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Guest chapter 679 . 11/28
haha i liked it. poor sam and freddie btw
Invader Johnny chapter 679 . 11/28
This was very similar to an episode of "Friends", too bad Sam and Freddie didn't get to let Carly and Spencer know how much their blind dates sucked.

But one can't say their plan didn't work out since now Sam and Freddie can still salvage a bit of their night.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
Mike2101 chapter 679 . 11/28

Maybe the two of them CAN manage to have some fun tonight.

Guest chapter 679 . 11/28
Hey! :) I've an idea for your story. Can you please writ a one shot about it? If you would like to of course.

Sam and Freddie are happily dating. Carly got herself this new very rich boyfriend that sends her very cool and expensiv gifts. And Freddie is feeling bad because he just don't have money to buy things like this for Sam. But she don't need them. She dont care about gifts. She just loves ham and Freddie. And tells him just that. :) Thank you.
abnoramltwinpower2 chapter 679 . 11/28
Guest chapter 679 . 11/28
This story it's like a sun on the rainy day for me. Thank you! :-)
Guest chapter 679 . 11/28
Oh the irony..)) But maybe siblings little plan will work out after all.
Guest chapter 679 . 11/28
I really liked this chapter, I like the fact that Carly and Spencer had set up Sam and Freddie on horrible dates, that was pretty funny, great job, love it. I have a request if that's okay, can you do a oneshot where Sam and Freddie have an argument over who's the better superhero batman or superman, after finding out their both comic geeks.
Guest chapter 679 . 11/28
Okay so I haven't even thought about iCarly for the past ... two years... I guess and today, I noticed that I'm still getting updates from this fanfic which I've started 4 years ago... So I can't believe this is still going on but I think that's great and I'm glad you continuing the one shots. Anyway, this used to be one of my favourite fics back in the day. :)
DannySamLover20 chapter 679 . 11/28
Nice! Keep going!
Guest chapter 678 . 11/28
Your every update it's like new episode of iCarly! :-)
Guestt00 chapter 678 . 11/26
So cute :D
jeeesssiii27 chapter 678 . 11/26
Will you update frequently again?
Guest chapter 678 . 11/26
I am so so happy right now! :-) And do you know why? My favorite author in the whole wide world updated my favorite story :D Yeah it's YOU! Thanks for another awesome chapter, i love you!
A Adela chapter 678 . 11/25
You're back! 2 new chapters right when I've been getting swamped by work too that's so cool. Happy holidays and I loved this chapter.
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