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Xivitai chapter 7 . 4/11/2015
To Guest:
The only reason Ron was nice to Fleur in canon was her Allure. And this story has a lot more sense than crappy canon pairings.
Guest chapter 10 . 4/7/2015
one more stupid fleur fall in love with harry and ron a jealous jerk. in canon ron was nice to fleur.
tpx1 chapter 19 . 4/6/2015
nice story, thank you for sharing
serasgiovanni chapter 19 . 4/5/2015
I really offer to take your story and I love her and if you have the notes of the serious capituos best asun below. Thank You
Tomon chapter 19 . 4/3/2015
Thanks you for telling us. You should consider that if no-one take you on your offer that you would share what you have with us at least. Not just I would appreciate.
It was a really nice story and there are precious few of Harry & Fleur.
Also if someone adopt your story please update this story with new chapter to let us know.

Thank you very much for this story :)
abi bha chapter 18 . 3/30/2015
This is one of the very best fanfictions I have ever read. Please add more chapters of make a continuation story.
Guest chapter 7 . 3/9/2015
Really? Davis?! Again?! In every one of these H/FD fics I read, it's always him with Fleur in the ball. Are you all copying each other? I thought there would be some originality by the 8th story I read. How bloody disappointing and frustrating!

And again, another H/FD fic unfinished and dropped. Thanks for wasting my time.
sanbeegoldiewhitey chapter 7 . 3/2/2015
Stupid Fleur.
PlatinumDragon11 chapter 18 . 2/22/2015
Ok so I just found this story here yesterday, was looking for a good Fleur/Harry story to read and came across this one. Kinda caught my interest from the synopsis that was written at the beginning so decided to give it a try. When I found it was from Fleur's Point of view I was kinda skeptical at first as I am not usually into another's point of view except Harry's but said what the heck. I have to say that you had done a very well done story being Fleur's point of view. The story was highly enjoyable, believable and very easy to love the characters. I like how you kept it within the boundaries of the original goblet of fire while making small minut changes to get the story to wrap around getting harry and fleur together. The story was smooth and flowed nicely, I really liked how you got them together during the ball, and how their love slowly progressed from there. I cannot say that I am disapointed with anything in the story except one thing. WHERE IS THE REST OF THE STORY! LOL sorry, i am not hollering out of anger hehehehe but really comon. you write a very engaging story, you make loveable characters, you get it to the end of the year where their love is just blossoming, and then you end it... especially after you drop the bomb shell of Fleur coming to Hogwarts next year. I thought that was a brilliant stroke of writing right there because I was thinking before, well how are they going to get together with them not seeing each other really for 3 years, the love will cool and then they will move on and that is it. Instead you have her coming back to school as she did not take her N.E.W.T's that year so it is a very viable solution. But you just ended it and i was beyond disappointed. But then i thought well maybe you do like a lot of other writers and make a new story for each year and so looked through you written list and nothing. I was just sad, I was hoping for them to go through his fifth year together and them getting closer while dealing with new issues, him being able to be with sirius after fifth year and them going to france so he can spend time with fleur and her parents, of them later where harry will propose to her and him going through is sixth and seventh year and them marrying before the story ended. I guess we can't have everything and sad to see the story has ended. Well anyway, thanks for the great story and hope to read another good story in the future. Keep the imagination running and have fun with it :) Laterz.
NarcissisticWriter chapter 1 . 1/28/2015
Apparently dinner took like three minutes. Or Fleur is incredibly slow.
Guest chapter 18 . 1/11/2015
Marvelous story, absolutely loved it! It's a bit of a shame that my chemistry test(which I'll be making in roughly 5.5 hours) will likely suffer for my timing in reading your wonderful story!
EtzStephen chapter 1 . 10/19/2014
McStephM chapter 15 . 10/14/2014
Good story so far...nice plot...but too mushy at the last part!
Mighty Pen 20 chapter 12 . 9/2/2014
This is an adequately engaging story, and your writing is not bad; that said, there are two major setbacks in my opinion.

First, this is heavily and mainly a romance fic. This type of story requires at least a modicum of suspense and mystery. A ' will it happen / won' t it happen ' vibe, if you will. By using Fleur' s pov like you did ( and you made her into a very bland character at that ) you basically give away the point of the story from the very first chapter. Thus, the much needed mystery and suspense were not there; we simply know what will happen and how it will happen probably. I wish you would suddenly ' surprise ' me at some point, but so far it has not happened.

Of course, you could answer in response to that, ' Hey, i did her pov, so you know what Fleur is thinking, but you don't know about Harry! ' . The thing is that Harry is a fourteen year old male here, and Fleur is a hot, slightly older being of sexuality. What he thinks and wants to do is a no brainer.

The second point is that you seem to be sticking very close not only to canon events, but to the dialogues and passages as well. The latter especially was a turnoff, because most of us readers have read the canon books quite a few times, so we just instinctively skip identical text.

Thus, having read up to this point, i can say that while it makes for some pleasant pastime reading, it is nothing more than that, due to the points above rendering the story bland.
missgsmith51 chapter 18 . 8/6/2014
"Don't expect to get any thanks from Mad-Eye, he'll just shout at you for not noticing the imposter earlier."

How the heck would Harry or Fleur know Barty, Jr., was impersonating Mad-eye? Neither of them had ever seen the real Mad-eye before ... or Barty, Jr., for that matter. Dumbledore should have noticed ... or maybe Bagman, who worked at the Ministry and also knew Moody during the previous Voldy war. Barty, Sr., might not have realized the impostor was his own son; however, he at least knew the real Mad-eye and should have had some frame of reference early on, immediately after Harry's name came out of the GoF. Once he was placed under the Imperius by his son, I think he was useless.
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