Reviews for A Hand
BattleMonkey chapter 7 . 1/25
Cas: "ANSWER me" ... * low groan*
BattleMonkey chapter 6 . 1/25
With absolutely no warning, Cas took Dean by the shoulders and kissed him long and slow and hard like he was Cary fucking Grant, all ardent lips and pressing mouths and crescendoing music and Dean fell for it like goddamn Katherine Hepburn
******THIS ******THIS is GLORIOUS! I love you to death for creating this masterpiece
Guest chapter 15 . 10/26/2017
Super cute!
brokenhearted19 chapter 15 . 10/11/2017
That was SO beautiful. And hot. Thank you
Violet Ace chapter 1 . 9/25/2017
ooh! I just watched this episode, what a fitting time to start this fic!
Guest chapter 15 . 8/31/2017
Loved it!
Guest chapter 15 . 8/30/2017
Excellent story!
goldacharmed chapter 15 . 8/14/2017
OMG this was so sweet and so well written and Ahhh I'm still freaking out with how much I love it!
olivegray33 chapter 15 . 7/16/2017
This fanfic is AMAZING! Absolutely loved it! Thank you for writing this and sharing it!
o-lan chapter 15 . 7/15/2017
Hello thecouchcarotte,
That was my first fanfiction, and i have to admit: i kinda liked it!
Your story was easy to read and well written.
Thanks, i don't know if i will read fanfiction again but yours was a cute introduction.
To be honest I'm not really a shipper, i learnt fanfiction and the meaning of shipping from the show! There is so much jokes and subtexte between Cas and Dean that i looked in the Internet to see if it was all on my head or not!
Bref, thank you i really enjoyed your work!
Guest chapter 15 . 7/8/2017
That was awesome!
Sex falcons! Hahaha oh my god you're fucking fantastic! SEX FALCONS!
the one a.m. writer chapter 15 . 6/29/2017
HOW ARE YOU THIS GOOD A WRITER notfairnotfairnotfair
Guest chapter 15 . 6/15/2017
it was really good...wish there was more tho
Guest chapter 12 . 4/16/2017
The way you write the characters is so believable. Wonderfully done!
killermellow165224 chapter 15 . 3/29/2017
you are by far better at writing then most writers i've read 3
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