Reviews for Seddie oneshots
Guest chapter 83 . 8h
i have allways igmingned sam with car
Guest chapter 594 . 12h
Nathan kress ( the actor who plays freddie benson ) got engaged ... Still can't believe it
DannySamLover20 chapter 594 . 14h
Aww! Keep going!
bigfanofdisff chapter 578 . 15h
Hi, this seddie oneshots of yours is great, been reading this for a while now. Can i ask you to create a oneshot about that necklace in a cake routine? would really love to read how that it happen. tnx
Invader Johnny chapter 594 . 18h
Well its a bit odd that Freddie's father appeared, but he indeec got a second chance.

Invader Johnny Signing Off,
Guest chapter 594 . 19h
good chapter!
Guest chapter 594 . 20h
I thought that this was a sweet chapter, Freddie deserves to give his dad a second chance. Great job, love it.
Dragonsrule18 chapter 594 . 21h
Great chapter!
Guest chapter 145 . 5/29
I really liked this chapter, I knew Sam would give Freddie a perfect rating. Great job, love it.
Guest chapter 144 . 5/29
I really liked this chapter, I understand Sam and Freddie's frustrations with moving, cause I had to move away too, when I was young. Great job, love it.
Guest chapter 59 . 5/29
sams favourte soup sounds like a flavor of dog food
Guest chapter 593 . 5/29
I am 19 years old but still don't know how to ride a bike. Simply because as a child I never had one. So I guess I know what Sam was feeling when she can't do just that. But it was so sweet of Freddie to teach her how. Wish I have someone like him... I love this story so much! Thank you :)
Guest chapter 589 . 5/29
Funny,, and great! Seddie :D
Guest chapter 593 . 5/28
awwwwwww i loved it! Freddie teaching sam how to ride and sam talking -crap, but talking at least- her past. I loved it!
Guest chapter 144 . 5/28
I thought that this was a really sweet chapter, and I just read your latest chapter, ch 593, and I just wanted to say first, thanks for taking my request, and second of all, I loved it. Freddie teaching Sam how to ride a bike and than her learning how was really great to read. Great job, love it.
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