Reviews for Triwizard Champions
K chapter 18 . 6/26
Great variation on the canon. Greatly enjoyed.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/6
Hey darthkratos24, fuck you, take your bullshit and shove it. We get it. You don't like Harry because you think he's childish and weak and that your girlfriend fucked a guy in your bed. Get lost, you fucking loser
godric777 chapter 18 . 4/20
nice story :)
godric777 chapter 4 . 4/19
nice chapter
V-rcingetorix chapter 19 . 3/22
Very interesting story, good pacing and an excellent writing quality. If I may ask, is the sequel posted on Archive of Our Own, or under a different title?

Keep up the good work!
tieflin chapter 18 . 3/17
I really enjoyed this!
darthkratos24 chapter 1 . 10/2/2021
You know Harry's out burst to prove he's not a "little boy" only proves Fleur's point in this. Why kind of person says that cringy ass shit especially someone who's like harry? Being childish and throwing a temper tantrum because someone said no isn't exactly a good way to prove he's not a child. If you want a more independent or smart harry you've failed already good job my man.
jaqmaq77 chapter 16 . 9/24/2021
Oh... Harry alone? You fooled me, I thought sure you were sending Harry and Fleur.
jaqmaq77 chapter 15 . 9/24/2021
Are we about to see the first 'Howler Molly' meltdown? Oh, wait - did Molly send Hermione a howler in this fic? Maybe not... but even in canon she's an opinionated nag... so I never ever thought she was a nice person - I hated the way she treated Sirius at Grimauld... and allowing the family to treat Fleur bad... I was hoping, when Molly and Bellatrix were fighting that it would be, "Who you calling a bitch... Avada Kedavra... Now where was I? Here Gin Gin... come to aunty Bella..." But then, I was cheering for King Kong, Godzilla, and the Terminator...
jaqmaq77 chapter 14 . 9/24/2021
Poor Harry and Fleur... so many interruption's and so little time... are the fates conspiring against them... will Harry ever get to first base? Will Fleur let him? Is she wearing damp panties? All these questions and many more will be answered in the next fantastic chapter of... 'Tri-Wizard Champions'
jaqmaq77 chapter 13 . 9/24/2021
I always used to wonder why Harry never sent Dobby to help Sirius.
Why did Harry not call Dobby when he landed in the graveyard?
I loved the story, 'Harry Potter and the Daft Morons' - it opened my eyes to possibilities I never thought of before.
I always thought the whole bit about the trial for underage magic was weird and stupid, I always imagined Harry standing up in front of the court and in a loud and slow voice helped by the Sonorous charm, he says to Fudge, "THE...MUGGLE...I...DID...MAGIC...IN...FRONT...OF...IS...MY...COUSIN. I...LIVE...WITH...HIM...DUH!" Then he turns to the court and shakes his head and says, "You people voted for this moron?" Then he sits down, folds his arms and chuckles as he mutters, still under Sonorus charm, "They actually voted for Fudge? Merlin, I thought wizards were smart... Best thing I could do is let them snap my wand and leave this insane asylum. And he dragged them out of bed at this time in the morning for what? They really voted for Fudge? Un-be-friggin-leavable!" Fudge starts banging a gavel but the entire Wizengamot are now glaring at him, and someone call for a vote of no confidence... which passes by 85%... and Fudge cries...
jaqmaq77 chapter 12 . 9/24/2021
Sometimes I find your prose hard to follow - lot of words missing, which in most cases is easy to ignore - but other times I have to read a bit three or even four before I figure it out... like the last few lines...
Fleur gave Harry a hug as Hermione stared at him. He was tying for first place, but more Importantly he was ok. Then out of relief and happiness, she did something neither of them expected, She kissed him...
And my first thought? Why is Hermione kissing Harry?
I know a man with a wooden leg called John. I wonder what he calls his real leg?
jaqmaq77 chapter 11 . 9/24/2021
and another fun chapter... I laughed I cried, it's just so good - a real 'feel good' story
jaqmaq77 chapter 8 . 9/24/2021
Yes... excellent... Love it to bits... but where's Draco... I do not believe that he of the head so big he could get ten kilo of potatoes in his cap has not propositioned Fleur and got a royal slap-down...
jaqmaq77 chapter 7 . 9/24/2021
Damn... Roger Davis again... Colour me disappointed yet again... and what happened to Harry's crush on Cho?
So much confusion sew you do, when so close to canon you fly, my young Padawan... sometimes follow you I can, but other times, even the force helps not.
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