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Kurama159 chapter 74 . 2/23
I'm glad the snapes adopted jamie but I half ecxpected the potters to burst in. I know he's too young but I think Jamie will be sorted into ravenclaw, same with harmony.
Guest chapter 74 . 2/22
Interesting. I wonder if they are going to change Jamie's last name.
PiffyEQ chapter 74 . 2/24
I am glad that they are starting to include Harmony's grandfather in their family and I am so glad that Jamie was able to get adopted. I hope they don't run into the Potter's when they head to Fortescue's!
witchsbroom chapter 74 . 2/22
OMG what a chapter. Looks like Jamie got his wish and get's to stay with Severus and Lily. Oh I can't wait to see what happens when they go for Ice Cream at Fortescue's and one or both of the Potters show up and through a big fit. Should be interesting with all the customers and shoppers in the Alley watch the big show
Niknakkitkat chapter 74 . 2/23
This is so fantastic! I loved reading every single chapter and look forward to future chapters especially now that jamie has joined the snape family officially. Keep up the good work!
teedub chapter 74 . 2/23
Seems fitting that Fortescue's is the place for celebration. It's where it all started and now where it's least as far as Jamie is concerned. Hopefully the Potter's won't be there to cause a scene but with Severus's luck, the most likely will be. Or someone that the Potter's associate with will see them and report back.

I hope Severus and Lily decide to have more children, even though I usually eschew that idea in stories.

I must give kudos in how you portray the relationship between the Snape's and Dumbledore. Though they worked together during the War, it doesn't mean that all is forgiven or that complete trust and respect have been earned on Dumbledore's part. Sure, he's made some good changes but he's not perfect and Slytherins are still viewed with suspicion in his mind, even if he's making an attempt to be better. I doubt the Snape's will ever trust Dumbledore's word in terms of accurate retelling or interpretation of "school yard hijinks" if their children are involved. You've created a very realistic relationship between them.

I wonder if anyone will figure out that the rebound mirror that was above his cot is responsible for vanquishing Voldemort and not Jamie.
Guest chapter 74 . 2/21
Glad to see new chapter as it's been way too long. It's been awhile since I've read anything about any new potions Sev has created.
Guest chapter 74 . 2/21
Me alegro que continĂșe mas mas muy bueno
Kittenofthesnow chapter 74 . 2/22
Oooohhh I have a feeling I know whats gonna happen in the next chapter. this chapter has just been sooooo calm. Glad you finally updated! I have been chomping at the bit to read more I love this story!
CapoExecutor chapter 74 . 2/22
This is really going to throw James and Marlene over the edge. Sometimes, I wish someone will just hex them to shut them up.

Jamie will be interesting to observe and I wonder if there will be other foes besides the pureblood supremacists.

Good to see you are still writing!
Pennieyoung chapter 74 . 2/22
This is a wonderful story, thank you for the update (:
fan girl 666 chapter 74 . 2/21
loving the Christmas stuff and that Jamie is now officially adopted by the Snape's you made him such a sweetie and he really seems happy with his brother and big sister
DanaCardinal chapter 74 . 2/21
Yay! I'm so glad that Jamie was adopted by the Snapes. And Lord Reed seems to be becoming a decent guy, I had my doubts about him at the start. I really hope that Sev, Lily, Jamie and the others don't run into Pothead and his cow of a wife at Fortescues. That would seriously ruin everyone's day.
Crazykrew616 chapter 74 . 2/21
Omg so awesome... can not wait to see what happens next... how will the potters take it... and what of Jamie's last name is it now prince?... I feel like before signing the papers they should have asked him what he wanted... and a very proud prince...
hwyla chapter 74 . 2/21
So nice to see Jamie has safely become a 'Prince'! Really nice to see an update to this fic.
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