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Guest chapter 639 . 6h
Freddie sleeps with another girl whilst drunk at a party. The girls thinks Freddie got her pregnant. Sam hears some rumours but doesn't believe them because they didn't come directly from Freddie in the first place and he would never do that to her. They take a break from each other. San is angry at Freddie and Freddie is angry at himself. He later finds out that the pregnancy was a false alarm but it's too late as everything has fallen apart. This is part 1, in part 2 they sort everything out and get back together again.
Guest chapter 639 . 6h
Freddie cheats on Sam and sleeps with another girl at a party whilst he is heavily drunk, the girl thinks Freddie got her pregnant but later find out it's a false alarm and Sam doesn't hear it first from Freddie so she doesn't believe anyone who is tells her until Freddie tells her. This is part 1 and in part 2 they take a break but eventually work it out and become a couple again.
Guest chapter 639 . 7h
I really liked this chapter, poor Sam, but I'm glad the baby's okay, great chapter, love it. I have a request if that's okay, can you one just like the Christmas episode, but where Freddie wishes he never met Sam and regrets his decision later on, thanks and great job, love it.
Guest chapter 639 . 13h
Argh! The whole time I just wanted to punch Nora in the face. Because of her 'little' stunt Sam and the Benson baby was in serious danger! If anything happen to them I'm sure Freddie would strangle her! Glad that that psycho chick and her freaky cousin got locked up for life! I'm so happy for little Benson family! Sam really is hero! She give life to her and Freddie's son in very extreme situation. I hope that Jason know how lucky he is. I'm sure this baby will be loved by everyone..Like always you're the best! ;)
Mike2101 chapter 639 . 20h
I wondered why Freddie was so carefully disabling the device that jammed their phones. It wasn't like it was a bomb... Freddie should have simply taken it into the bathroom and smashed it into a thousand small pieces.
Invader Johnny chapter 639 . 21h
Well Nora isn't one to be stopped, her insanity is her biggest strength, it's not a compliment considering she only causes mayhem.

You did scared me because I feared for the baby's safety, indeed if something had happened to the baby, Sam would have destroyed Nora.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
Guest chapter 639 . 23h
great chapter! nora is insane lmao
DannySamLover20 chapter 639 . 23h
Nice! Keep going!
Guest chapter 150 . 7/6
I really liked this oneshot, I have a request if that's okay, can you one where Sam and Freddie go paint balling, thanks and again, great job, love it.
Guest chapter 638 . 7/6
Can you do a one shot like in How I Met Your Mother where Barney tries to get Marshall to cheat on Lilly with some random girl and it turns out the girl is Lilly so Marshall goes up to her and starts making out with her and Barney is like shocked that Marshall got Lilly so fast. hopefully you saw that episode lol.
Guest chapter 638 . 7/5
Could you maybe do a reverse iKiss, where Freddie tells the whole world Sam has never kissed anyone?
Guest chapter 638 . 7/5
I really liked this chapter, I like the fact that Freddie got to spent more time with Sam's family, great job, love it.
Guest chapter 637 . 7/5
I really liked this chapter, I'm glad Sam and Freddie gave each other gifts inside the cake, that was sweet, great job, love it.
Guest chapter 636 . 7/5
I really liked this chapter, I like the fact that Sam decided to keep Curly and that Freddie actually let it happen, one of my favorite chapters yet, great job, love it.
Guest chapter 635 . 7/5
I really liked this chapter, I thought what Freddie did was really sweet, great job, love it.
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