK?))

Sam and Freddie happily married and expecting their first baby. Everything is going good. Family and friends are happy for future parents. But one day when Sam had her usual doctor appointment. Freddie suddenly get called in to work and can't go with her. Sam goes anyway and unfortunately there her doctor tells her a bad news. That their baby is not healthy. He tells Sam that baby will die after birth or will be suffer all his/hers life...:( Doctor suggest her abortion like one of the options or keep baby anyway... Couple is heartbroken and hysterical. But they discuss it and decide to keep this baby no matter what.. In the end Sam gives birth to little baby boy..completely healthy baby boy! Turns out that hospital mistake Sam's test results with other women...

Soo... I hope you like it ))
Guest chapter 657 . 7/28
Oh God...It was so ..I just can't...

At the end tears of joy was streaming down my face. Along with Sam and Freddie. I can't even begin to imagine how hard news about his illness hit their family. How hard it was for Sam, and the kids to watch him like this. How hard it was for Freddie himself feeling helpless and weak. Thinking that he would never watch his kids grow up...kiss his beautiful wife again..:( I'm just so so happy that Freddie is feeling better now! And it was so nice of Mrs. Benson to help Sam with house and the kids. I just hope that now everything will good for the family! :)
Guest chapter 657 . 7/28
I really liked this chapter, I like the fact that Sam was able to help Freddie get through a difficult time in his life, it really shows not only how she cares and loves him, but also that this as made their marriage stronger. I have a request if that's okay, can you do a oneshot where it revolves around iSave your life, and in it, we get to see Sam's own opinions about Carly and Freddie dating at school and how she feels about it, thanks and great job, love it.
MissMS2 chapter 292 . 7/28
WoW. I hope I have a boyfriend we'll know each other almost as well as that. Really good.
Guest chapter 657 . 7/27
I really liked this chapter, I like the fact that Sam was able to help Freddie get better and be the stronger one out of the two of them, shows how much she loves him. I have a request if that's okay, can you do a oneshot where it's around the second season and in it, it's the night before halloween, and Sam and Freddie are dared to go to a haunted mansion together, and at first it's no big deal but than they think that maybe their's a ghost living there and try to get out but can't beacuse it's locked, thanks and great job love it.
Invader Johnny chapter 657 . 7/27
Wow, this was very emotional, Sam is so very strong to deal with Freddie's condition, in a way ironically the chelmo brought despair to them all to a degree.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
Zetay121 chapter 657 . 7/27
A very emotional oneshot. Beautifully done.
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