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Invader Johnny chapter 569 . 42m
Well I can only say that Sam and Freddie are more than not dealig with the break up in the right way, damn pride of theirs.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
Guest chapter 569 . 1h
I really lied this chapter, it was both sweet and heartbreaking. I liked how Sam got to keep Freddie's sweatshirt and Freddie got to keep Sam's key chain. Very nice. I have a request, can you do one where Freddie's dating a girl and while dating her the girl notices how close Sam and Freddie's friendship is and how they know all this stuff about each other.
seddieshay chapter 569 . 1h
Only you could write something so in character with humor and angst.

I love it! Literally so much. I've been having sort of a bad day, but I'm so happy now because you updated. Every time you update, it's like a new episode of iCarly, which is something I'm sure all your readers can agree with. There are moments when you're more in character than Dan Schneider himself! And it's amazing that you wrote this so perfectly. And, well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't all whacked up on Seddie feels right about now.

Keep up the incredible work! Can't wait 'til your next update.
DannySamLover20 chapter 569 . 2h
Aww! Keep going!
Guest chapter 88 . 2h
I thought this was a really great chapter, definitely liked the reading behind Sam's big appetite. Great job, love it.
abnoramltwinpower2 chapter 568 . 3h
Aww I love that Cute moment between them! keep it up ;)
TheRitingPrincess chapter 568 . 5h
Great time to start posting new chapters frequently btw. I just finished all the chapters right before chapter 565 came out. I do remember when you're story was 563 chapters though. Really love the bond they have in this story as well. I love the different tones you put in the chapters. Keep it up! It's like getting a birthday present every day. This story really reminds me of Season 3 Sam/Freddie 3.
Guest chapter 568 . 15h
Yay! :D you're back! I'm so happy )))
Guest chapter 568 . 18h
I really like this chapter, so sweet of Freddie to help Sam out. He really does care about her.
Mike2101 chapter 568 . 20h
And now Freddie will be able to watch Sam sun herself on the beaches of Hawaii, so Freddie is plenty happy.

Nicely played, Benson. Make sure to wear sunglasses. The tropical sun can be brutal when your eyes are bugging out from watching the Puckett curves.
Grim-XIII chapter 568 . 5/5
I see you are back to writing again...good good lol anyways great stories so far cant wait to see more of whats coming :)
icarliii chapter 568 . 5/5
i LOVED it !
Invader Johnny chapter 568 . 5/5
Well this shows the amount of affection and loyalty Freddie has towards Sam, heh, good one!

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
Dragonsrule18 chapter 568 . 5/5
Wonderful chapter!
DannySamLover20 chapter 568 . 5/5
Nice! Keep going! :)
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