Reviews for Star Fleet Prequel The Rise of the Alliance
pacificuser chapter 9 . 6/7/2012
my fav chapter of all! chapter nine! again,good work Vanessa!
pacificuser chapter 6 . 6/7/2012
got your PM British lady! Actually,Starfleet/X-bomber was really big here in South-east asia! The problem is that because the original company went down a few years ago,it is extremely difficult to get "real" official memorabilia! I've had to travel to Japan and Hong Kong search for toys and video games twice just to get my SF fix! Can you please kindly post on your Profile the links for "other" SF fanfictions? Yes,to answer your question,my officemates enjoyed the story you wrote! If you have access to a social-networking site like FB face book,kindly add me up so we can better exchange info. Unfortunately, FF does not allow the posting of web links in its private messages! BTW,do you already the official soundtrack from Queen/Van Halen to Starfleet? I could perhaps email you the MP3 if you want! thanks! Respectfully:Bien Canonizado That's my name on face book, just search Bien Canonizado. BTW,the "portrayal" of the "Alliance" in your story remind me of the "Borg" from StarTrek! Most people portray the Alliance as being like purely robotic organisms like the Silons from Battlestar Galactica!
pacificuser chapter 19 . 6/4/2012
great work! that was a pretty nice ride through my memories as a kid! Actually, "Starfleet" wasn't shown in the Philippines until 1986. so,I was about three when I first saw this episode. actually just bought me the blueray copy. I really hope you can read my own X-bomber/starfleet fan fiction. it is a cross-over with the TV series BattleStar Galactica 2003. Too bad it is written in my own native Philippine "Tagalog" language!
pacificuser chapter 1 . 6/4/2012
cool! Man,this is really pretty cool! its too bad that people do not appreciate this particular fandome owing to its age since its broadcast back in 1982! But I remember,yes,I'm a second generation fan after my dad! Actually,I'll be very honest with you. I'm printing-out the story right now,will share it with my officemates who are all "80s babies". I remember this thing airing in the Philippines just before "Robotech" that's the one by Harmony Gold. thank you for talking me down memory lane! God bless! I'm hoping you will write more stuff in this particular genre!