Reviews for Golden Haze
XxTaintedxDaggerxX chapter 39 . 8/20
What a lovely fic!
AGoddessofAwesome chapter 39 . 8/19
This story was absolutely brilliant! After I had read the first chapter, I called into work and told them that I was sick so that way I could read it. Haha. I fell in love with this tale. Truly amazing. The way you had wrote it, the actions that built up to the plot, the names of the chapters that were more like a play, every single thing about this story had me mesmerized. The Hermione and Fleur pairing have always been my favorite and you had made my top five favorite stories list with this. I most definitely enjoyed it. Maybe a sequel or another story of this pairing from you would be awesome! I loved it.
Yaplu2pseudo chapter 39 . 4/20
Aww.. that was a great story ! We didn't met (meet?) the boyfriend of Bill... did they get married too ? thanks a lot.
Yaplu2pseudo chapter 31 . 4/20
David Bowie ? Bill why do you come now ?! Please, you should have know they would be ...hum,.busy !
Fleur gift is romantic... Thanks for this good act
Yaplu2pseudo chapter 24 . 4/20
Tada... the cliffhanger ! Rhoo not cool... that's why I only read finished stories...
Yaplu2pseudo chapter 16 . 4/19
I really liked the first part. the psychology of FLEUR, why does she react like this etc it's well constructed... even if I'm more "need dialogue girlI don't know how to tellI'm French). I 'm intrigued by the plot in the second part. Who do the treat ? why ? how will WilliamFleur /Hermione react about the heir ? what decision ? etc... Sorry I didn't review before, and I will try to do it before the next act. or maybe 1 review by act. I will try
FootballGirl96 chapter 39 . 4/7
Beautiful 3
MilandaAnza chapter 39 . 3/10
The ending was really sweet though kind of sad they rushed into childbirth
LoveGoodWriting chapter 39 . 2/25
thanks for the tale! this was delightful and full of creative and plausible details... plus great chemistry between pairs of characters I don't usually ship. well done!
LoveGoodWriting chapter 30 . 2/25
don't underestimate her! potent and competent, even with the imposter syndrome so many great women battle.
LoveGoodWriting chapter 25 . 2/25
nicely done, that Harry, Fleur, Draco dynamic at the end!
LoveGoodWriting chapter 16 . 2/25
you're not doing anything wrong ... we're just sucked into the suspenseful plot. thanks for the story!
ImIrrelevent chapter 39 . 11/23/2015
Wow, this is incredible. Really sweet ending. Loved the mix of romance and plot.
Tamara chapter 39 . 11/11/2015
UGH I can't stand this adorable happy ending. :D

You probably don't see these reviews anymore since this is a rather old fic, but I got sent here from tumblr and read the entire thing in three days. Nice work.
Guest chapter 39 . 11/7/2015
Loved it.
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