Reviews for Letters
Raikaguken chapter 22 . 7/3
love the story, amazing work.
anthony1245 chapter 2 . 6/18
very good chapter
death390 chapter 3 . 6/6
Hmm, not quite what I was expecting. I figured it was going to be more of a harry being cagey and not nutting down his name to prevent the “oh your the famous Harry Potter!” Issue in the first place and looking each other up when year 4 gets into full swing. Not to mention I don’t see H.P. going on a rant and sending it anyway I would have thought he would have scrapped/ scratched it. I’ll continue for now but it kinda feels OOC.
The Final Faux chapter 14 . 6/4
I just love this fic. The interplays are awesome.
Senseo chapter 21 . 5/29
Correction: [1-19]-22-21 (20)
Senseo chapter 20 . 5/29
Correct chapter order 1-18-22-21 (alternate ending, which sucks and ruins the pairing which was the point of the story, 20: in case for those wondering if you want to read in the correcr order for the best experience)
Guest chapter 1 . 5/28
Just reread this. And I gotta say that altenate ending is fucked. He sexually assaults her and she ends up with him? What a stupid, unnecessary dark flaw on an otherwise good story. What the fuck? I'll just pretend chapter 20 doesn't exist or somehow try to forget about it. Maybe some occlumency will do the trick.
Len chapter 22 . 5/26
Realmente no se si leas esto, pero quería decirte que tu obra es la mejor que he leído en mi vida. La leí cuando estaba en la prepa y la vuelvo a leer ahora y dios es simplemente increíble!
Janie.ohio chapter 22 . 5/24
This was a fun story, though Harry was pretty OOC. I liked this Harry though, and it was a fun read. thanks.
IIEarlGreyII chapter 22 . 5/24
A somewhat mediocre fic that has several brilliant ideas. Unfortunately it is really bogged down by a Harry that is very much NOT Harry Potter, and a romance that is dull as can be. I think the story would have improved twice as much if it didn't try to be romantic, because the Harry/Fleur thing is a real trainwreck to read here.

I will say some of the best quidditch writing I have ever seen. But overall there's not much to see here. It is decent enough that I would recommend giving it a try, but if you start to dislike it I say give it up, because it won't improve.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/18
Garbage, you might as well have written Harry/Daphne, why mislead us with Harry/Fleur when they had zero chemistry in your story?
Sam Hinkie chapter 21 . 5/11
Can’t get over the fact that Bill Harvey Weinsteins Fleur, and in one ending she takes it and ends up with her. Such a horrific ending to an otherwise great story.
FireAndSteel chapter 10 . 5/6
Jesus christ I'd have given up after the first rejection let alone four
Orelean chapter 20 . 5/5
Mm. I guess this story helped me discover I’m a Harry/Daphne shipper, because this is the ending I prefer. The original is good too, though.
Orelean chapter 12 . 5/5
Aw man, don’t tease me with the Daphne/Harry. Unless you really are doing a love triangle? Your story info gives away the ending, though, so it’s less fun.
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