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Guest chapter 40 . 5/6
I really enjoyed this fanfic. However, you entered way to many characters at once. When you killed off Ciro, I was trying to remember which one was Ciro. The other major thing was that Dark Spyro seemed to appear less near the end, than in the beginning, or at least hints of Dark Spyro. I enjoyed your depiction of Cynder, although I've alwa seen her as the type to enjoy solitude.
Manny chapter 40 . 3/17
You have outdone yourself. STOP BLAMING YOURSELF! HAVE SOME CONFIDENCE! The ending was awesome everything linked up just fine. I juzt wish flame didn't die. Overall thiz story was a good one i expect more good stuff like this. Bye see you later!
bizzleb chapter 40 . 3/13
Oh my sweet Jesus! Please forgive me for taking so long with this review, as I forgot to do it the first time after I read your epilogue.

Regarding your decision to do it, I feel that it was your call alone and you stuck with it. I could tell with how much effort was put into making this final chapter for sure. Again, I'm sure it was hard to do, but in the end you can only do what you can do.

Well, at least in the end it was a happy ending despite all the different tragedies that had to occur to make it that way. The biggest of course was Flame passing away and Spyro having to lose all his powers in order to save himself from corruption. I'm sure writing those scenes alone would've torn your heartstrings for sure. No doubt it would've been more exciting to see it this way, but again it was your call.

Wonderful work wrapping things up and filling it pretty much every plot hole either myself or your fans could've concieved, and who better than Ignitus to tell the story?

Thanks again for writing the way you write and filling out these excellent works for so long. I hope any and all future projects go well for you.

Peace out,
Clockworke chapter 40 . 3/10
I have to say, this is the best Spyro Fanfic I've ever read.
Guest chapter 12 . 3/9
I will give orpheas a hug P.S. don't forget my virtual cake!
Guest chapter 11 . 3/8
to pretty to do that.
AwesomeStarGuy95 chapter 14 . 2/16
That is mess up for what happened near the end. May you rest in peace, Ciro, I knew ye well.
Solaro the watcher chapter 40 . 2/13
...Ok, because of the nature of this chapter, I can't do my usual review style of inserting Solaro in as a ghost. So I'll just do what a good reviewer does and give my opinion.

While I am sad to see this story end in this kind way, I understand your reasons for doing so. Heck, you've proven you've got more integrity as a writer than I do by finishing it *somehow*. (I just ended up cancelling my Soul Calibur/Spyro story in the middle of an action scene because I couldn't get what was in my head into keystrokes.) And the ending you presented was well worth the wait (understatement of the age).

As for the individual character endings, I'll just list them as i go. (warning: some overreactions may occur. Take them with grain of salt)

Spyro and Dark Spyro - loss of his elements always sucks, more so now since they're gone for good. But at least he's alive.
I like what you did with Dark Spyro in making it basically the embodiment of the chaotic nature of the elements all rolled into one.

Flame - mix of sadness, pride, and disappointment for his ending. Sadness: he died. Pride: he died in a way fitting to his personality. Disappointment: he never got to see the end of the war. He died a hero in the end, though, and we can't ignore that.

Zephira and Mother Seak - this has definitely been my favorite arc of this story: watching a crippled dragoness overcome her disability. (okay, second favorite arc; Spyro trumps all by default in my opinion.) I was kind of picturing Seak usung her last breath to magically repair Zephira's wing, but this is just as good.

Nadi - Okay, I honestly didn't see that twist coming; Nadi had me fooled, hook, line, sinker. I was expecting some greater evil, like one of Malefor's old followers during thst scene with Skelos and that dragon in the cave.
I am glad he was able to reconcile with his family.

Lumis - So he went with Nadi... Not much to say.
I wonder if Alta was able to cross over and join the Ancestors or if he's still bonded to the claws...

Chasm - Whoa! Didn't see that coming.
I'm actually glad he got an 'honorable' death; he's been shown to be a three-dimensional character, and one of the main focuses of the story. So to see him not get a satisfying conclusion to his story arc would have been a major letdown (though I'm sure at least half the audience would have been fine with him just getting his just desserts and be done with it. Glad you took the time to give him a decent end.)

Skulk - Least favorite of the twins. I'm just sorry it wasn't Flame to get the kill.

Skelos - Now, THIS was a likeable antagonist! We know his actions aren't right - and deep down, so does he - but he's driven by a sense of duty to his people. And through Terra, we see that he's a caring brother above all else, who would do anything for his sister.

The story as a whole, to be honest, was fucking amazing! With a few minor tweaks, I could see this as a plot for a future game (barring that Activision pulls their money-laundering heads out from under their tails and realize they need to make Spyro good again).

My Ratings:
Story: A (perfect 10)
Writing: A (9.8)
Humor: B (8.8)
Ending: A (9.7)

Overall: A (9.575)

P.S. - about that last review in Firelight a few months ago (wow, has it been that long since I read it?), I'm sorry... I was trying to bring my overreacting reviewer side in, and it backfired. I should have seen my mistake before I posted it. And I'm sorry I never got back to you on this until now.

I may not be your favorite reviewer (heck, in my time on FIMfiction, I'm pretty sure I have some people beating on my door) but I'll still be here to offer encouragement when I am able.
Peacekeeper Ferideen chapter 40 . 2/7
I am not good at writing long reviews so i will keep it at this.
This is one of my favorite fan fictions on this site and it is hands down one of the best ones I have read.
I am disappointed that this beautiful story ended prematurely but I am glad you at least brought a resolution and did not just kill the story and leave us hanging. Anyways it has been a great read and I look forward to your other works. Good luck in future endeavors.
Phaedrolous chapter 40 . 2/2
Well, that's a bummer. Think you could find someone to do the rest?
DracoTaurus101 chapter 32 . 1/31
my jaw actually dropped at the end of this i thought it would be alta's brother
DragonOfChange chapter 40 . 1/30
Can't say it ended exactly as i'd hoped but i'm happy it atleast ended, I only wish you'd give more detail about Hunter and Terra's relationship at the end but you already said that this universe is getting put on the shelf so don't fuss about it. Great story River it was worth sticking around to the end and I am glad to have been one of the loyal readers of this story. Have a good day friend.
DracoTaurus101 chapter 29 . 1/30
anyone else fell like ripping off chasms injured leg or am i just going crazy
DracoTaurus101 chapter 27 . 1/30
welp i know what certain green dragon will die next. also if i was spyro i would be really pissed at that pardon my french.
P1nk4m3n4 chapter 40 . 1/29
I'm a tad disappointed that you ended the story this way but I really like youre writing style and look forward to reading more of your stories.
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