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Guest chapter 789 . 9/22
I'll bet the family pet was Max the chocolate Labrador retriever who features in your other story "istart my life"
Guest chapter 789 . 9/21
it was nice!
Guest chapter 790 . 9/21
I don't know anything about this crossover thing.. But I really hope there is not going to be one.. I don't like the idea of Nathan saying who is canon. He have a really strange opinion about this whole shipping game.. And I definitely can't agree with him on this. Bringing his wife in the show is just stupid! She don't have anything to do with iCarly! So nomatter what is going to happen in this "crossover" thing. No matter what Nathan is saying. For me Seddie is the canon of iCarly! And this show ended four years ago, honestly I'm tired of them trying to play with our feelings! For me you're the best seddie written ever! And I think you did better job on developing Seddie then the writers of icarly and Dan. They just ruined the best couple ever.. Thank you for your wonderful work and sorry for this angry comment.
Guestt00 chapter 790 . 9/20
I don't know about that new Dan's show,,,, but a great chapter like ever :D ,, that is the seddie's game :)
Guest chapter 790 . 9/20
Apparently Nathan is guest starring as himself to settle who Freddie liked more Carly or Sam also he's wife guest starring too but Jennette, Miranda, Jerry, or Noah going to be on there..
Guest chapter 790 . 9/20
I heard there was going to be a crossover but I hope not. I don't want to waste an iCarly reunion
tiarawhite392 chapter 1 . 9/20
To answer your question:
Nathan kress is guest starring (and also directed) a sorta game shakers/Icarly crossover episode. The game shaker kids basically track freddie down and ask him who he liked more; Carly or Sam? Thats basically what the entire episode is gonna be about.
Btw: i love this fanfiction. I havent missed a single page. You are amazing!
Mike2101 chapter 790 . 9/20
As faithful viewers of the iCarly series, we saw the slow evolution of the Freddie/Sam friendship. Near the end of season one, in fact the meatball golf episode, not only do Freddie and Sam tolerate each other, but they actually work together to attempt to keep Carly out of the special prep school.

I enjoyed watching Freddie begin to understand how much he appreciates Sam.
Mike2101 chapter 789 . 9/20
"Ash," Freddie said quietly, "I may be old, but I can remember very vividly just how devastating and horrible I felt when my heart was broken in high school. I was empty and numb."

Ashton sniffed, and said quietly, "I feel exactly that way."

"I don't think anybody knows this," Freddie continued softly, still holding her, "but I cried myself to sleep over this for about a week."

"Really, Dad? Who was this girl? Did Mom and Aunt Carly know her? What happened?"

Freddie smiled at Ashton. "Carly and Sam did know this girl. And I tell you this because Danny may be a complete idiot now, but he might eventually turn out to understand just what a wonderful girlfriend you can be."

Ashton rolled her eyes at this. "No Ash, it might happen. I know this this because the girl I was head over heels over when my heart was broken... well, that girl was your Mom."

Ashton sat up straight, and stopped sniffing, her eyes open wide. "What?! Mom broke your heart? How did-? What did-? MOM broke your heart? You two broke up in high school?"

Freddie smiled, and leaned back against the couch. "Yep. At the time, I was sure I could never be happy again. How it happened is an interesting and emotional story. Where to begin? Ah... your Aunt Carly was sure she was a romantic expert, and we asked her to help us..."

And Freddie told Ashton just how both he and Sam tore each other's hearts out, in some sort of misguided idea that they were "too different" and unable to share their interests. Ashton started to see her Dad as someone who really understood what she was going through.
Invader Johnny chapter 790 . 9/20
First, the review, heh heh Carly without Sam is not gun as Freddie found out the hard way.

Indeed, the blonde headed demon grew on him.

Now to answer your question:

According to what I read, Nathan Kress will reveal in a future episode of "Game Shakers" which pairing Creddie or Seddie, according to his own opinion is the "canon" one.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
Invader Johnny chapter 789 . 9/20
Ashton will always have her father, so even if Danny broke up with her, at least Freddie was there to give her comfort when she needed it the most, nice!

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
A Adela chapter 790 . 9/20
I love this chapter. Not only is there a bit of seddie but it showed how much the three are good together.

The Gameshaker thing is possibly another prank like how Dan made it look like the victorious cast was going to be on Sam and Cat or just a short skit with London (Nathan's wife) playing Sam. Jerry's filming a movie and the same day Dan said they filmed the iCarly thing Jennette and Miranda were hanging out so it's doubtful they were filming anything that day.
guest chapter 1 . 9/10
I love love love your fanfic. I have a request if that's okay, can you do a chapter where Sam and Freddie loose their virginity to each other"just to get it over with ".
Guestt00 chapter 788 . 9/8
Jajajaj poor Sam xD it was a funny chapter,, thanks shana :)
Des chapter 787 . 9/5
Thank yooooou soooooo much for taking my request! I really loved it !
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