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Creepy Usagi chapter 29 . 3/3
ok i just randomly found the first story and read it in a flash just so i could read this sequel and HO BOY THIS IS SOO GOOD?i love your writing and pacing and the way you portray everyone?FUCKIGN FLAWLESS! PLS CONTINUE THIS ONE ONE IM BEGGIN U THIS CANNOT BE LET UNFINISHED
Guest chapter 31 . 6/5/2016
NOOO! Why did it have to end D:
Maiz chapter 31 . 2/28/2015
I sincerly hope you finnish this one day. :(
Belladoni chapter 31 . 1/2/2014
OMG why didn't you finish this?
daarb123 chapter 31 . 7/22/2013
Ho there! I've just finished reading through both of these stories, and wow! This story arc was something that I wanted answered for so long, since I've always been a fan of Cullen/Surana. It has truly been an exhilarating ride, the character play, the snippets of Gabby's time during the Blight, it's all very very interesting. Anders does have a bit of snark to him, but true colors show at times of distress, eh?

I don't suppose that you have any plans to continue, seeing that this is two years old now, but I do hope you finish the story. At least, not leave it hanging like it is now. It has been a pleasure to read through your wonderful work, and I anxiously await your next step. Faved and subbed.

Persephone Chiara chapter 31 . 7/4/2012
It has been so long... And yet this tale is still on my mind. Lisa, please, PLEASE update this again. I miss getting your alerts so terribly. This is one of my favorite stories and Gabby is one of my favorite heroines... Please, even a short update would suffice. I have seen so many amazing stories abandoned and I don't want this one to join them. :(

So...*Poke* *Prod*
Grannaah chapter 31 . 12/8/2011
Please, please update your story.
Kiki Aries chapter 31 . 8/6/2011
Knock, knock... Update, anytime soon friend... I been good and waited...
Snowybiscuit chapter 31 . 7/28/2011
Please finish? Please, please, pleeeeeeease? Yes, I'm not too proud to beg if that's what it takes. This was my favorite story and I used to get all excited to see the update notice when I woke up on Friday mornings. Anders became such an idiot in DA2, but this tale brings back fond memories of his Awakenings adorableness. And your Nate kicks arse! Let me know if more begging is needed.
DraugFaeg chapter 21 . 6/20/2011
Hi, Lisa! I didn't read your amazing story for soooo long (yeah, i'm a really bad fan, I know), but now all this precious chapter are mine. Wow, you've done a great job, I swallow 16-21 chapters at one gulp and i'm utterly happy now. But (un)fortunately now i need to sleep, so I can prolong the pleasure for tomorrow. Yay)

I keep fingers for Tristan. ( And hope about AndersGabby. And afraid of Grand Cleric, surely she is an overmind of all this tower crap.

The main thing - not to read other review, tons of spoilers)))

Tight hug for you for this wonderful tale! )

PS. Elf ears! You're dirty woman)))))
Lord 0f Storms chapter 31 . 6/15/2011

Oh my. Sorry, I just couldn't keep it in any longer! Oh, as you can see, this is a review - I know, an *actual* review ;) My computer more or less ended up completely breaking about a couple of weeks ago. Handed it over to a friend of the family who held onto it for a while, fixed it, and wahey - now I can review! :D

Anyway, writing an actualy review would make sense now XD. Oh, I was on tenterhooks throughout the opening part of this chapter, from Meredith's POV. I really loved that, exploring his feelings about his new home, and what he did. I sort of feel a little sorry for him :( At least he intends to go quietly - unless of course the change of plan makes him change his mind.

And this really has Anders fired up, doesn't it! I'm almost expecting him to tear Meredith limb from limb when he finally finds him! It's rather lovely how protective he is of Gabby though. I can only imagine how she'll react to this news. Poor Gabby.

I loved the little conversation between Alistair and Elissa (that's name of the Cousland Warden, right?). Ladies are falling pregnant all over the place. I suspect something in the water... or the lyrium XD. I'm getting very curious about this plan of his. There are so many little threads of story, all weaved together! Wow, that sounds cheesy, but you know what I mean - I hope.

*Seriously* can't wait for the next chapter! I've been scrabbling some ideas together for the fic I'm working on (nothing solid yet), but I wrote a few one-shots out while waiting for my compy to be returned. Wrote them on paper. Paper! Haven't done that for years! Take care :)
naomis8329 chapter 31 . 6/10/2011
Oooh, Andy ain't a happy bunny, he's certainly not doing his happy dance.

I'm just glad it wasn't Martin. I'd grown quite fond of him to be honest, well both if I'm totally honest but Martin was so quiet and gentle. Merry does, I think, genuinely feel remorseful about what he helped do to Cullen and possibly a little justified as he was ultimately trying to protect the other Templars and mages to a certain extent. However, he should have given Gabby a chance as the times they were a changin'...

A wonderful story that lifts my heart when I read it.

Take care honey

Naomi xxx
Dark-Huntress Moony chapter 31 . 6/4/2011
uuuuuuuu-oh now its comming down to the big thing. i hope they have the right guy becuase you made it sound like it might be the one nate was talking about or it might not be.
Tyanilth chapter 31 . 6/4/2011
Oh poor Meredith :( I had this nasty feeling about him... And it's so easy to see how he made the choices he did - kudos for managing to keep him both three dimensional and a sympathetic figure.

And Anders in a state of fury is impressive.

Great update :)
CCBug chapter 31 . 6/3/2011
Go Anders!

What a fantastic chapter! So we now have our culprit, who may or may not be going down with a fight, a missing Gabby, and an very tense, angry, and frankly sexy Anders ready to take the keep apart brick by brick!

This chapter kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time, and I warns disappointed to come to the end of it! Fantastic and brilliant in every way!
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