Reviews for Kill or be killed: The 202nd Hunger Games
Maveriqua chapter 4 . 5/25/2016
In this's KILL or BE KILLED (maniac flower laugh)

Sorry, I couldn't help but think of Undertale after I saw the title.
Guest chapter 7 . 3/5/2016
I loved this truing chapter. With all the Portia Drama Iam really getting hyped up to see what this arena is.
X-Bomb chapter 3 . 2/29/2016
I loved how these reapings were actually different. Usually I hate reading the reapings but these were not actually bad and even though he is probably a bloodbath I kinda like Sarah as of now. Go district 3!
SHSLHope chapter 4 . 2/23/2016
I really enjoyed this chapter; mostly because potential antagonists were introduced, and I love a good antagonist.

Lyla: She's really sweet. She seems like such a lovely person, kind and strong, but does she have it in her to actually kill? I love her relationship with her parents and how she wanted to appear strong for them. For this reason, she's probably one of the tributes you wrote the most realistically, in my opinion. Perhaps, however, she is too heavily influenced by other people; she seemed to change her mind about her potential in the Games fairly quickly, suggesting that she can be easily manipulated. She's a lovely person, which usually doesn't work in the Games, but I hope she survives a little longer than expected.

Maximotus: Here we go. The big bad has arrived! I'm sorry but I actually laughed out loud at the statement: ' As annoying as my family were, I would never kill them. Unless they really got on my nerves.' It just points out his already twisted mind and how sadistic he is willing to be. No one in their right mind would even think about killing their relatives. He fits in perfectly with district one and his name totally compliments his personality; extravagant with a major superiority complex. The 'perfect career?' We'll see. Arrogance can get a tribute killed. But so far he is incredibly entertaining.

Liane: Another potential villain who I love. At first glance, you would have just thought she was a rich, pampered and spoilt brat, but really she does appear to be intelligent and capable of defending herself. I adore how she isn't a complete psychopath and doesn't like the thought of killing as much as others would. However, I'm sure she realises that she will kill in order to survive. I have a bad feeling her first or second kill will indeed trigger a bad transformation. Were her thoughts about killing in the Games actually foreshadowing her becoming more sadistic? A part of me sure hopes so, as that would be awesome.

Felicia: A little paranoid, perhaps? Well, she has every right to be, I guess. Again, she's another caring tribute who tries to stay strong for her family. I really love the strong bond between her and her family and friends. She's stubborn and refuses to be taken down by the Capitol, which I do like to see in a tribute. However, her close relationship with her family might mean that she so more susceptible to manipulation, especially if said manipulation involves her friends and family. She didn't really stand out to me compared with other tributes, though.

Tristan: My favourite tribute of this chapter. He's such an arsehole but I love him. (Side note: I love the name Morgana - it reminds me of the TV show Merlin and she was my favourite character in it. That show was the bomb.) He just does not give a damn if he hurts someone's feelings and definitely is a ladies man. He has the potential to be extremely dangerous; not just because of his years and years of training as a career but because of his ability to charm and control. Again, very arrogant; I can see him and Max clashing somewhere along the line. And boy, I cannot wait for that little confrontation!

Rayann: I find Rayann the most interesting tribute so far. Isolated and rejected, I believe that she has the most potential to transform into a complicated and multi-layered character. I'm really looking forward to seeing her throughout the story and really, really hopes she gets far in the Games. She appears tough and angry but really just wants to be loved and accepted for who she is. I've already got way too attached to her, which is bad. Very, very bad considering this is a Hunger Games fic. Gah.

Love: Spyglys, Sarah-Elizabeth, Liane, Tristan, Rayann
Like: Vivienna, Kieran, Katie, Lyla, Maximotus
Neutral: Selena, Alicia

Hey look: I don't hate any tributes so far! I say that, but it does take a lot to make me dislike/hate a character. Like I said before, I'm getting way too attached to the tributes and the Games haven't even started yet! I've got to prepare myself fast for the trauma...
SHSLHope chapter 3 . 2/22/2016
For your first SYOT, I must say that I am deeply impressed so far. You are incredibly detailed with your writing and, perhaps most importantly, really draw the reader into the world of each tribute. I cannot rate anything as I am such a wishy-washy person but it was really good nevertheless.

Selena: I admit, initially I thought: 'uh-oh. Volunteering for siblings? Sounds a little Katniss Everdeen...' But I found myself really liking her. She has a good heart and the name, albeit a little 'ordinary', fits district 4 well too. Caring and sympathetic, which is a blessing and a curse; it would mean that, if she were to break away from the career pack, she would have no issue gaining other allies. However, this is the Hunger Games and her empathetic side may well get her killed. Seems as though she doesn't have complete trust in her own abilities as well: "since I was in District 4 I would most certainly be allowed into the Careers with open arms." That being said, I have a strong feeling she is stronger than she appears and would probably kill if one of her allies were in danger/if her own life was on the line and she thought about getting back to her family. She didn't really stand out to me, though.

Vivienna: I really like the name. I think she's very real. Sure, she seems selfish but a lot of people would be if put in the same situation. Different from Selena, I think she's quite an insecure kid who is quite fragile underneath her touch, aggressive exterior. She's smart from what I can tell; a strategist, which is good for her. However, is she too hot-headed? Will her anger towards the Capitol jeopardise her chances of survival? I think she'll be a very interesting character and I'm sure there is more to her than meets the eye; I hope to see a lot of character development from her!

Spyglys: what a name. I'm torn between loving it and hating it. I'm gonna go with loving it. There's no doubt, however, that I adore him as a character. He looks like the perfect anti-hero of the story, with his familial difficulties and indifference towards killing and all. A fighter who is not afraid to kill. Hm. He could very easily be a threat to even the careers. He has a strong backstory already and I can't help but feel a tiny bit sorry for the boy. He only wants to make his father proud, which is heartbreaking, really. Probably my favourite tribute so far.

Kieran: Ahh, the sarcastic tribute. I love them. There's something about Kieran that makes me really like him. He's extremely pessimistic and can definitely hold a grudge. Doesn't really have much confidence in himself (or others), does he? Doesn't sound good. I love the contrast between the two district partners too: Alicia is (acting?) happy-go-lucky and Kieran just has little faith in his chances of survival. I'm really hoping for a strong friendship to develop between the pair (that would be hella cute). Still, he stubbornness may keep him alive, as well as his reluctance to let the Games break him.

Sarah-Elizabeth: Love him. Love love love him. I was confused when the word 'grandson' was mentioned (I initially thought it was a typo), then read on and thought: 'ohh. That's cool.' I love unique tributes and Sarah is definitely that. The relationship between him and his grandmother was heartwarming and made it even more sad when he was reaped. His defeated attitude broke my heart so yeah, I'm rooting for him. He probably won't have much of a chance but still. That won't stop me from cheering him on.

Katie: Oh ok, that's interesting. It's always refreshing to see a career tribute reaped rather than seeing them volunteer all the time. It's cool that she seems reluctant, as district two females are usually antagonistic. My first impression of Katie is that she is a typical 'girly-girl' (although I hate using that word). She loves boys and she loves looking good. I thought to myself: 'come on, girl; snap out of it!' However, it's great that she almost immediately realised that survival is the most important thing to her; it made me realise that she may be more than she seems.

Love: Spyglys, Sarah-Elizabeth
Like: Vivienna, Kieran, Katie
Neutral: Selena

All in all, these tributes were great and your writing is super good. Going to read on now :)
SHSLHope chapter 1 . 2/6/2016
Hellooooo! I told you I'd start reviewing! And better late than never right?

(Also may I just say I've just read the most recent chapter of Crushed or Be Crushed and oh my god so many emotions, so much drama... But I'll leave that for another review.)

My first impression of Tobias is: I like him, and I don't say that about many SYOT Gamemakers. He seems passionate and driven, if not a misguided. His obsession with making the Hunger Games better and better... Well, is that really his view or is it the Capitol pressuring him? I cannot tell yet whether he enjoys spectating pain or is another one of the Capitol's pawns. I'd like to think he's not all bad, as he has a son he deeply cares about. The most likely case is that he is unlikely to know his morality is twisted, like most Capitolites. However, as I said before, I really like his character so far and can already see so much potential for him in terms of character development and plot.

Looking forward to reading more!
Guest chapter 1 . 12/26/2015
That man is fingers evil
NateDaMartian chapter 55 . 12/16/2015
Hey Toxic, I promised I'd read every story of yours in preparation for your next in the series, and regardless if you see this or not, I just wanted to express my appreciation for this gem. Funnily enough, I debated whether I should read this story due to how long ago this took place. I questioned the relevance in the current story-line, but once I started reading, I just couldn't detach myself from these brilliant characters.

For your first Hunger Games story, I'm extremely impressed. I keep saying this over and over, but dude, when I was in high-school, I couldn't even write to save my life. I only started getting decent a couple years ago, and I'm still learning. To think that you were younger and still learning but still pumped out two-hundred thousand words — it's incredible. Barring the grammatical errors, there were very minor mistakes from what I could see.

I'm a huge fan of realism when it comes to reading and writing characters and dialogue. In this story, it was clear that it was something you grew to excel at. In the beginning, you struggled a bit with maintaining that realism while trying to also make these characters compelling, but by the end of the story, as you grew to understand them more and their conflicts/desires, I grew to appreciate them more as well.

One of the most important aspects about a Hunger Games story, and any novel to be honest, is to have a hero you can love, and a villain you can hate. There needs to be conflict, and there needs to be drama. Just like there needs to be that one character you absolutely loathe, and another character you want to see grow and win. The thing I love about your writing in the Hunger Games series, is that you make it clear who the villains and heroes are in this story, and you stay true to them.

For example, Liane maintained her desires to win and kill anyone, including her allies throughout the entire story. There was never a point where Liane went out of character and abandoned this in favor of pursuing a friendship with Max or any of the other Careers. She was the epitome of a sadistic-sociopath who was always willing to work with like-minded people until she saw an opening to succeed or someone pissed her off. The latter of which, we saw occur many times.

I HATED her, and that was intentional, but she was essential for this story. But the best thing was, was that every time it seemed like she lost, you found a way to keep her around and it made that point where she finally died so much more satisfying.

Max, without a doubt, who might as well have been the Joffrey Baratheon of this story, was a villain I despised at every point until the ending, for obvious reasons.

I loved Rayann, even in the beginning. I knew she was going to go far because she had that rugged determination, even in the face of opposition. She played a very wily and cunning hero, who sometimes flew under the radar in favor of giving the spotlight to her allies and other characters. There were times I felt like her ability to evade danger was a bit exaggerated and silly, to be frank, but otherwise, she was solid.

This was an excellent read, especially in the end, where the quality had considerably improved.

Can't wait to submit and read the next one! :)
Paty S chapter 46 . 7/28/2015
Finally that crazy bitch is dead! You go Monk :)
Great chapter
Paty S chapter 45 . 7/28/2015
Oh no! I love Kieran...why did he had to die? So unfair..I hate this games. More people should be allow to live.
Such a great loss..poor monk.
Paty S chapter 24 . 7/28/2015
Bethuny noooo! She was my favourite after Ryann. What a shame..i hope Max a painful dead. What a horrible person.
Poor Ellis that bitch betray can never trust anyone.
Great chapter
Author of Ice and Fire chapter 55 . 5/21/2015
Okay, so I know this story is relatively old, but I'd been searching for ages for a completed SYOT to read, and I also saw that you're a pretty big name in the SYOT community, so I dove into this. Really, really sorry for not stopping to give reviews along the way, but I completely forgot to in my eagerness to get to the next chapter. Now I'm here at the end, and I have absolutely no idea how to sum up all of my feelings, but I'll give it my best.

First off, I have to say, this is the exact kind of story I was searching for, and I'm so, so glad I found it. First-person is my preference when it comes to SYOTs, and I prefer longer stories as well, which are surprisingly hard to find, but this hit both nails on the head. It made reading so much more of an adventure, and actually gave me time to care for the characters as they developed rather than them being killed so soon.

Your characters were all wonderful too. I have to say, my favourite by far was Monk - I felt so sure she was going to win! She seemed like just the kind of underdog who usually wins, but I'm happy with Rayann as the victor as well (although her fate's kind of up in the air). This chapter was a wonderful way to end the story, wrapping up the situations with all of the tributes' families - really reminds you that even though the story is ending, there are characters having to live with the lasting consequences of the Games.

But by far the highlight of this story was your arena. I'm a sucker for good arenas, particularly themed ones, and am also just the tiniest bit obsessed with ancient civilisations. So, needless to say, a pyramid arena was AWESOME. And there was so much more to it than that. Too often arenas are simply vague backdrops to the real action of the tributes fighting, but yours shone through because it felt so . . . interactive, I suppose? The whole story with the gems and everything really brought life to this world, and gave more purpose to the tributes than just killing each other. Ahhh, I'm horrible at expressing my opinion on things, but just know that I absolutely loved your arena to bits, and it's definitely one of my favourites that I've seen so far.

This review really should be ten times longer, but I can't think of more to say besides the fact that this story was awesome, you're awesome, and I'm so, so glad there's a sequel. I'll be moving on to Hurt or be Hurt right away. Thanks for the great read!
hungergamesislife5 chapter 55 . 11/21/2014
Sorry I know this is a old story, but does Rayann die? Thanks!
President Snowflake chapter 1 . 11/1/2014
I love SYOTs that have Head Gamemakers with families, it makes them seem so much more human and complex as characters. I'm also really excited to see this arena! Sounds like it's going to be awesome :) Anyways, this was a great first chapter and I can't wait to read on!
hollowman96 chapter 55 . 6/14/2014
Ah i knew that Rayann was going to win as the good guys always win, a rather cliche and ending to the games but this story was truly amazing, i enjoyed every moment of it and you did an amazing job writing all of the tributes even soonta dye ha ha! Your ideas was amazing! The arena design, the mutts thr traps everything! But i loved maximotus so much!and i almost cried once i found out he died, now in the sequal i accidently found out who the victor was in that story so i kind of feel like it wont really be as exciting because i already know how its going to end, with that specific tribute winning, but i might read it as i want to see how that tribute won and the events that took place, awesome story, im very devastated maximotus is dead and that rayann is the victor but i had a blast reading this!
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