Reviews for The Ocean in a Teacup, and Other Overestimations
Guest chapter 13 . 6/17
This was beautiful. Out of all your writing so far, this one stuck. Impeccable imagery and sensory details; I felt as if I was in the cold or a part of each scene. Just awestruck. Continue to write love.
winteralley chapter 12 . 9/9/2016
Well worth the wait. This chapter delivers a perfect mix of romance, action, and drama in an immediate and accessible world. The description of the ceremony, the weather, the phonograph tracking its last empty circuit. I could hear the hollow footsteps echo down the hall, the blizzard whining outside, the rhythmic sounds of a stylus on vinyl. Beautifully stark and evocative. What an interesting day for a wedding. I hope it’s not a portent of things to come. And Buddhism as a new age propriety? LOL.

Oh, Kuina’s playing hardball at work, showing some edges here. Fighting for her position, taking advantage of Guo so soon after stabbing Jokichi in the back. Even a little sedition in the classroom. Maybe it’s the delayed honeymoon. Or maybe it’s just growing up in Kiri. I love that Guo’s SO is a marketing coordinator from a manga! Gives an unexpected dimension to this grim world. The confrontation with Mei was as enlightening as it was exciting. Kamisori’s playing an interesting game himself. He and Kuina are truly well-matched. Grumpy Zabuza. Can’t let anyone see that soft spot.

I love this story! So many moving pieces. It’s definitely one of my favorites.
Red Wings chapter 12 . 7/26/2016
It's been a while since the last chapter. Let's see...

Kuina and Kamisori finally are married! Congrats to them. Interesting how you managed to fit in elements of modern reality into a fic like this - manga! conventions! - as well as lines from FDR's speech about the attack on Pearl Harbor. You're really savvy, you know that?

I like how Kuina is doing her best for her apprentice. With time, Guo can definitely become Chief Medic, once he gains more self-esteem and confidence. Kamisori and Utakata seem like a good team, too. Terumi Mei is a good enemy to have. It's too bad all these different factions of Kirigakure are fighting each other for what they believe is the right thing. Ah, civil war. I have a feeling that Kamisori's dark and troubled past will catch up to a bad way. Kuina only knows the generalities, not the specifics. I am rooting for them, though, just like I do Sato and Tama in Harbinger.

Too bad that Hyuuga committed suicide. Kuina would have done something to help him...right? Or maybe that's just too optimistic of me to think. Kamisori's words and what Kuina's been taught are very deep. I like her Way of the (Medic) Ninja is. Different from Tsunade's and Sakura's. It's very refreshing to see something new other than seeing things from Tsunade's or Sakura's POV. Medical ninja come in all kinds, after all, I'm glad to see.

Zabuza and Haku are doing their best not to get noticed by anyone - the village, the rebels, the clans. I'd like to see more training days with Haku, though. He's my favorite. I haven't forgotten Suigetsu or Kimimaro, though. Once those three boys get together - whether by battling against, or with - it's going to be fun. I definitely root for Haku to be the leader and Messiah of Mist village. He can definitely become that, the way Naruto is for Konoha.

Thank you for the update! I look forward to the next chapter of Harbinger, too!
winteralley chapter 11 . 12/14/2015
There is so much good about this story.

You’ve taken a fascinating under-appreciated element of the Naruto world, the Seven Swords of the Mist, and painted a rich setting and backstory, peopled with well-developed OCs and believable canon characters. Momichi Zabuza a sympathetic character? Incredible, but you portray him with legitimate motivation and unexpected humanity. I find myself rooting for him and for his future.

I adore the Hozuki boys! I’ve always been sweet on Suigetsu, and love seeing him as a child. The interplay between the brothers is well-written, tender, and pragmatic. Mangetsu’s description of their kekkei genkai is reasonable and thoughtful.

And Kuina. Well, I’m a sucker for a medic-nin to begin with. I enjoy watching her relationship with Kamisori develop and deepen, but I have an uneasy, niggling dread that her destiny may be as tragic as her half-sister’s. I’m invested in her happiness, so fragile in this brutal world.

Such a strong cast of characters and the threads that bind them would be enough to keep me hooked, but the harsh world in which you’ve set these gems makes them sparkle all the more. This ain’t no jaunt through the park. You’ve built a hard gritty realism into your portrayal of the shinobi world, and especially the severity of the Bloody Mist years, that really enables you to reveal deep motivated characters.

I came late to this feast, but I’m here until the door closes and lights go out.

I hope you’ll update soon.
Red Wings chapter 11 . 12/2/2015

Zabs is starting to like having someone around to talk to and train. He's starting to change, and it's beginning to show in how he thinks about Haku. Zabuza is learning how to care, and Haku is learning how to live as a ninja. I love Haku's willingness to learn, as well as his devotion to his teacher/substitute surrogate guardian. It's really sad to think that Zabuza is a better role model than Haku's own father, but hey, life is unfair. At least, Haku is alive, and in a better position than he was before, with training and acknowledgement and a chance to make something of himself.

Mangetsu and Suigetsu are another such pair, but these two are mutually devoted to each other. I don't suppose that Mangetsu is going to meet up with Kamisori later, if they haven't already in this chapter while Kuina was sleeping. Oh, and Kamisori/Kuina is really sweet. Too bad Kamisori hasn't met Haku. I can only imagine the spark fly between Kamisori and Zabuza. I can imagine that Haku would have done well with Kamisori and Kuina, but if he was, what fanfic would this be? He'd be perfectly well off, with no plot or drama or conflict in this story. Suffice to say, he's with Zabuza for very good reason. The Hidden Mist village is due for a revolution. I can't wait for Suigetsu and Haku to fight in it with each other, or against each other.

Oh, so Kamisori's mother is a Kaguya? Interesting. Like I said before, it's too bad he hasn't met Haku, otherwise, he wouldn't have said that the Yuki Clan are a bunch of aristocratic bastards. And it seems there is some intrigue with Kamisori that Kuina does not yet know, but others like Jokichi do. Kuina's teacher sounds like a cheerful guy; he's pretty damn awesome.

So Ao is going to get the Byakugan in one eye, eh? I wonder which Main House member this is. Rather stupid for the Hyuuga to let one of their own Main House members out on a mission like this. It's kind of weird, that they would allow one without the seal, one with the blood of the Main House, go into the ninja trade. That is, actually leave the village and forfeit their safety, and thereby their own eyes. The Mist will add the secrets to the Byakugan to their ninja technique repertoire. Will we see this Main House ninja in the later chapters? And Kimimaro! It's been some time since we've heard about him. He must feature in this as well.

Thank you for the update. Please keep up the great writing.
shiva chapter 11 . 11/24/2015
Wow. I just discovered this story today, and I must say that I love how you've written Zabuza and Haku and their relationship. I've read too many stories where Zabuza is nothing but cold and cruel and heartless and Haku is just a weak little punching bag. I'm really interested in where you take them. Please keep updating!
GalanthaDreams chapter 10 . 5/2/2013
This was an absolute pleasure to read. I look eagerly to what you next gift us.
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 10 . 4/29/2013
A-mazing work as usual! I knew Kuina was an Uzumaki all along and how you revealed it was genius! This chapter gave me a sufficient dose of Zabuza and I am still waiting for more! Can't wait to see how he and Haku tip-toe around the Mizukage (before Haku is old enough to fight) and meet up with the rest of the swords! I will stay tuned in and i am seriously looking forward to an update on Harbinger, and if I know you tiger, that new chapter is gonna be fun too!
samsaraknight chapter 10 . 4/29/2013
just when i thought this story could not get any better you blow my mind. i love this story and the witty undercurrent in it! this chapter itself was a major turning point for the main characters, particularly Zabuza who is now solidifying his guardianship of Haku and trying to balance that with his hectic schedule. i wonder how he is going to leave Mist without being noticed, because Kuina's apprentice Guo knows he has Haku...the plot thickens! and of course the leading couple goes to visit Kuina's dad for permission to get married...and the bombshell is officially dropped! Kuina is a descendant of the Uzumaki on her mom's side, and she was left behind with Uomaru when her sister was requested to go to Leaf. its kind of brilliant how easily this might have fit into canon, because there is NO WAY TO KNOW for sure that Kushina DIDNT have siblings. awesome. I freaked out at the part. and of course her dad is hilarious and brings Kamisori out of his cool-guy shell. hopefully love has changed him and he wont sell Kuina out to the Yuki clan! and yeah...pretty much everything with Zabuza was really great: and Gai makes a cameo during the battle! i thought that was also super clever how you explained the event in which Ao gets the Byakugan...though its sad to know that Hyuga man has to suffer. Again, just plain ridiculous awesomeness and Haku is shaping up to be the complex good-guy-teamed-up-with-bad-guy character we know and love. thank you and NEVER stop writing this story please.
she disenchants chapter 1 . 4/25/2013
I don't often read multi-chapter fics, but I am so glad I started this one! I agree that there is not enough about Kirigakure and the Swordsmen in the manga, and as a big fan of the Mist (and a HUGE fan of Zabuza) it is refreshing to find good multi-chapter fics about its past and its characters. Also, I am loving your writing style! Can't wait to read the rest!
Haruhi Lawiet chapter 10 . 4/23/2013
You are amazing. Seriously, this is like a bible to an Mist fan like me. Ah, I've started a fic about Zabuza recently, and well, I've forgotten of this piece of art, when I came here and I saw it I was sooooo happy.

I've been reading it again since then, I'm loving it more.

(Haku reading The gusty shinobi made me go aaa...this explains everythig! (but it doesn't))
Katar Jin chapter 10 . 4/15/2013
i hope all is going well with uni. i liked this chapter the fact that Zabuza is starting to warm up to Haku (hehe ice powers warm up)
samsaraknight chapter 7 . 1/14/2013
Zabuzaawesomeness. i get enough of your Zabuza characterization, it's most likely the best i've ever read. what really sucks (in the super well-written way) is that one of Kuina's best friends is senselessly killed (and the other assaulted) which really is a huge downer. kind of a reality check, it seemed, of what it is to live in the shinobi world. shocker! Kamisori wants to marry Kuina! but does he really mean it?
samsaraknight chapter 6 . 1/14/2013
things are winding down after the wreckage of the Kaguya clan, and what's this? we get an insider's look at the Yuki clan! what snobs and yet it is neat to see that Haku has some definitive heritage here, btw where is that kid? can't wait for Haku to turn Zabuza's world upside down! Kamisori is playing a dangerous game and i don't want him to mess things up with Kuina, boy you sure know how to generate suspense! and of course we have confirmation of Kuina's background in her father's letter. brilliant chapter, keep em coming!
samsaraknight chapter 5 . 1/14/2013
this was just an utterly amazing chapter: the action, the characters, the twists...there needs to be a round of applause for this one. Zabuza and Kamisori are some badass fighters, I was loving this battle! and Shon busted Kimimaro out, thereby changing the course of his future! i hope. and holy snap, that ending...KUINA IS AN UZUMAKI, or at least it really really seems that way. freakin awesome story and i can't get enough of it, thanks for taking the time to write it!
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